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Thread: War of Rights - Patch Notes

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    Dear Sir,
    Congratulations on an excellent upgrade to War of Rights, everything is of the highest standard, I particularly like the large maps!
    There is just one thing that takes away the total immersion we had had up to now and that is the flag pole's and the type announcements that go with them.

    I think it a better option that the "flag bearer" sticks his flag in the ground to claim the point taken by his side and to do away with the flag pole!

    In real life regiments had objectives too reach, and they had to reach them in a given time or suffer positional tactical disadvantage.
    In my opinion the flag poles should be replaced with "objectives" in the landscape like a farm, barn, river crossing or hill.

    The task should be to take a given point in a given time and hold it as it was in the old "cap point"!
    Your Historical notes on the Civil War are excellent and reflect what occurred on the day, but there were no flagpole's on the day that either side had to raise a flag on.

    If the "Caracter Customization" feature can be used not only in "Conquest" but as well as transferred to "War of Rights" that will be a great addition to the game!

    Many thanks for a fantastic upgrade and many thanks if you can help.

    Ben Quinn.
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    Dear Sir,
    Congratulations on a great Beta II.
    I am very impressed with all aspects of the game, the maps, icons, environment, trees and bushes are all greatly improved!
    Is there a chance of an entirely separate server in skirmish/line battle mode with all the above sans flagpoles?
    Many thanks.
    Ben Quinn.
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    Update 178
    Sadly the Targets on the Drillcamp do not work anymore, the F4-Animation is kinda creepy now as well, hope this will get fixed and I may have misread the Announcement of the Update, but I thought that the customised head would apply tae all Uniforms, not only those who have been added tae the Customisation.
    Apart from that, a great Update, looking forward tae play the Conquest Mode during the UEC-Events on Friday and Saturday.

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    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for an excellent update!
    I have one concern about the speed of "Double Quick" and "Sprint" the C key in game.
    The speed seems excessive to me, can it be reduced a little?
    Many thanks if you can help.
    The Ferryman
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    - Fixed some of the rank icons in the spawn UI missing for some of the regiments.
    I love it...

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    Nice experiment with the 5 second spawns

    But it kills rational tactics. Revert back, you're losing players as you read this. Or give Server options to control spawn times. It will solve it.
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    Listen to these guys analyze the upgrade.

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    The game is unplayable.

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    After observing numerous skilled matches, it appears to be a game of 'kill the flag carrier' now. This upgrade made the flag sheer gold for a kill.

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    After observing two dozen matches my opinion morphs. This enhanced version creates more engagement, faster spawns, more movement as a single organism. Not a bad version of the game. I would suggest different servers offer both versions for the particular world each one offers. Also, how about a prone position option?civil war fight.jpg

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