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Thread: War of Rights - Patch Notes

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    War of Rights - Patch Notes

    November 28th - Update 165: Interpolation - Released!

    - Improved the player interpolation. The new version will result in a more accurate representation of what the player you are looking at is actually doing while at the same time keeping player stuttering at an absolute minimum. Some of the benefits of this is that when a player is charging you, it is much less likely that he will be able to stab you while still being 5 meters away from you. We have made a video showcasing the difference between this version and the previous version which you can see below.

    - Fixed a crash if admin console commands are executed while not connected to a server.

    - Fixed the desertion messages on Picket Patrol and the Drill Camp not triggering.

    - Fixed morale shouts not triggering on morale change and on FinalPush and Last Stand.

    - Fixed an issue where a player would be unable to spawn if the player joined the server just as the skirmish area on the server was switching to the next area.

    - Prevented players from switching weapons if they are carrying the flag.

    - Fixed a number of flag animation issues caused by having been in right shoulder shift before picking up the flag.

    - Fixed being able to perform melee thrusts while kneeling and also an issue that would make it look like the player was at the ready while he was in fact in melee mode.

    - Fixed the reported instances of spawning inside various objects and being stuck by increasing the size required to be able to spawn on the flag bearer. If no free space is available you will spawn at the location of the flag bearer.

    - Fixed several broken assets on Harpers Ferry.

    - Updated fog volumes on Antietam, Harpers Ferry and South Mountain.

    - Fixed several doors opening the incorrect direction on Antietam and Harpers Ferry.

    - Set the game splash screen as the default loading screen when returning to the main menu from a level.

    November 13th - Update 164: Counter-Attacks - Released!

    New Counter attack mechanic added to the skirmishes gamemode

    A counter attack by the defending team is triggered when the attacking team captures the point of contention when the morale state of the defending team is above Breaking.

    The length of the counter attack is determined based on the morale state of the defending team - the more morale the longer the counter attack.

    If the counter attacking team manages to retake the point of contention before the counter attack timer runs out, it will gain a morale boost, putting it at the same morale state as the attacker.

    If the counter attack timer runs out before the point of contention is retaken, the counter attacking team will lose the match.

    The end game events Final Push and Last Stand can trigger during a counter attack.

    A counter attack can happen several times during a skirmish round.

    - Added an overtime mechanic to the Skirmishes gamemode. This will trigger if the attacker or counter attacker is in the process of capturing the point of contention as the timer runs out. The overtime mechanic will be canceled if more defenders than attackers are inside the point of contention.

    - Removed the endgame event Last Stand's requirement of having to stay inside the point of contention. The defenders in Last Stand are now free to move about as they please.

    - More than doubled the capture speed of the point of contention in order to increase the chance of counter attacks happening.

    - Improved the networked interpolation of player positions. This will make the movement of other players on your screen respond a lot faster to the movement data your client receives from the server. In theory this will also make it easier to move in a cohesive line formation as you can much more accurately adjust your own position to the position of the player in front or next to you.

    - General level detail pass of Antietam.

    - General level detail pass of Harpers Ferry.

    - General level detail pass of South Mountain.

    - Added gabions to the artillery redoubts at Harpers Ferry.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    - It is now possible to vault over certain parts of the artillery embankment models found on Harpers Ferry.

    - Prevented players from spawning under the ground at Sherrick and Roulette Farms, Antietam.

    - Optimized the proxies of various models.

    - Added several new interior props.

    - Optimized the destroyed cornstalk models.

    - Added a new splash screen when starting the game.

    - Made the dropped flag not collide with players in order to avoid players being pushed around by it.

    - Moved the on-screen popup message slightly up as well as increased their background opacity in order to provide an easier time of aiming.

    - Fixed a few animation issues related to the officers using revolvers.

    - Rebel Yells and Union Huzzahs now only trigger from players that are In Formation.

    October 7th - Update 163 Released!

    - Made the long lasting weapon smoke slightly darker to reduce the amount it burns out.
    - Fixed a bug where first choosing to spawn on the base, then instead clicking the flag and pressing deploy, would result in the player spawning on the base anyway.
    - Fixed a bug where a player would be unable to spawn if the player had left a server while it was in last stand. When joining a new server where Last Stand was not active, choosing the team which on the previous server had entered Last Stand, would result in a message being shown that the team had run out of tickets with the player unable to proceed and then being forced to restart the game.
    - Added (Spectating) in front of player names in the tab menu who are spectating with the free flight camera. While in this spectator mode, their names are now also colored dark Grey. This only happens for regular players. Admins will not get the (Spectating) tag added to their names and their name color will remain Red or Black, depending on what they have chosen in the admin UI.
    - For admins, the chat will now post a message whenever somebody starts and stops spectating using the free flight camera.
    - Made the nametags be visible on players from both teams while using the free flight camera.
    - Updated the artillery embankments throughout Harpers Ferry.

    Attachment 11422
    CSA battery, Loudoun Heights, Harpers Ferry - A playable location come the artillery update

    September 26th - Update 162 Released!

    - Added new weapon fire particle effects with much more detail.
    - Fixed a long lasting memory leak.
    - Improved the camera offsets while freelooking for more realistic camera movement.
    - Fixed some doors that previously couldnt be shot through.
    - Visual updates to Harpers Graveyard area, Harpers Ferry.
    - Prevented the Union team from being able to reach the 2nd stonewall and fire down into the CSA spawn of the Harpers Graveyard skirmish area.
    - Visual updates, Maryland Heights area, Harpers Ferry.
    - Overhauled several interior props.
    - Added more items into the houses across all levels.
    - Added the last two skirmish spawn screen and deployment screen overview maps for the South Mountain skirmish areas, Cox's Push and Anderson's Counterattack.
    - Fixed some of the rank icons in the spawn UI missing for some of the regiments.
    - Added class images of the remaining CSA regiments on the class selection screen - the last Union regiment images will soon come.
    - Minor visual updates, Bolivar Heights Camp, Harpers Ferry.
    - New Naval gun platform and texture.
    - Gave all flag materials a pass to normalize their specular and brightness settings.
    - Added several missing flag bearer spawning exclusion areas on Harpers Ferry.

    September 2nd - Update 161 Released!

    - Fixed a long standing and regular crash issue.
    - Fixed players not being able to type in the ingame chat during the endgame screen.
    - Made the colors get damaged when the flagbearer gets killed.


    - Updated several spawning exclusion areas throughout the levels for better flag bearer spawning results.
    - Cleaned up the respawn game logic for the various game modes, which should help make death to respawn UI process much more reliable.
    - Fixed various bugs with the Picket Patrol game mode.
    - Several additional interior props added throughout the levels.
    - Several visual updates to the Harpers Graveyard skirmish area.
    - Several map boundary adjustments to the Harpers Graveyard skirmish area in order to limit flanking the enemy via running on the cliffside of the area.
    - Fixed Freelook not being visible on other players.
    - Slightly improved the performance on Very High settings if your system is GPU bottlenecked.

    August 8th - Update 160 Released!

    - Added a list of players that currently are in the selected regiment on the Class Selection Screen.
    - Players will now loose their current class if they go back to the Faction Selection Screen, freeing the class up for other players to pick.
    - If you go back to the Class Selection Screen as an NCO or Officer, the rank you previously had selected will automatically be selected for you again.
    - Fixed the Maryland, PHB regiments giving an error if a player tried to select a class from that regiment on the Class Selection Screen.
    - Fixed the UI not being able to find certain rank and weapon images on the Deployment Screen.
    - Balance tweak for the end game event Final Push: The time given to attack in Final Push has been decreased from roughly 3 to 2 attacks.
    - Added several new interior props to the houses in the game.
    - Increased the visibility of the bullet trail effect.
    - Lightning now starts to happen when the weather is worse than it did before.
    - Added 1841 Mississippi rifle and sword bayonet to the majority of the 39th New York.
    - Minor visual updates to South Mountain.
    - Fixed a few bad spawn areas in Harpers Ferry.
    - Increased the attacker's tickets by 10 on the Bolivar Heights Artillery Redoubt skirmish area, Harpers Ferry.

    July 27th - Update 159 Released!

    - Reworked the entire class selection logic for more reliability.
    - A class is now claimed directly when the class image has been clicked. Previously the class would first have been claimed when the player moved onto the Deploy Screen.
    - The available classes will now auto update whenever another player picks a class and if a class such as the officer is no longer available, that class will automatically be greyed out.
    - The Class Selection Screen will now output on screen error messages if something goes wrong or if the selected class was just taken by another player as you clicked the class icon. If an error message is outputted, the Class Selection Screen will reset.
    - The selected class is now automatically remembered by the UI and will be reselected if the player should go back to the Class Selection Screen from the Deploy Screen.
    - The Deploy Screen will now output on screen messages when the flag bearer spawn becomes available, if you are in the flag bearer spawn queue and the flag bearer becomes Out of Line or gets killed.
    - Possibly fixed a couple of UI related crashes.
    - Reduced the applied TSAA smoothness, resulting in a sharper image with less ghosting effects.
    - Fixed setting the weather via the ingame admin panel.
    - Fixed several of the reported instances of players not being able to enter houses.
    - Added a few new house prop items.
    - Fixed being able to spawn inside certain closed-off structures via the flag bearer spawning.
    - Updated Pry Grist Mill textures.
    - Minor updates to Colquitt's Defence and Anderson's Counterattack, South Mountain.
    - Updated Moore House textures.
    - Optimized tent LOD's.
    - Minor character skinning updates.

    July 10th - Update 158 Released!

    - Released the next skirmish area of South Mountain: Anderson's Counterattack.

    With but a few hours of daylight left the 9th and 89th New York along with Clark's Battery take up a defensive position on the northern side of Fox's Gap, defended by Garland's, now broken, Brigade earlier in the day. CSA Gen. G.B. Anderson, arriving with badly needed reinforcements to the remnants of the Confederate force, targets Clark's Battery and the two New York regiments for his counterattack.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

    - Fixed a couple of spawn related crashes.
    - Fixed a bug where the flag bearer would be unable to respawn after having died.
    - Fixed a bug where a player would sometimes spawn with no nametag and slowly just drift in a set direction out of the map.
    - Fixed players appearing at their corpse for a single frame when respawning.
    - Fixed the UI partly locking up if the player presses Tab while typing in the chat.
    - Added several exclusion areas to Harpers Ferry, fixing players sometimes spawning inside the town houses there.
    - Added an animation for when players pick up the flag from the ground.
    - Various minor character material and uniform updates.
    - Added stacked wheat bundles to the whatfields of Fox's Gap, South Mountain.
    - Updated the farmer wagon model and texture.

    July 6th - Hotfix Released!

    - Experimental fix for not being able to join a new server after having left another one.
    - Possible fix for a server crash related to spawning.
    - Possible fix for one player loosing his weapon if two players try to pick up the flag at the same time.
    - Fixed an issue where admins did not have red nametags by default.
    - Fixed a bug where the admin kick command wasnt being executed properly on the server.

    July 2nd - Update 157 Released!

    - Fixed a couple of possible crashes when leaving the server.
    - Fixed the amount of casualties on the victory screen sometimes being flipped.
    - Fixed the camera being permanently very blurry if you join a new server after having left a server while the background behind the user interface was desaturated.
    - Fixed an issue where the UI would stop functioning properly if the player opened the ingame menu, clicked Leave Server and then clicked No.
    - Fixed an issue on the Drill Camp where regardless of the base or the flag bearer being selected in the Deploy Screen, the spawnpoint the player ended up spawning on would always be random.
    - Fixed overly bending weed patches on South Mountain.
    - Increased the amount of fog during stormy weather.
    - Made the sunlight slightly more yellow during midday.
    - Updated the wood log pile model and textures.
    - Made the banning and kicking of players work more reliably via the admin panel in the tab view and the admin panel on the E button.
    - Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor would appear if an admin closed the tab admin menu and then pressed the right mouse button.
    - Added the ability for admins to right click on a player in the tab view and click Spectate, this will then activate the worcam and the camera will then fly over to the player and attach itself to the player. If WASD is pressed, the camera will reenter free flight mode.

    June 24th - Update 156 Released!

    - Released the 5th skirmish area of the Battle of South Mountain.

    Cox's Push

    September 14th - 11:00 Fox's Gap

    As the 30th and 12th Ohio attack the left flank of Garland's Brigade, Union Division Commander Jacob Cox pushes forward the 36th and 23rd Ohio to engage the Confederate 5th North Carolina as well as the 23rd North Carolina, having just reinforced the stretched out and besieged Confederate line. Between the two lines is Fox's Gap, a windswept, valley-like gap covered in stonewalls, fencing in the numerous fields covering the area.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

    - Fixed the victory screen sometimes writing the wrong team as the victor.
    - Fixed an issue where a flag bearer might be able to switch to a rifle after having spawned.
    - Added a system that allows newly spawned to be walked through after having spawned in order to fix the issue of players being stuck inside each other on spawn.
    - Sword attacks will now trigger flesh hit sounds.
    - Fixed the salute animation disabling itself after having been triggered.
    - Updated A tent models.
    - Fixed a few collision issues with the Piper Barn model.

    June 21st - Update 155 Released!

    - Fixed the broken weapon images on the Deploy Screen.
    - Fixed the descriptive text for the bayonet not working on the Class Selection Screen.
    - The name tags of admins as well as their text messages will now appear red. Admins can turn this on and off via the ingame admin menu on their leisure. The setting for the particular admin is remembered when the admin rejoins and when the server restarts. However, in order for it to work, server owners have to add this, under the available commands in the privileges.xml file on the server. <Command Name="Admin.ShowAdminStatus"/>
    - Prevented the player information in the bottom right corner from being shown when the player presses T if the player is dead or spectating.
    - Fixed a small issue with the SkirmishAreaInfo screen the first time you spawn on a skirmish area. If you wanted it to dissapear faster than its fade out time, you had to press F2 twice, now you only have to press it once.
    - Removed the Loading label from the SkirmishAreaInfo screen.
    - Added the overview maps of the South Mountain skirmish areas to the Loading Screen and Deploy Screen.

    June 18th - Maintenance Update

    - Recompiled all the game files from scratch resulting in a smaller game size as lots of older files have accumulated in the build over the past 6 months.
    - Regenerated the shader cache and deleted all old shaders. Over the next few days, you may sometimes for a brief moment see some assets appear white or distorted in its colors. That is because your game along with our remote shader compiler is recompiling the shader for the specific asset which in the end allows us to compile a clean shader cache with only the required shaders War of Rights is using in its current state.
    - Fixed the player information in the bottom right corner not working properly when Auto Show HUD has been disabled in the options menu.
    - Made the morale loss message get shown upon death even if Auto Show HUD has been disabled in the options menu.
    - Added an experimental fix which might prevent players from spawning on objects underneath the terrain when spawning on the flag bearer.

    June 13th - Update 154 Released!

    - Added the 4th skirmish area to South Mountain.

    Reno's Fall

    September 14th - 18:00 close to Fox's Gap

    After the Confederate collapse at Fox's Gap earlier in the day due to the attacks by Union Maj. Gen. Reno's IX Corps, CSA Brig. Gen. Hood now orders his division south to relieve the battered Confederate lines in an effort to regain a foothold at the gap. To deny the Confederates the chance of doing so, the 51st New York and Pennsylvania are sent forward with the Corps commander in close proximity in order to inspire his troops and inspect the lines.

    - Fixed an issue with the skirmish game mode where when a player joined, the server would sync the current state of the game mode to the client, then afterwards, the client would reset the data of the current skirmish round, making it look like the round had just started, until a player got killed and the server then synced the data again.
    - Fixed an issue where the flag flap sound would continue to play from the player who was flag bearer last, even if that player no longer had the flag.
    - Allowed players to change the name of the server via the sv_servername cvar and have the lobby data update automatically.
    - Fixed the issue where the ticking clock music theme might start when the new area starts if the player joins the server just as the previous area is about to finish.
    - Made the morale states of both teams on the Deploy Screen and near the compass as well as the triggering of the huzzah or rebel yell, all get triggered from the same system, resulting in it always changing or triggering at the same time.
    - Made the ticking theme start if a player joins the server if there are 3 minutes or less left of the match.
    - Most likely fixed the issue where the bayonet is stuck on the trigger guard of the rifles.
    - Fixed the distance cornstalks sometimes not being rendered when running the game at the lowest settings, allowing players to see through the cornfields.
    - Made the officer nametags as well as their text messages golden and yellow instead of light green.
    - Updated wall tent models.
    - Fixed players being able to spawn inside hay stacks.
    - Flag bearer spawn locations on South Mountain should provide more satisfactory results.
    - Updates to the following regiments: 8th FL, 9th IN, 9th NY, 18th NC, 12th SC, 14th IN, 15th MA, 20th NY and 52nd NY.

    May 31st - Update 153 Released!

    - Released South Mountain, featuring 3 new skirmish areas.

    Garland's Stand

    September 14th – 10:00 close to Fox’s Gap

    CSA Brig. General Samuel Garland having been ordered by Maj. Gen. D.H. Hill to defend Fox’s Gap and its road – directly exposing the wagon trains of the Confederate army should it fall, is now deploying his brigade next to the Wise Farm. To his immediate front Union Colonel Scammon’s brigade consisting of the 30th and 12th Ohio is advancing and engaging with the 13th and 20th North Carolina while the 23rd Ohio is putting pressure on his far too drawn-out line’s right flank.

    Hatch's Attack

    September 14th - 18:30 close to Turner’s Gap

    In an effort to secure the southern part of South Mountain itself and thus open up the flank of Confederate Major General D.H. Hill situated at the strong defensive positions at Mountain House and on the Dahlgren Road at Turner’s Gap, Union Brig. Gen. John Hatch’s 3500-man division pushes onwards and upwards through some of the most difficult and rocky terrain of the battlefield. On top of the crest CSA General Garnett’s 400-man division is rushing forwards to safeguard the flank of the mountain gap.

    Colquitt's Defence

    September 14th – 19:00 Turner’s Gap

    Positioned behind a stonewall at the base of Turner’s Gap and on the fenced-in Dahlgren Road running above the gap, overlooking the National Road headed into Turner’s Gap, CSA Colonel Colquitt’s brigade readies itself for the attack it knows is coming after having witnessed Union Gen. Hatch’s attack on Garnett to the left of Colquitt’s brigade an hour earlier. On the National Road in front of them, Union Gen. Gibbon’s brigade begins its slow but steady push with an iron-like determination.

    - Added a new WIP officer order system implemented via a radial menu that can be activated by pressing Q. Currently it will write the order in the chat to the players of the same regiment as the officer who are within 30 meters of the officer. The intent later is then to tie this into the bugler who will than be able to bugle that particular order, making all players of the same regiment as the officer receive the given order in the chat as well as give a small appropriate buff to the players in the vicinity of the officer and the bugler. The radial menu contains a huge variety of new orders, including Form Column, intended for marching as well as Fall In, which will spawn an icon on top of the officer giving the order. All the specific orders can also be bound to specific keys via the options menu if you find yourself very often drawing line or column formations.

    - Made all orders given by the officer only appear to the players of the same regiment as the officer.
    - Added support for passworded servers. Support for setting the password via G-Portals website will be added very soon, otherwise you can add sv_password=MyPassword to the dedicated.cfg file either via FTP or via the G-Portal website. The password can also be added, changed or removed while ingame via the ingame admin panel which can be activated, by pressing E. Adding changing or removing the password will not affect the players already connected to the server. Currently when attempting to join a passworded server, if the password is typed incorrectly once, you will unfortunately have to restart the game in order to try and type the password again.
    - Added 56th VA, 18th VA, 89th NY, 23rd OH, 2nd OH, 4th OH, 5th OH, 13th OH, 12th OH, 20th OH, 30th OH, 36th OH, 51st PA, 2nd USSS, 13th AL, 23rd NC, 19th IN, 23rd NY and 18th GA regiments for use on South Mountain and in the drill camps.

    - Updated several uniforms of the 72nd PA, 69th NY, 9th NY, 13th GA and quite a few more.
    - Added class names to text messages from NCOs and Officers.
    - The player name in text messages from officers are now colored light green.
    - Updated several dirt textures throughout the game.
    - Updated the staircases of several buildings to allow for better traversal.
    - Fly tent model updated - more tents will be updated in the future.
    - The West Woods Evening Skirmish now starts 30 minutes earlier in the day.
    - Minor vegetation updates, Antietam.

    May 17th - Update 152 Released!

    - Made one of the teams do the rebel yell or shout huzzah when the opposing team goes one step down in its morale, from Battle Ready to Engaged for example.
    - Made your spot in the flag bearer spawn queue be listed more accurately.
    - Reworked 9th New York uniforms.
    - Updates to 2nd Mississippi uniforms.
    - Updates to 18th Georgia uniforms.

    May 4th - Update 151 Released!

    - Added regiment divided spawn areas on all skirmish areas, ensuring every regiment is already formed up at spawn.
    - Added icons above NCOs of your regiment that can be shown by pressing T. These icons will only be shown if the NCO is InFormation. This is to make it easier for newly spawned players to find their way back to their regiment.
    - Made the flag automatically spawn an icon above it when dropped if Auto Show HUD have been enabled in the options menu, otherwise the icon can be shown by pressing T.
    - When an officer draws a new line, if the icon above the previously drawn line is still shown, the previous icon is removed.
    - Reduced the ingame icon sizes at distances.
    - Added some experimental performance improvements to the server.
    - Added small toll houses on each end of the main bridge on Harpers Ferry.
    - Minor character and weapon material adjustments.
    - Fixed the opening speed and amount of a few doors.

    April 26th - Update 150 Released!

    - When spawning on the flag, you will now spawn on the flag of your regiment if the flag of your regiment is being carried by a player. If the flag bearer of your regiment has not spawned or if the flag of your regiment has been dropped, the system will automatically move you over to the spawn queue of the other regiments flag bearer if one exists.
    - When spawning on the flag bearer, the UI now displays if the flag bearer is Out of Line or if the flag has been dropped.
    - When the flag bearer becomes Out of Line, the spawn queue on him now pauses instead of getting deleted entirely. This means that once the flag bearer becomes Skirmishing or In Formation again, the spawn timer resumes and everyone keeps their spot in the spawn queue.
    - Made the spawn queue on the flag bearer display what number you are in the queue, more reliably.
    - Prevented the Last Stand message from sometimes being stuck on the screen indefinately.
    - Improved start and end reload transitions.
    - Reduced the likelihood of players sometimes being stuck for a few seconds after having finished reloading.
    - Tweaked the time of day settings to prevent very dark shadows at specific points in time.
    - Added stacked wheat bundles to several wheat fields on the Drill Camp level.
    - Updates to Dunker Church model.
    - Added overhauled Dunker Church props.
    - Reduced the volumetric fog amount at several locations on the Drill Camp level such as the Union firing range, allowing for clearer long distance views.

    April 19th - Update 149 Released!

    - Added segmented reloads to all rifles and smoothbore muskets. This means that when you cancel your reload, you will then be able to resume reloading from the logical step where the reload can be resumed. The current steps are, when the cartridge has been placed in the muzzle, when the cartridge has been rammed down, when the ramrod has been reseated and when the cap has been placed on the nipple. If the reload is cancelled while kneeling, you will be able to resume reloading from the correlating spot from a standing position and vice versa.
    - Fixed the admin panel often only displaying the close option when pressing E.
    - Fixed servers forgetting who was banned if the server is renamed.
    - Prevented the Last Stand desertion timer dissapearing for good if Final Push triggers while the Last Stand desertion timer is shown.
    - Made the weapons cast shadows.
    - Updated time of day.
    - Updated Dunker Church model.
    - Made various slight performance improvements to the environment.
    - Prevented player carried flags from casting shadows onto themselves and in the process, removing all subsurface scattering in the cloth.

    April 12th - Update 148 Released!

    - Possibly fixed a couple of crashes during gameplay, related to recent optimizations to the animation system.
    - Possibly fixed the issue with LastStand triggering on the new skirmish area for a player who just joined the server as LastStand ended on the previous skirmish area.
    - Fixed the player entering Ready if the player starts aiming from MeleeMode.
    - Fixed a desync issue with Ready and Double Quick, sometimes making players slowly walk on your screen where the client is in fact double quicking, resulting in the player teleporting every 10 meters or so in order for your client to catch up to the actual position of the player.
    - When admins right click on a player in the tab menu, the kick ban dialog will now appear where the cursor is instead of the upper right corner.
    - Added 2 additional cubemaps, one during sunset and one during sunrise for a smoother reflective lighting transition.
    - Updated time of day settings.
    - Vegetation material tweaks.
    - Added more fence variants to all levels.
    - Minor Antietam and Drill Camp level updates.
    - Added 2nd Maryland, 20th New York, Alabama state and 8th Florida flags.
    - Reworked 8th Alabama uniforms.
    - Optimized the stacked wheat bundles.

    April 5th - Update 147 Released!

    - Reduced the amount of player data that is synchronized between the server and the clients. This is very experimental and may cause issues, it may however also possibly increase the performance of the server.
    - Added new and improved sword slash and stab animations.
    - Prevented the player from instantly entering shoulder arms if the player stops aiming after having started aiming while the exitReady transition is playing.
    - If the player is sprinting and then release W while still holding left shift. The player no longer has to release and press left shift again in order to resume sprinting.
    - Added an Admin menu to the Tab menu with support for kicking and banning players. If you are an admin, activate it by right clicking on a player name.
    - Prevented players from activating the worcam in the Picket Patrol game mode.
    - Fixed the benchmark not working.
    - Overhauled snake rail fences and added additional variants across all levels.
    - Fixed minor flag spawn issues, Harpers Ferry.

    March 27th - Update 146 Released!

    - Added door open and close sounds.
    - Possible fix for some players spawning with a 20 second desertion timer when Last Stand has triggered.
    - If Last Stand has triggered and there are less than 20 seconds left of a match. Players deserting will no longer have a desertion timer of 20 seconds if they desert. Their desertion timer in that case will instead always be lower than the time left of the match, making defenders in Last Stand unable to desert and win for their team as the timer runs out.
    - In order to prevent afk defenders from winning a game in Last Stand, the victory will be given to the attacker when the timer runs out if there are 3 or less defenders alive.
    - Added ear wind noise that is increased the faster the player is moving and if the player is facing the wind direction.
    - The flag of the flag bearer will now produce cloth sounds. The intensity of those cloth sounds will increase as the player moves around.
    - Changed the way footsteps are queued to reduce clipping when moving with a lot of players.
    - Added new and improved player movement and equipment sounds. Enter Ready, Exit Ready, Enter Aim, Exit Aim, Enter Kneel, Exit Kneel, Fix Bayonet standing, Unfix Bayonet standing, Fix Bayonet kneeling, Unfix Bayonet kneeling.
    - Increased the volume of vaulting and lightning sounds.
    - Possible fix for particle effects sometimes spawning in the wrong place.
    - The nametags and chat messages of developers will now appear Blue.
    - The name of the server that is currently being played on is now listed in the bottom of the tab screen.
    - Fixed the text chat no longer appearing by itself when the Auto Show HUD setting is disabled in the graphics options.
    - Fixed teamkills and ban messages being posted twice in the chat.
    - The text chat will now post whenever a developer or an admin force ends the round.
    - Prevented various hacks and cheats.
    - Several updates to the Burnside Bridge area in order to match its period surroundings. Moved the stonewall closer to the bridge, added missing fencing and made the Sycamore witness tree 150 years younger.
    - Updated the small sheds at Harpers Ferry.
    - Added new uphill and downhill movement animations.
    - Added new turn animations for various poses.
    - Added a new revolver aimpose and a sword melee mode aimpose.
    - Updated the model and textures of some of the wooden fences on all maps.


    March 17th - Update 145 Released!

    - This update includes new experimental network performance improvements. Please let us know if you experience any stability or performance differences between this update and the previous one.
    - Added a random selection of background high altitude clouds.
    - Several character updates and tweaks.
    - Added more bloody uniform materials.
    - Updated the burnside bridge model.

    March 12th - Update 144 Released!

    - Increased the bullet penetration percentage chance on wooden surfaces from 40% to 70%. Furniture in buildings as well as multiple layers of walls will provide additional cover. Large trees cannot be penetrated.
    - Fixed some buildings where players were unable to shoot through the glass.
    - Fixed teamkill messages not being shown in the ingame chat.
    - Prevented various exploits and hacks.
    - Regenerated the ambient lighting on all levels.
    - Fixed some of the functionality in the admin panel not working from the previous update.
    - Fixed an issue with the morale UI near the compass where it would keep saying Last Stand or Final Push if one of the two had triggered in an earlier round.
    - Various character fixes.
    - Added barefoot and bedrolls variations to the confederates.

    March 8th - Update 143 Released!

    - Added a new game mode, Picket Patrol.
    - The main objective of Picket Patrol is simply to kill the enemy force you’ll encounter. The round ends when all enemies are killed or the timer runs out. Whoever has the most kills when the timer ends, wins. The teams kill count is hidden until the end of the round where a winner is declared.
    - Players only have 1 life per Picket Patrol round and will be able to spectate their team members for the remainder of the round should they die.
    - Due to the mode being a single life mode, formation requirements will be stricter than those found in the Skirmishes game mode, not allowing players to be “out of line” for more than 30 seconds.
    - When a new player joins the server. The player will automatically be put into the spectator camera for the duration of the ongoing round.
    - If less than 12 players are present on the server, the formation restrictions will automatically be disabled and new players joining the server will always be able to spawn once in the ongoing match, regardless of how much time is left.
    - Added partial support for suppressing all UI that is automatically shown by the game. The setting can currently be found in the Options Graphics settings. The text chat still auto shows itself when a new message is received, this will be fixed soon.
    - Fixed a bug where if the player whose death triggers Last Stand, dies inside the capture zone, the player will respawn with too little time to make it back to the point of contention.

    February 27th - Update 142 Released!

    - Made further performance improvements to the particles, With this update on the benchmark, one of our test systems, equipped an Intel i7 6700HQ cpu and a GTX 1070, went from 34.7 FPS to 39.1 FPS.
    - Prevented players from exploiting a known speedhack.
    - Prevented non players from joining the games TeamSpeak voice chat server.
    - Prevented the player from unknowingly spawning when Last Stand triggers if the player is using the worcam.
    - We are now showing the timer informing the defenders during last stand to get to the point much sooner than we were before.
    - Reduced the desertion timer when leaving the point of contention as a defender during last stand from 60 to 20 seconds.
    - Made the voice chat select the default windows recording or output device if it can no longer find the last selected device, most likely fixing most cases where players are unable to hear the voice chat.
    - Made the time of day during midday, slightly more yellow.
    - Made the rain water on the terrain evaporate more slowly.
    - Updated Piper Slave House model.

    February 23rd - Update 141 Released!

    - Added a benchmark to the game which can be started by going into the Options menu from the main menu and clicking the Benchmark button. The benchmark can only be started when the game is initially launched, after having joined a server, the benchmark will not be available.
    - Drastically improved the performance cost of the particles and gunsmoke, resulting in an average framerate change from 19 fps to 34 fps. Tested on one of our test systems equipped with an Intel i7 6700HQ cpu and an Nvidia GTX 1070 and confirmed in the benchmark.
    - Fixed a glitch where it was possible for players to fly.
    - Stepping in mud in otherwise dry weather, now produces a muddy footstep sound.
    - Increased the audio volume for bullet hits on soft vegetation objects.
    - The warmer times approaches, the foliage on the Drill Camp blossoms once again.
    - Updated blanket rolls and added additional variants.
    - Added a new head to the character pool.
    - Updated Sherrick corn crib model.
    - Updated a few environment textures.

    February 14th - Update 140 Released!

    - Added a new player spectating camera system while Last Stand is active. Players can be cycled by clicking A, D, Left arrow key, Right arrow key, Left mouse button, Right mouse button.
    - Improved the performance of all environment particle effects.
    - Improved the performance of gunshot particle effects at medium and long distances.
    - Added smoke to the campfire particle effects.
    - Improved the fire particle effect of the burnt Mumma Farm on Antietam.
    - Fixed a bug with the Springfield M1842 where the reload could not be cancelled if the player was loading buck and ball.
    - Fixed an animation glitch when stopping to aim, the arms and weapon would instantly fly back to the Shoulder Arms pose. This occured sometimes if the aim button was being held as the character finished reloading.
    - Reverted the capture area sizes of Miller's Cornfieldand Maryland Heights, back to their former, much smaller, sizes in order to fit with the last stand end game event.

    February 6th - Update 139 Released!

    - Made the player trigger blood footsteps if the player has stepped in a blood pool produced by other players.
    - If the player has stepped in mud, the player will now leave a muddy footprint on the following footsteps for a while, these muddy footprints will also spawn inside of houses.
    - Slightly optimized the animations.
    - Allowed the game to trigger more error messages for various things, currently not hooked up to any UI but various console messages are triggered.
    - Fixed some errors with the networking code which may have resulted in players occationally getting dropped from the server.
    - Ensured that the desertion timer will start for players on the defending team, not inside the point of contention during Last Stand, possibly fixing the issue where there is 1 defender left that cannot be found, forcing the attacker to fully capture the area.
    - Added some debug tools, allowing us to better determine if Last Stand is working correctly or not.
    - Made the melee impact sounds be affected by the suppression audio filter.
    - Made water footstep sounds be audible at a longer range.
    - Increased the volume of the Union death cries.

    January 28th - Update 138 Released!

    - Reenabled the endgame events (Final Push, Last Stand).

    Last Stand

    Defender reaches 0 morale: Last stand is activated. This means every dead person is spawned right away but no more respawns are available after. The round ends when the match timer runs out or the attacker has captured the area or killed all defenders.

    Final Push

    Attacker reaches 0 morale: Final push is activated. This makes respawning for the attackers cost 0 morale but changes the timer on the round from, for instance, 22 mins remaining to for instance 4 minutes remaining. The length of Final Push is based on the distance from the attacker spawnpoint to the point of contention and thus varies from skirmish area to skirmish area. Round ends when area is captured or the defenders has gone through their last respawns in their last stand or when the timer has run out.

    - Made it more clear to the player what is going on while the endgame events are in progress.
    - Fixed various other issues with the endgame events.
    - Added a WIP disconnect notification system that displays the reason why the disconnect occured once the players have gotten back into the main menu.
    - Made bullets trigger hit sounds when they hit vegetation objects.
    - Made bullets able to pierce soft vegetation objects, being lethal to players on the other side.
    - The feather on the head of the Garibaldi Gaurds is now hidden in first person.
    - Added stacked wheat bundles on the various wheatfields across Antietam and Harpers Ferry.

    Burnside_Bridge.jpg Pry_House.jpg School_House_Ridge_2.jpg

    - Added hay stacks on their historically correct locations at Antietam and Harpers Ferry.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

    - Added the 6th Pennsylvania dismounted cavalry to Pry Grist Mill, Antietam.
    - Several adjustments to Confederate uniforms.
    - Adjustments to the 52nd New York.
    - Reworked the 1st Georgia and added them to Pry Grist Mill.
    - Added 12 lb Howitzers, 14 lb James rifles and 3 inch Parrott rifles cannon variations to the artillery batteries at Antietam and Harpers Ferry.


    January 19th - Update 137 Released!

    - Fixed the unfix bayonet animations.
    - Made the ban messages in the chat also output the duration the player has been banned for.
    - Increased the autoban time from 1 hour to 6 hours.
    - Teamkills are now always shown to players who are admins.
    - The tab menu will now show who is currently talking.
    - Developers are now colored blue in the tab menu.
    - Changed the ban warning text to more explicitly say the player will be banned, should he continue to do friendly fire.
    - Made the shooting range targets also add the range to the target in the name field.

    January 17th - Update 136 Released!

    - Added Present Arms action for players with rifles, trigger it by pressing P.
    - Teamkills are now only being shown to the player teamkilling and the player being teamkilled.
    - Added a teamkilling warning to the player teamkilling before the player is eventually banned for additional teamkilling. Messages of players being banned will still be posted in the chat.
    - Added snow and mud footsteps.
    - Improved the ready 3rd person movement animations.
    - Improved the 3rd person start reload animation for rifles.
    - Improved the rifle club movement animations.
    - Improved the run and charge with a bayonet move animations.
    - Updated the Mumma Farm from the wooden structure currently in place on Antietam Battlefield to the ruins of the original brick one.


    - Reworked the vegetation around Mumma Farm to better match the period photos rather than today's vegetation.


    - Added a small field road running next to Hagerstown Turnpike from Miller Barn as seen in Alexander Gardners photographs.
    - Minor character adjustments.
    - Added missing overview map of the latest added skirmish area, Bolivar Heights Redoubt.

    January 8th - Update 135 Released!

    - Fixed most occurences of misfires.
    - Fixed the screen appearing to be frozen after a weapon reload has completed.
    - Fixed the spawn timer in the deploy UI not working after having joined a second server.
    - Added Bolivar Heights Redoubt skirmish area. In this area, the Confederates are attacking the artillery redoubt on the utmost flank of the Union entrenchments at the crest of Bolivar Heights.

    Attachment 10371

    - Prevented the game from crashing if the Join Server button is pressed while the rest of the servers are still loading in.
    - Admins can now ban players that are currently not connected to the server.

    January 4th - Update 134 Released!

    - Prevented certain cheats.
    - Possibly fixed the voice chat not working on some servers.
    - The amount of snow on the terrain now synchronizes with the server when joining so players should now always see the same amount of snow on the terrain.
    - Fixed a bug on Antietam where the amount of rain could be much heavier than intended.
    - Improved the skinning on the characters and fixed certain items clipping into each other.
    - Added field glasses cases to some of the officers.

    December 27th - Update 133 Released!

    - Added dynamic snow to the DrillCamp.
    - Possible fix for players not being able to join more or less full servers due to a timeout.
    - Updated the Mumma Barn model with burnt down version.
    - Possible fix for audio stutters.
    - Collision fixes on Harpers Ferry.

    December 19th - Update 132 Released!

    - Added the first version of the new ingame admin system. For more details, check this forum thread:
    - Fixed some cases where players were able to spawn on top of buildings via the flag bearer.
    - Prevented players from spawning inside of trees.

    December 13th - Update 131 Released!

    - Fixed a possible server crash.
    - Texture updates to several structures, primarily the ones located on the Harpers Ferry map.
    - It is now possible to join other servers after having pressed cancel during the joining game screen.
    - Team kills are now written in red in the chatbox.
    - The in place rest animation now plays in third person again.
    - Fixed the sound being muffled when spawning.
    - Moved the player to a spectator camera on death when the Deploy screen is shown.
    - Activated the ingame Rent a Server button, available from the server browser.

    December 10th - Update 130 Released!

    - Improved the speed at which the server browser finds servers.
    - Fixed an issue where the screen would be blurry for a few seconds after having respawned.
    - When scrolling in the chat, it will no longer jump to the bottom whenever a new message is received.
    - Fixed a flag typo.
    - Fixed a few of the houses in Harpers Ferry that would allow players to be spawned inside of them.
    - Added new dying, wounded and melee sounds to the Union faction.
    - Possibly fixed an issue where players got stuck in the loading screen.
    - Tweaks to volumes of various sounds.

    December 7th - Update 129 Released!

    - Vastly improved the loading time while still precaching the required assets. Previous loading time on the Drill Camp on our test system was 70 seconds. New loading time is 15 seconds.
    - Made the loading screen show some of the things that are currently being loaded. Additional elements will be added soon to the loading progress.
    - Reload is now automatically cancelled if one of the movement keys are being held for more than 0.5 seconds.
    - Further increased the likelyhood of the game properly closing down when exiting.
    - Minor character improvements.

    December 4th - Steam Early Access Hotfix 1

    Fixed a couple of crashes when exiting the game, making it more likely for the game to shutdown properly.

    December 3rd - Steam Early Access Released!

    - Identified and disabled/removed various systems that were being performance hogs. One of them being the feature that increases your movement speed if you are marching in a column and slagging behind the person in front of you. Until we find a better way of reimplementing this, you will have to control your speed by toggling Double Quick on and off by pressing C.
    - Disabled the recently added game ending events due to issues with the Defender being restricted to the Capture Zone when Last Stand has triggered. Another issue with the end game events was that we need to add additional UI, better explaining to the players whats going on as either of the endgame events triggers.
    - Made the Steam server browser properly list what Drill Camp faction the Drill Camps are running.
    - Added tension music that triggers when a skirmish round has less than 3 minutes left.
    - Optimized the networking of Free Look.
    - Added support for running the servers with less than 150 as their max player amount.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would sometimes instantly die when spawning as the flag bearer.
    - Fixed a bug where the flag lying on the ground, wasnt able to be picked up by a player.
    - Fixed an issue where the player would instantly be killed if the player attempted to pick up the flag from the ground.
    - Possible fix for players being stuck in various geometry.
    - Cleaned up the game files.
    - Added various melee attack impact sounds when hitting the environment.
    - Added new character equipment sounds when doing various things, such as entering ready, entering melee mode or aiming.
    - Added WIP UI click sounds.
    - Fixed an issue where the clouds wasnt moving.
    - Various character fixes and improvements.
    - Made the shooting range targets show hits in the UI from other players, if you are within 30 meters of the player who is shooting.
    - Fixed an issue with the shooting range UI where hits sometimes didnt dissapear.
    - Made the random tooltips in the loading screen more visible by making them yellow.
    - Added a new keybinding help screen while being ingame, triggered by F1. It now shows the keys you may have rebinded yourself in the options menu.
    - Added the ability to scroll in the text chat. To do so, activate the chat by pressing Enter, then scroll with the mouse wheel.
    - Fixed the loading screen text for the Drill Camps.

    Nevember 24th - Update 128 Released!

    - Added end game events:

    Last Stand

    Defender reaches 0 morale: Last stand is activated. This means every dead person is spawned right away but no more respawns are available after. The round ends when the match timer runs out or the attacker has captured the area or killed all defenders.

    Final Push

    Attacker reaches 0 morale: Final push is activated. This makes respawning for the attackers cost 0 morale but changes the timer on the round from, for instance, 22 mins remaining to 3 minutes remaining. Round ends when area is captured or the defenders has gone through their last respawns in their last stand.

    - Improved the flag physics when dropped.
    - Reduced the graphical artifacts in the volumetric fog and gun smoke.
    - Made the loading screen display information about the skirmish area you are loading into.
    - Added many more random tips to the loading screen.
    - Added a max fps setting to the options menu where the framerate can be capped to 30, 60, 120, 144 or unlimited.
    - Optimized the flags on the Drill Camp.
    - Added more weapon descriptions to the spawn UI.
    - Prevented the Lorenz rifle from being dropped on death.
    - Added support for sorting the servers in the server browser.
    - Improved the 3rd person animation when running and charging with the rifle as a club.
    - Added updated loading screens.
    - Reduced the amount of flinching on other players when they are aiming.
    - Fixed a bug with the binoculars where the player might still be zoomed after unzooming.
    - Increased morale amount of the defender on Hill's Counterattack.
    - Reduced the possibility of spawn camping on Pry Grist Mill.
    - Shooting Range hits from other players will now also appear in the UI, if you are close to the shooter.

    November 17th - Update 127 Released!

    - When the flag bearer is killed, the flag will now drop on the ground, allowing other privates to pick up the flag and thus, become the new flag bearer. To pick up the flag, press F. The flag bearer slot will be locked for as long as a player is holding the flag, or the flag is lying on the ground. When the flag is dropped, a timer of 5 minutes is started. If the flag has not been picked up within that time, the flag will be removed and the flag bearer slot in the spawn UI is unlocked and a new flag bearer of that regiment can spawn. This allows the other team to defend the dropped flag, preventing the other team from picking it up and thus deprive the team that owns the flag from using its spawn functionality. Dropping the flag currently results in some very glitchy physics with the flag.
    - Added proper precaching of all required character assets which should result in a much smoother gameplay experience with way less microstuttering.
    - Added WIP automatic temporary banning. Both kills and friendly fire damage, counts towards the offending player getting banned. UI messages notifying the player that he's been banned will be added soon. For now a ban will just seem like a disconnect. The ban will automatically be lifted after an amount of time.
    - Added a pointing animation/action to officers and NCOs. It can only be activated when standing still. To activate it, press and hold the left mouse button.
    - Possibly fixed a server crash.
    - Possibly fixed an issue where the game would suddenly freeze, but in task manager, appear to still be running. The issue was identified as being related to the flags on the Drill Camp. Their type of cloth simulation has thus been changed to a different type of cloth simulation, which will result in the flags looking slightly different than they used to. This new cloth simulation does have the benefit though of being affected by the amount of wind in the level. So in calm weather, you will mostly be seing the flags hanging down, but when the wind starts picking up, you will see the increased wind being reflected in the waving of the flags.
    - Prevented players from spawning on the roof on the Washington Street skirmish area of Harpers Ferry.
    - Fixed a bug where the player wasnt able to toggle the desired Ready/ShoulderArms stance while reloading.
    - Added a new flag for the 18th North Carolina.
    - Added text descriptions to the various classes on the class selection screen.

    November 11th - Update 126 Released!

    - Added m1841 6lb bronze and iron cannons to the various batteries on Antietam and Harpers Ferry.

    1841 6lb bronze.jpg

    - Added Hampton Legion as a playable unit on the evening East Woods and Miller's Cornfield skirmish areas.


    - Fog volume updates to Antietam.
    - Minor graphical updates, Antietam.
    - Fixed a number of regimental descriptions with the help of the community.
    - Updates to how your position in the flag bearer spawn queue is showcased.
    - Updates to Character lod meshes.
    - Added a max corpse setting in the graphic options menu.
    - Possibly fixed a server crash.
    - Added binoculars. Use the mouse wheel to adjust the focus distance. They are only available to officers. They can be selected by cycling through the weapons by pressing 1 a couple of times. We'll be adding the various items to specific keys soon (1 = Sword, 2 = Revolver, 3 = Binoculars).
    - Possibly fixed an issue where the flag spawn was selectable, but if the player attempted to spawn on it, the player would never spawn.
    - If a player is muted in the tab menu. Their text messages will then also no longer show up in the chat.
    - Added the available weapons for the selected class, for the selected regiment in the spawn UI. Cycling through the weapons doesnt actually make you spawn with that weapon, its only purpose is just to show which weapons that regiment may randomly spawn with.
    - The server browser now lists what skirmish area the skirmish servers are currently running.

    November 3rd - Update 125 Released!

    - Increased the overall sharpness of the game.
    - Updated R. Miller Stables model.
    - Reworked some officers for the 6th LA.
    - Fixed an issue where the client thought some base spawnpoints were active, when they were actually disabled on the server. This resulted in the timer on the spawn UI not updating, and the player not spawning.
    - Fixed a rare crash with the formation system when joining a server.
    - Made the shadows from the clouds darken the fog, resulting in more visible sunshafts.
    - Slightly optimized the code for the corpses.
    - Made the server use a much simpler definition of player characters, possibly resulting in improved server performance.
    - Made the weather change state more frequently.
    - Updated the 9th NY flag texture.
    - Character detail optimization pass.
    - Fixed duplicate character files.
    - Fixed various errors for the characters.
    - Updated character head proportions.
    - Adjusted the hair and facial hair to better fit the new head proportions.
    - Tweaked morning fog on the skirmish areas to work better with the updated time of day.
    - Tweaked weapon smoke density due to updates to the time of day.
    - Added an Out of Line timer and message to the flag bearer of 60 seconds.
    - Fixed rotating hands when changing directions while walking at the ready.

    October 19th - Update 124 Released!

    - Fixed an issue where the morale was being listed incorrectly on the compass and on the deploy screen.
    - Added a timer to the deploy screen for both the base spawn and for the flag bearer spawn. It also displays how many players are in queue for each type of spawn, though at the moment. You are required to enter the spawn queue by hitting Deploy, to get any queue and time information for that particular spawn point. After having pressed Deploy, it is now possible to go back to the regiment and class selection screen and pick another class (This will cancel your spawn request).
    - Fixed the kneel reload animation ending before the character had a chance to put on the cap.
    - Improved some of the reload transitions.
    - Improved the left, right, forward and backward aim 3rd person animations.
    - Added possible fix for HUD freeze.
    - Added possible fix for a player nametag related client crash.
    - Added slinged variants for the Whitworth, Lorenz and Enfield rifles.
    - Minor character adjustments.
    - The time between a player spawning on the flag bearer is now dependant on the formation buff status of the flag bearer. 10 seconds for in formation and 20 seconds for skirmishing.
    Various graphical UI fixes and updates.
    - Fixed a possible crash when leaving and entering the server browser quickly.
    - Tweaked rain audio levels.
    - Added a music volume option to the Sound Options.

    October 13th - Skirmishes Phase II Hotfix 1 Released!

    - Fixed the deaths InFormation, Skirmishing and OutOfLine on the victory screen.
    - Fixed the current morale for both teams being listed incorrectly.
    - Slightly improved the performance of corpses.
    - Improved the look of the rain particle effect during light rain.
    - Fixed a bug where only a balance difference between the teams of 1 player was allowed. Now on a 5 player server, a difference of 1 player is allowed, on a full server, a difference of 9 players is allowed.

    October 12th - Skirmishes Phase II Released!

    - The flag bearer now acts as a mobile spawnpoint. On the 3rd Deploy Screen where Deploy can be clicked. There are now two buttons, one that spawns you in your team’s assembly area and another one that spawns you on the flag. The flag spawn can only be selected if the flag bearer is alive. When you've entered the spawn queue on the flag bearer, you may respawn quickly, or it may take a while, depending on how many other players are waiting to spawn on the flag bearer. You can always at any time click on the icon of your team’s assembly area and spawn there instead on the next spawn wave.
    - Added a dynamic weather system to increase immersion with changing environmental effects.
    - Fixed a crash when entering the Sound options.
    - Several UI updates.
    - Removed the input volume slider in the Sound options as it wasn’t working.
    - On the input and output device list in the Sound options, a Disabled option can now be selected. This makes the input and output devices not receive or output anything compared to sending the input with a volume of zero or playing the output with a volume of zero.
    - While on a server, we have added a mute button on all players in the tab menu to locally mute them from the voice chat.
    - Tweaked the Depth of Field when reloading to only focus on the rifle when the character is trying to align two things such as placing the top of the ramrod on the cartridge to ram it down for example. When the character is simply ramming down the cartridge and pulling out the ramrod, the Depth of Field is disabled.
    - Added Depth of Field when fixing a bayonet.
    - Added rifle sling variants to Springfield 1842, Springfield 1855 and Springfield 1861. Unslinged variants are still present as well.
    - Minor updates to Drill Camp level.
    - When deploying It is now possible to select which rank to spawn as for NCOs and Officers. The rank image is yet to be added so for now, you can only tell which rank it is in the UI by clicking on a rank and reading the text above it (1st Lieutenant).
    - Fixed a bug on the Drill Camp where if the player respawned while in the Inspector view (F4), the camera wouldn't enter 1st person properly when respawning.
    - Made the bending of trees more detailed.
    - Made the initial gun smoke a bit denser when firing.
    - Minor flag material updates.
    - The volume of the wind now increases depending on where you are on the map. If you are standing on the crest of a hill the volume of the wind will increase. The wind volume will also increase if you fly up in the air with the WorCam (F9).
    - Fixed the rifle quickly swinging out in front of the camera by the end of putting the rifle back to Shoulder Arms.
    - Added a new 3rd person aim animation while in melee mode with a bayonet attached.
    - Added new 3rd person aim movement animations when aiming with a rifle.
    - Made the rifle sway less in 3rd person while moving at the Ready.
    - Added 3rd Alabama.
    - On the shooting range on the Drill Camp, fixed the target hits not disappearing in the UI.
    - When print screen is pressed the screen becomes black and white with a yellow tint, if the player does not press print screen again within 5 seconds to deactivate the effect. The system automatically deactivates the black and white screen effects. We think this may sometimes have been what has happened when it has seemed like the screen had gotten stuck being black and white (the player accidentally hit print screen without noticing).

    September 28th - Update 122 Released!

    - Added sound options, the settings include overall game volume. Voice chat input and output volume and setting the input and output device you wish to use. A music volume slider will be added soon.
    - Possibly fixed the UI stopping to function after roughly 20 minutes of gameplay.
    - On Harpers Ferry, Maryland Heights, replaced the 1st PHB Maryland and 12th Militia New York regiments with 32nd Ohio and 126th New York.
    - Tweaked the textures on some of the flags.
    - Added overview maps in the Deploy Screen for most of the skirmish areas on Harpers Ferry.
    - Improved the kneeling animations of the flag bearer.
    - Improved the bayonet attack miss animation while players are moving.
    - Prevented other players from getting supressed by the weapon fire of their teammates when in close proximity to the shooter.

    September 21st - Update 121 Released!

    - Major UI Update. Completely reworked and cleaned up the UI behind the scenes.
    - A lot of new UI elements have been added to the DeployScreen but for now, that is only cosmetic and has no function yet.
    - Updated most of the UI images to support 4k resolutions, making the UI look sharper.
    - On the faction selection screen. You now join the faction you click on when you click on the USA or CSA image. Previously you would first actually join the selected faction when you moved on to the next page. This makes it easier to join the faction you want when there are lots of players on a server.
    - When rebinding the keys in the options menu, it will now accept mouse keys as valid input.
    - Added labels for the amount of players on each side on the faction selection screen.
    - On the tab screen, it now also displays the total amount of players on the server.
    - On the server browser, the Refresh List button now refreshes the server browser, though you currently may have to click on it a couple of times for it to work.
    - When starting the game, the Campfire Games and War of Rights image can now be skipped by pressing any button, to get to the main menu more quickly.
    - Added the 9th skirmish area "Bolivar Heights Camp" to Harpers Ferry. This skirmish area has the Confederates attacking the Union army camp of Bolivar Heights itself either via a direct assault or a more sneaky way up the heights through the forest to its flank.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    - Updated Sherrick Barn model.
    - Added Henry Rohrback Barn.

    Henry Rohrback Barn.jpg

    - Several visual updates to the Drill Camp level.
    - Updated the flag by giving those that had it, a unique texture on each side.
    - Added a new version of the flag for some of the confedereates.
    - Made the golden fringes of some of the flag some a little bit more 3D and made them flap around a little more.
    - Added a new flag for the 6th Louisiana - special thanks to Capt. Bradley of the 6th LA!
    - Fixed an issue where the player would play the enterSprint animation if the player started sprinting when the exitReady animation were playing. This change results in the weapon simply blending to the sprinting pose.
    - Added procedural flinching to all players regardless of their class and weapon. It gets triggered by bullet whizzes, players dying and artillery shells.
    - Made players recover from suppression when OutOfLine, slightly faster.
    - Players can now start and stop aiming while the character is in the process of entering kneel or standing up.
    - Slightly improved the aim transition of other players when they start aiming from melee mode with a bayonet attached.
    - Fixed an issue where the movement keys would not always register when they were being pressed, forcing you to release and press a movement key again.
    - Several visual updates to the Drill Camp level.
    - Added blood and gore to the officers.
    - The artillery now casts more rays towards the player, each slightly offset, to better check if the player is behind cover or not, in order to possibly kill them.
    - Added a check for other players being stuck in geometry. If stuck, the player gets teleported to the proper position, this fixes players being stuck on the wrong side of a fence or the wrong side a wall of a building.
    - The weapons on other players now gets removed when they die, producing better looking dead bodies.
    - Possibly fixed a client crash when spawning for the first time.
    - Fixed a possible crash when leaving a server.

    September 6th - Hotfix Released!

    - Added a temporarily fix for the new color bearer animations while kneeling.
    - Fixed nametags often not working in the latest update.

    September 5th - Update 120 Released!

    - Fixed a bug that would crash the server when it reached 150 players.
    - The Standard Issue Bayonet will now get bloody when it stabs someone, other players will also be able to see your bayonet being bloody if you return to your regiment after surviving a melee engagement.
    - Made more regiments support bloody character models.
    - Added 32nd Ohio and 126th New York for the Maryland Heights Skirmish Area
    - Fixed a bug with projectiles where if they flew outside of the map, they would never time out and exist forever.
    - Sometimes when players have clicked deploy, they would be stuck in the spectator camera without ever spawning. This happened because the game client tried to spawn on a spawn point that was deactivated on the server which then denied the clients spawn request. Now if this happens, the spawn point the client tried to spawn at gets disabled on the client and the Deploy Screen on the client should restart hopefully allowing the client to respawn at a spawn point that is also enabled on the server.
    - Updated the R. Miller barn model.
    - Graphical updates to the drill camp level.
    - Added the 13th Georgia to Hooker's Push skirmish area.
    - Added the 1810 Stairwell to Harpers Ferry.
    - The player is now able to enter Melee Mode with the club faster.
    - The movement of the camera has been reduced when entering melee mode with the club.
    - The Sharps Rifle and Sharps Carbine is now positioned correctly in the hand when being in Right Shoulder Shift.
    - Alligned the sights on all ranges properly to the center of the screen for the Springfield M1861, Springfield M1855, Pattern Enfield M1853 and the Whitworth.
    - The sound of gunshots is now delayed, depending on the distance of the shot to the listener, simulating the travel time of sound.
    - All melee attacks play slightly faster.
    - Replaced all the 1st and 3rd person animations on the flag bearer with new ones.
    - Changed the way the weapon moves around on the screen when aiming left, right, up and down.
    - The friendly fire suppression amount has been reduced by 75% to lessen the amount skirmish lines suppress themselves.
    - Possibly fixed the issue where CSA Privates for no reason would be deserting on the Roulette Lane Skirmish Area.
    - Increased available NCO slots from 2 to 4 for each regiment.

    August 27th - Hotfix Released!

    - Fixed the custom keybindings in the options menu not being saved and loaded properly.
    - Small optimization to the needle of the compass, making it only update its rotation when its visible, this possibly also fixes a rare crash, related to the compass.
    - Small environment updates to Harpers Ferry.

    August 25th - Hotfix Released!

    - The autobalance system has been changed slightly and from our internal testing, it is now working.
    - Fixed an issue where multiple gore head models might be shown at a player at the same time.
    - Fixed an issue where the rifle would shake an absurd amount while aiming, when only being slightly suppressed.
    - Added gore models to most of the CSA regiments.

    August 24th - Update 119 Released!

    - Added the 8th skirmish area to Harpers Ferry: School House Ridge. In the early morning hours of this first skirmish area of the Bolivar Heights location the Confederates are attacking the forward Union skirmish line based in the valley between Bolivar Heights and School House Ridge.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

    - Increased the play area of the Union camp at Bolivar Heights, Harpers Ferry to allow for marches down to the Potomac through the forested cliff sides.
    - Added new gore system.
    - When players, get hit in the legs, torso, or the head that specific piece of the character will become bloody. Other parts of the character may become bloody as well.
    - When players are headshot, their player model will get massive headwounds.
    - Added suppression animations on other players, making them duck their heads. It currently only works if the player is standing still while at shoulder arms.
    - Added stamina animations on other players. When other players are low on stamina, hey will play breathing animations with an intensity correspending to the amount of stamina they have left. Breathing sounds on other players will come soon.
    - Added a new and improved bayonet attack miss animation that plays if a player melee attacks with the bayonet into the air/misses.
    - Improved the animation transition to right shoulder shift and improved the hand rotation while being in right shoulder shift.
    - Slightly improved the performance of the long distance trees.
    - Made the CSA spawn points on the Harpers Ferry River Crossing Skirmish Area randomly disable and enable every 3-6 minutes, making all players on their team always spawn together, resulting in a more massed force assaulting either the pontoon bridge or the rail road bridge.
    - While using the worcam/spectator camera, reduced the risk of some of the keys stopping to work. If it does happen. Disabling the worcam and enabling it should now fix the issue.
    - Fixed an issue with the player not returning to At The Ready after having started to aim just as the reload animation has finished.
    - Possibly made the auto balance feature actually work. The auto balance feature now kicks in depending on the amount of players on the server. If 8 players are on the server. It allows a player difference between the teams of 1 player. If the server is full. It allows a difference of 9 players before it starts to autobalance.
    - Possibly fixed a crash with the new nametags.
    - Possibly fixed player nametags vanishing.
    - Possibly fixed or bettered the HUD vanishing.
    - Added the console variable Game.VoiceChat.Debug. When set to 1 by typing Game.VoiceChat.Debug=1 into the console which can be enabled by hitting tilde (the key to the left of one). It will output data of all players of the 3D voice chat into the console. This will most likely reduce your framerate to 1-5, so you should only enable this console variable if you suddenly find that you are unable to hear other players. When you have enabled it, you should let the game keep running for about a minute. Then close the game, and go ahead and use the error reporter on our website:

    August 12th - Hotfix Released!

    - Fixed players sometimes spawning in the air.
    - Readded the Pry House Skirmish Area on Antietam.
    - Made the spawn points on all skirmish areas larger to reduce the risk of players spawning inside each other.
    - Two possible fixes for client crashes related to animations.
    - Added more ambience sounds to Harpers Ferry.

    August 11th - Hotfix Released!

    - Fixed the intense fire sounds on the camp of Bolivar Heights.
    - Replaced the battle ambience sound on the camp of Bolivar Heights with a regular wind ambience.
    - Improved the shading on some of the flags on the camp of Bolivar Heights.

    August 10th - Update 118 Released!

    - Released a drill camp variation for the Union: Bolivar Heights Union Camp at Harpers Ferry. Consisting of some 1700 tents housing the more than 15.000 Union soldiers during the Siege of Harpers Ferry, the camp is indeed an impressive sight sitting on the slope of Bolivar Heights on the outskirts of Harpers Ferry. It is safeguarded by a fortification consisting of an embankment, abatis and an artillery redoubt to fend off any rebels looking to capture the town of Harpers Ferry.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

    - Added an experimental auto balance system. When you die, if you are on the team that outnumbers the other team by more than 3 players, you will be brought back to the faction selection screen where you will only be able to select the other team, unless other players joins the outnumbered team before you, at which point you will be able to select the same team as the one you were just on.
    - Temporarily removed the Pry House skirmish area at Antietam to possibly fix players sometimes spawning in the air. Please let us know if you experience spawning in the air and dying after this update.
    - Added water splash particles in the rivers of Harpers Ferry.
    - Fixed nametags on players being offset while playing at certain resolutions.

    August 6th - Hotfix Released!

    - Fixed all melee attacks with the new animations, requiring 4 hits to kill. Now the bayonet and swords requires two hits. The rifle as a club requires 3 hits.
    - Reduced the max suppression when OutOfLine from 100% to 80% (Artillery can still make you 100% suppressed).
    - Reduced the max suppression while Skirmishing from 80% to 70% (Artillery can still make you 100% suppressed).
    - Added more blood particle variations when players are being hit by projectiles.
    - Added a special blood particle effect for when players die in water.
    - Reduced the brightness of water splash footstep particle effects.
    - Fixed the spawn points on the Drill Camp.
    - Possibly fixed players spawning in the air.
    - Added footstep sounds for when moving with a rifle in melee mode without the bayonet attached.

    August 5th - Update 117 Released!

    - Released the 18th skirmish area on Antietam: Pry House: In this alternative scenario pockets of Confederate forces have managed to sneak by the Union line and are attacking Pry House, headquarter of commanding Union General George B. McClellan.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

    - Added 9 inch Dahlgren cannons to the naval battery at Maryland Heights, Harpers Ferry.

    9 inch Dahlgren_1.jpg 9 inch Dahlgren_2.jpg

    - Updated the spawn areas to support more players spawning at once in order to avoid players spawning inside each other.
    - Added several updated barns to Antietam and the Drill Camp maps.
    - Fixed a weapon reload bug if the player player started reloading while holding the aim button and then released the aim button.

    - Enabled character shadows on High at half the distance of of character shadows on Very High.
    - Made the multi-part melee system work.
    - Added melee attack animation variations depending on the distance to the person or object being attacked. If the attack doesnt connect, a miss animation will be played instead.
    - Improved the sprinting animation in first person with a rifle.
    - Reduced the amount the camera moves up and down while idle and while the player is suppressed.
    - Made the weapon shake slightly when the player is aiming while suppressed.
    - Increased the suppression effect while being Out of Line when bullets fly over your head, weapons are fired close to you, players die close to you.
    - Made the player recover from suppression more slowly when out of line.
    - Made the suppression screen effects fluctuate in and out to better simulate stress and confusion.
    - Possibly fixed a UI nametag crash.

    July 28th - Hotfix Released!

    - Fixed a crash when shooting at the shooting range.
    - Possibly fixed a crash related with the new nametags.
    - Fixed players not being in the same spot on all clients.
    - Fixed players spawning as the wrong character model.
    - Made the terrain have more friction to prevent dead players from sliding down hills.
    - Added doors to Roulette Barn.

    July 27th – Update 116 Released!

    - Fixed a bug with the recently added system for preventing officers from moving away from their men. Officers were supposed to be allowed to freely move around inside the main spawn area without while being Out of Line, but instead the timer would appear on their screen and they would shortly after be killed.
    - When players are getting shot, they will now receive the majority of hit impulse in the limb they got shot in, so if a player is for example shot in the arm, the arm will swing backwards.
    - Made the corpses of dead players, sometimes twist and move in agony. They will stop moving when shot. It's currently only client based so some players may see some corpses moving, while other players will see other corpses moving.
    - Fixed a server crash.
    - Fixed a client crash related to the UI.
    - Added a more detailed version of Roulette Barn, the barn is enterable on both the ground floor and first floor. Doors will be added soon.
    - Made it less likely if not impossible, for players to spawn underneath the ground on the Drill Camp.
    - Fixed an issue on one of the skirmish areas in Harpers Ferry where the Garibaldi Guards were not selectable.

    July 15th – Update 115 Released!

    - Added the Garibaldi Guards regiment.

    Attachment 9095 Attachment 9096

    - Added a new system that makes the officer start deserting if he is not inside of the teams safezone, or if he is Out of Line. When the officer is deserting, a timer will appear on the screen, counting from 20 to 0. If the timer hits 0 and the officer has not reentered the teams safezone or rejoined the troops he was commanding, the officer will be killed.
    - Added new animations for the revolver in first person when moving and aiming.
    - Improved the Dynamic Depth of Field, making it less likely for the screen to blur for no reason.
    - Added a new nametag system above players heads with a new font as well as a speaker icon when they are speaking with the voice chat. In order to keep UI clutter to a minimum, the speaker icon will not show up automatically, you will have to press T when someone is talking, to see who it is.
    - Fixed a client crash with the old nametag system by replacing it with the new one.
    - Removed the nametags above the heads of enemy players.
    - Fixed a server crash on the Drill Camp.
    - Fixed a server crash when a player was leaving the server while doing a specific thing.
    - Optimized the server slightly.
    - Fixed a crash when closing the game (the game may still crash on close, it will just be another part of the game that crashes it).
    - Made the transition from sunset to night, slightly brighter.
    - Made the shadows during the night slightly brighter.

    July 10th - Test Update Released!

    - We just pushed a new update with some of the network modules of the engine compiled in debug mode as well as making the game log more things about whats going on. This may come with a small or large performance impact however. We will go back to the higher performance build once we have gotten the data we need.

    July 8th - Hotfix Released!

    - In a recent update, we introduced an intentional crash when something with the game went wrong. This was done to make the game output the various debug files when it happened so we could develop a fix. This hotfix includes that fix. The intentional crash is still there, but it should happen very rarely and if it does, it should not be caused by the same thing that has been causing it for the past 2 weeks.
    - This hotfix also includes improved footstep water particle effects when walking, running and sprinting.
    - The particle effect when bullets impact with wood has been improved to look a little bit more punchy.
    - The voicechat system now produces more detailed logs when something goes wrong, for example when you are unable to hear other players or other players are unable to hear you. Use the error reporter if you experience this issue:

    July 7th - Hotfix Released!

    - Possible fix for the server crashes.
    - New collision models for all fences. Due to performance reasons, its always best to keep the collision models as simple as possible. This means that for fences in the past, their collision model has been a large box as that was all that was needed, with the physics engine still allowing bullets to pass through the gaps of the render model. We have however recently discovered that this was only true for a shooting distance of up to about 15 meters. If a player was shooting at a fence farther away than 15 meters, the bullet would always collide with the large box resulting in only the occasional headshot being possible, while shooting at players behind a fence at a distance. The new collision models, model the shape of the fence much more closely and will thus be super reliable at all distance, this does however theoretically come with a small performance cost. We have made the collision models slightly thinner than their rendermodel, to simulate bullets being able to pass through the thinner parts of the fence, typically near an edge. The following screenshot shows the new collision models compared with the old collision models.

    Attachment 9030

    July 3rd – Update 114 Released!

    - Added the 7th skirmish area of Harpers Ferry: Maryland Heights. The fighting on the overlooking Maryland Heights of Harpers Ferry on the 12th and 13th of September 1862 was a key part of the siege of Harpers Ferry. Union commander Miles had posted 1500 soldiers near the crest of the heights to defend them in order to safeguard the town itself. The fighting on Maryland Heights would result in most of the Confederates casualties of the entire siege and would eventually end with a Union withdrawal into the town using the pontoon bridge after having first spiked the guns at the naval battery halfway up the heights, leaving the Confederates in command of the heights.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg

    - Added possible fix for the servers crashing regularly - thanks to all of you who have been submitting error reports! If you'd wish to help us out by submitting one, please head over to:
    - Added particle effects when bullets impact with various materials (dirt, wood, metal, rock, grass).
    - Added a very transparent small dust cloud particle effect when playing are walking on dirt.
    - Added a water splash particle effect when players are running through water.
    - Updated all the melee mode animations while using the rifle as a club (Quicktime, Doublequick, Charge, attack, look and turn).
    - Added a breathing idle loop to the recently updated ready pose.
    - Improved the sprinting animation in 1st person.
    - Made players very slowly recover after having been hit by the club or stabbed by the bayonet, resulting in the screen slowly becoming clearer. If the player has been hit by the club twice or stabbed by the bayonet, it will take about 15 minutes for the player to fully recover. No longer will you have to sacrifice yourself after an engagement if you survived but got injured in the process.

    June 22nd - Update 113 Released!

    - Fixed an issue where yourself, other players and the server, would start lagging if someone or yourself, attempted to start sprinting while in the process of vaulting over a fence.
    - Fixed players spawning at incorrect positions.
    - Fixed a potential crash while spawning.
    - Made weapon smoke get less fully white when viewing it directly up against the sun.
    - Fixed an issue where if the player was moving at the double quick and then right clicked to enter ready and then stopped moving, the player would return to shoulder arms after having played the enter ready animation, even though the player was supposed to be at the ready.
    - Fixed an issue where if the player was sprinting and then ran out of stamina and kept left shift held down, the player would keep toggling between sprinting and walking/running every single frame, causing animation issues and stressing the server additionally.

    June 14th - Update 112 Released!

    - Added an entirely new dynamic and flexible spawn system. This includes the basis of flag bearer spawning, coming in a future update. In this update, we have added new spawn locations at the capture zones for the defending team to spawn at in the beginning of each skirmish round. This will help reduce victories for the attacker where they managed to rush the capture zone and capture it, while the defender was still assembling in the base.
    - Players will now automatically be at the ready after having sprinted, allowing for more fluent action.
    - The clouds and shadows from the clouds are now syncronized across all players.
    - The stars now rotate around the earth as the hours pass during the night.
    - Fixed a few rare crashes.
    - Improved the death camera, making it go through the ground less often.
    - Fixed a glitch where it was possible for players to rotate 360 degrees while kneeled.
    - Removed the red triangle inside the trigger guard of the Sharps Rifle and Sharps Carbine.
    - Removed a cheat where players were able to fly around on the map with their character, by making the gravity amount controlled by the server.
    - Possibly fixed some animation glitches where the hands of characters might reach for odd places for a moment.
    - Adjusted the uniforms of the 6th and 8th Alabama, 2nd and 20th Georgia and 72nd Pennsylvania officers.

    June 3rd - Hotfix Released!

    - Fixed the artillery models having turned into characters.
    - Fixed an issue where the recoil when shooting would be way too strong if the game was running with a low framerate.

    June 2nd - Hotfix Released!

    - Fixed the missing artillery models.
    - Fixed the revolver momentarily dissapearing when reloading in first person.
    - Fixed the officer doing weird things with his left hand when reloading the revolver.
    - Fixed the rifle falling down to the shoulder arms position when rotating in right shoulder shift.
    - Reduced the max exposure during daylight hours, making windows glow less white when looking out of them from inside a building.

    June 1st - Update 111 Released!

    - Added the 6th skirmish area of Harpers Ferry "Washington Street". This skirmish area spans several streets as well as army camps in the upper part of Harpers Ferry.

    Washington_Street_1.jpg Washington_Street_2.jpg Washington_Street_3.jpg

    - Made the hammer on the weapons strike on the local client if the player tries to shoot with an unloaded rifle.
    - Added a permanent slight red tint to the screen of players who have been stabbed by a bayonet.
    - Added the admin ability to end the currently active skirmish area.
    - Added the admin ability to set a specific skirmish area up as the next active skirmish area.
    - The extra intense artillery on the River Crossing skirmish area of Harpers Ferry would previously keep holdings its fire even if dead (potentially afk) confedereates were in the capture zone, resulting in the Union having a very easy time with close to no artillery landing on them.
    - Minor server performance improvements.
    - The position of the hammer on the weapons will now persist throughout all animations until your character changes its position. You will now also be able to see the hammer of other players weapons, strike the nipple as they fire.
    - Added a click sound if the player attempts to fire an unloaded weapon.
    - Increased the sound volume of the campfires on the Drill Camp.
    - Added new and improved enter and exit Ready first person animations with less camera movements.
    - Improved the first person enter and exit kneel animation with less camera movement.
    - The night on the Drill Camp now passes more quickly, increasing the chance of players joining the server while its daytime on the Drill Camp.
    - Improved the level lighting during the evening.
    - Added a bouncelight to the GI system at all times of day.
    - Fixed an issue where if you flew to a new grass field with the worcam, the grass would suddenly get slightly dark and then shortly after get slightly brighter.
    - Fixed a couple of crashes.
    - Added 42nd PA flag.
    - Added Georgia flag.
    - Added 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry flag.
    - Improved the armoury buildings on Harpers Ferry with a stone foundation an internal wood framework supporting the roof (Soon to be burnt in a future update).
    - Character skinning fixes.
    - Added steep creek banks to Antietam to better portray its real world counterpart.

    May 20th - Update 110 Released!

    - Made the lighting in the levels seem more natural.
    - Fixed a bug where players could be aiming without holding the aim button, this may also fix the issue where other players are able to run around while aiming.
    - Fixed a bug where the intense artillery on Harpers Ferry would continue to hold its fire, even if the attacking players in the capture zone are dead.
    - Increased the likelihood of the game shutting down properly when exiting, instead of having the game hang, forcing players to terminate it via the Windows task manager.
    - Fixed a broken flag for the 72nd Pennsylvania.
    - Fixed a server crash.
    - Character specular mtl tweaks.
    - Fixed a few visual issues with characters.
    - Added the 22nd Virginia Btl.
    - Added the 9th New York flag.
    - Few boundary updates to the Shenandoah Street skirmish area, Harpers Ferry.
    - Replaced most non-working doors with the new, working ones on the drill camp map.

    May 15th - Update 109 Released!

    - Added the 5th skirmish area of Harpers Ferry: Harpers Graveyard. In this skirmish area, the Union are to defend the graveyard overlooking the rivers and cliff sides.

    Attachment 8395 Attachment 8396 Attachment 8397

    - Drastically increased the sharpness of the image, resulting in much clearer graphics.
    - Increased the USA starting morale from 90 to 110 on Miller’s Cornfield and from 137 to 147 on Nicodemus Hill, Antietam.
    - When players take a direct artillery hit, their body will now explode, causing blood to land on the nearby environment with their remains falling to the ground.
    - Players that get killed by the artillery without their body exploding, will now get pushed away by the blast in the opposite direction of the explosion.
    - When players get hit by a bullet, there now is a chance for blood to fly out their back, possibly landing on the walls of nearby buildings, painting them red.
    - The blood landing on the ground when players die, is now a decal instead of a floating plane. It will now project onto the environment and have better shading.
    - Previously, you may have seen blood coming out of players without them dying. This was your client that thought the player had been hit, where on the server, the player hadnt actually been hit. These blood effects are now synced with the server and will only appear when players actually take a hit.
    - Artillery shells will no longer land inside the spawn areas.
    - When a confederate enters the capture zone on the River Crossing skirmish area of Harpers Ferry, the extra intense artillery will now cease until there no longer are any confederates in the capture zone, at which point the extra intense artillery will resume.
    - Made projectiles fired from weapons smaller to match their real life size.
    - For the players that have been unable to start the game, and recently started seeing the message "failed to parse project file. Please Contact the War Of Roghts Team". It is possible that the game may now be working for those players.
    - Improved the 3D model of the minie ball.
    - Fixed an issue where the camera would briefly do a very fast rotation when respawning.
    - Possible fix for a server crash.
    - Fixed a crash with the voice chat.
    - Possibly fixed the issue where you can briefly hear all players talking on a server, when joining.
    - Fixed the issue where the camera would sometimes detach from the player, flying at a very high speed outside of the terrain, causing you to only see the clouds.
    - Possibly fixed an issue where the ramrod and cartridge of a rifle, wasnt animated while reloading.
    - Added a new hairstyle.
    - Added gore models throughout the battlefields.
    - Added several new flags, one of them being the regimental flag of the 52nd NY was proudly gifted by The German Volunteers, thank you!
    - Several decal fixes on Harpers Ferry.
    - Fixed some doors rotating on the wrong axis.
    - Changed the light emission amount on the officer lines and drill camp icons to not blind players at night.
    - Added a hardpack knapsack version without a blanket roll.
    - Updates to the 1st Texas uniforms.
    - Added a new damaged shell jacket.

    May 3rd - Update 108 Released!

    - Possibly reduced the amount of crashes when joining a server.
    - Added the 5th Alabama Btl.


    - Added the 87th Ohio


    - Made the first person camera animation more smooth when performing certain actions.
    - Improved the first person idle animation while wielding a sword.
    - Improved the first person transitions when entering and exiting melee mode without a bayonet attached.
    - Reduced the melee attack cooldown without a bayonet by 0.5 seconds.
    - Reduced the melee attack cooldown with bayonets and swords by 1 second.
    - Moved the sun further down on the sky on Harper's Ferry and the Drill Camps, causing longer shadows to be drawn.
    - Split up the Union spawn into two spawn groups on the River Crossing skirmish area to mirror the CSA spawns on the same area.
    - Added Potts and Graham batteries on Harper's Ferry.
    - Minor character hair updates.
    - Fixed some of the doors rotating on the wrong axis.

    April 26th - Update 107 Released!

    - Added the 4th skirmish area of Harper's Ferry: Shenandoah Street. This skirmish area focuses on the Shenandoah Street running along the river of the same name. While the area is one of close quarter fighting it does open up for flanking options towards the river.

    Shenandoah_Street_1.jpg Shenandoah_Street_2.jpg Shenandoah_Street_3.jpg Shenandoah_Street_4.jpg Shenandoah_Street_5.jpg

    - Added 3rd Maryland Potomac Home Brigade
    - Possible fix for players struggling to join a server.
    - Fixed a crash related to blood pools.
    - The doors are working again, though in this update, it's only some of the doors that can be opened. The next updates will have more doors that can be opened. Some doors might be rotating on the wrong axis.
    - The shooting range targets now shows where your bullet hits on the server with bullet drop and bullet travel time taken into account. Previously the shooting range was just doing a simple raycast from the center of the screen. It may currently be slightly glitchy with the revolver and with Buck and Ball.
    - Various third person animation improvements, including the character looking in the correct direction in melee mode while a bayonet is attached, aiming while in melee mode and walking around aiming while in melee mode now looks much better, the officer no longer reaches out in weird directions when hit by a melee attack while aiming with a revolver, aiming with a rifle while kneeled looks much better, the sword no longer clips into the shoulder when transitioning between various animations.
    - Fixed the beard floating away from a characters face.
    - Fixed a bug where it was possible for players to make their screen black and white by pressing F1 and F2 in certain combinations.
    - Fixed a bug where the Skirmish Area Info Screen would sometimes show on multiple respawns on the same skirmish area where it is intended to show up only once per skirmish area.
    - Most likely fixed a bug where the bayonet sometimes might be stuck near the trigger on the Sharps Rifle.

    April 22nd - Update 106 Released!

    - Removed the aim sway from the previous update while maintaining the smooth camera animation while going from Ready to Aiming.
    - Possible fix for a server crash.
    - Possible fix for players being stuck in the Loading Screen.
    - Various improvements to character head models and facial hair.
    - Added 4 new character head variations.
    - Fixed the wrong flag bearer model being used for the 12th New York Militia.

    April 20th - Update 105 Released!

    - Added precaching of characters on server join. It will reduce stutters and short freezes during gameplay, but it will increase the time it takes to join a server.
    - Improved the lighting at sunset and sunrise.
    - Fixed a small camera snap when starting to aim.
    - The player can now sprint immediately at almost all times, previously the player often had to wait for a shoulder arms animation to finish before the player could start sprinting, making street fighting in Harpers Ferry very awkward.
    - Reduced the head stuttering when freelooking and reduced the likelyhood of the head having weird orientations.
    - The compas now shows the orientation of the camera both when freelooking and when using the worcam.
    - Added 3 new units: 1st Maryland Potomac Home Brigade, 12th New York Militia and 18th North Carolina.

    12th New_York_Militia.jpg

    - Slightly improved the performance of Harpers Ferry.
    - Several minor updates to Harper's Ferry.

    April 11th - Update 104 Released!
    - Added the 3rd skirmish area of Harper’s Ferry: High Street. In this skirmish area, the Federals must defend a section of High Street. The area features some open ground for flanking possibilities as well as close quarter street fighting.
    High_Street_1.jpg High_Street_2.jpg High_Street_3.jpg
    - Possible fix for the twisted neck issues.
    - Fix for the head rotation not always resetting when exiting freelook.
    - Possible fix for the FPS drops reported after update 103 – please report if you experience certain fps drops in this build.
    - Opened up the Downtown skirmish area of Harper’s Ferry with a vaultable fence section allowing for more flanking options.
    - Slightly increased USA starting morale on Downtown.
    - Slightly increased CSA starting morale on River Crossing.
    - Fixed an issue on the Drill Camp with the restricted areas not working.
    - Made the shadows at night slightly brighter.
    - Various code optimizations.

    April 4th - Hotfix Released!

    - Removed the ability for players to pause the server.
    - Added collision meshes to the tall foundations of the buildings in Harpers Ferry
    - Added collision mesh to the Stonewall of the CSA side of the river.
    - Fixed weapons sometimes falling underneath the ground when dropped by pressing J.
    - The camera shake as well as the screen effects from artillery explosions are now reduced by 50% if a large object such as a house or a large stonewall obstructs the line between the explosion and the player. This reduction works in addition to the reduction that occurs if the player is skirmishing or in formation.

    April 3rd - Update 103 Released!

    - Added the 2nd skirmish area of Harper's Ferry: Downtown. In this tight skirmish area, the Federals must defend the intersection between Potomac Street and Shenandoah Street from the attacking Confederates.


    - Fixed and added back the ability for officers to draw lines on the ground for their soldiers by pressing Q twice.
    - Fixed a bug where it would seem like the weapon had missfired after a reload. It could be triggered by quickly pressing R multiple times, instead of just pressing R once. What happened was that the reload was started and then immediately canceled, though the animation kept playing, making it seem like a misfire. It's now fixed.
    - Fixed an animation glitch with the arms on other players if they immediately started aiming after a reload while being in Shoulder Arms.
    - Fixed an animation glitch when rising up from a kneeled position where as the player hit left ctrl, the player would immediately rise up and cock the hammer and after that the player would play the animation where the player rises up from kneel.
    - Slightly reduced the stuttering when players spawn in.
    - Minor updates to the town of Harper's Ferry.
    - Added descriptions for Union regiments.
    - Made the morning fog more foggy.
    - possibly fixed various crashes when joining a server.
    - Reduced the shake of the camera while using the worcam.
    - Minor character tweaks.
    - Tweaked a few fog volumes on Antietam.

    March 30th - Update 102 Released!

    - Fixed various crash issues when joining a server though some may still persist.
    - Reduced the amount of artillery slightly on the Harpers Ferry river crossing skirmish area.
    - Fixed the screen water effect triggering regardless if the shell actually hits any water.
    - Increased the CSA morale slightly on the Harpers Ferry River Crossing skirmish area.
    - Fixed the head rotation of other players being reflected.
    - Improved the texture of the large stonewallls on Harpers Ferry.
    - Added ledges for vaulting to the V shaped stonewall near the capture zone on the Harpers Ferry River Crossing skirmish area.
    - Added ledges for vaulting to Burnside Bridge on Antietam to make it easier for the union to escape the bridge and get down on the river bank on either side.
    - Fixed some of the objects on Harpers Ferry not producing footstep sounds.
    - Replaced 2nd Mississippi with 18th Mississippi on the Harpers Ferry River Crossing skirmish area.
    - Made it more likely for bullets to go throw the gaps in the metal fence over the pontoons at the Harpers Ferry River Crossing skirmish area.

    Known Issues
    - Other players heads may stutter slightly when free looking.

    March 26th - Update 101 Released!

    - Increased CSA morale by 30% on the River Crossing skirmish area on Harpers Ferry.
    - Added additional confederate artillery that focus fires the defensive areas of the Union soldiers at the River Crossing of Harpers Ferry.
    - Added new artillery water splash particle effect.
    - Tweaked the proxies near the pontoon bridge to make it more difficult for players to drown themselves.
    - Added various decals to the buildings in Harpers Ferry.
    - It's now possible again to select the other faction in the middle of a skirmish round.
    - The time of day start time of the East Woods skirmish area on Antietam has been set a little bit earlier, just before the sun sets.

    March 25th - Update 100 Released!

    - Added the first skirmish area of Harper’s Ferry: River Crossing - This skirmish area focuses on the Confederates attacking the town by the two bridges (one railroad bridge and one pontoon bridge). While it never came to direct infantry fighting within the town (the union forces surrendered before the planned confederate assault began) we think these alternative town-fighting scenarios of what could have happened had the Federals not surrendered will provide the players a very different play experience than the rural farms & fields offered by maps such as Antietam. Please note that Harper’s Ferry, as all things in the alpha, is very much a work in progress – expect to see lots of updates to it throughout the development of the game.
    - Added dynamic environment probes resulting in much better overall looks throughout the time of day cycle.
    - Overhauled the time of day.
    - Fixed players in the distance teleporting/lagging.
    - Character material tweaks and fixes.
    - Fixed a server crash occuring during a 150 player session.
    - Slightly improved the performance of both the server and the clients.
    - Fixed animation glitch if strafing at the ready while at the double quick speed.
    - Improved the Ready idle animation.
    - Character LOD fixes.
    - Made significant improvements to the various aimposes of both rifles and revolvers.
    - Added 14th Tennessee, 65th Illinois and 9th Vermont regiments.
    - Fixed a few character clipping issues.
    - Fixed the desertion boundary not having an effect when using the WoR-cam.

    Known issues

    - The head animation when freelooking is not currently playing correctly.

    March 8th - Update 99 Released!

    - Players should no longer be able to play the reload animation with the entire rifle attached to their right hand.
    - New version of the player interpolation system hopefully resulting in smoother player movements.
    - Minor performance improvements to the environments.
    - Added new WIP animations when players gets hit by melee attacks.
    - Being hit by a melee attack while reloading, will now stop the reloading.
    - Added limbered caissons to all batteries on Antietam.

    1.jpg 2.jpg

    - Increased the Union starting morale amount on Nicodemus Hill from 124 to 137 to counter the confederates having Sharps carbines.
    - The UI now remembers the regiment and class you have selected, if you were to go back to the class selection screen.

    Known issues:

    - During a skirmish round, you can only select your desired faction once. To select a new faction. Either wait for the next skirmish round to start, or close the game and join the server again.

    March 3rd - Update 98 Released!

    - Added 17th skirmish area to Antietam: Hill's Counterattack - Confederate General Hill arrives from Harper's Ferry late in the day with his Light Division partially wearing captured Federal uniforms. The Division smashes into the flank of the advancing Burnside's Corps which has been delayed heavily earlier in the day at the Lower Bridge.

    Hills_Counterattack_1.jpg Hills_Counterattack_2.jpg

    - Improved the player interpolation algorithm, resulting in players not moving slightly backing and forth when stopping to move and smoother player movements on a highly populated server.
    - Fixed a small jitter with the worcam when zooming in or out.
    - Slightly improved the performance of the environments.
    - Fixed a bug where the camera would tilt slightly if the player turned around quickly while standing still.
    - Improved the kneel reload animation with short rifles.
    - Tweaked the lighting slightly and enabled eye adaptation.
    - Improved the vaulting animation in both 1st person and 3rd person.
    - Players are now able to vault immediately after sprinting without having to wait for the soldier to shoulder the weapon.
    - Hopefully fixed the issue where players are able to spawn with an enemy player model.

    February 22nd - Update 97 Released!

    - Reduced the amount of crashes when joining a server. With our recent internal testing, joining server roughly 100 times, the previous build would crash roughly 20% of the times it joined a server. With the new build (this update), the amount of crashes have been reduced to around 5% or less. This data is while joining an empty server, but we are hopeful the statistic will also hold up when joining populated servers.
    - Tweaked initial smoke when firing weapons to be more similar to how real gunsmoke behaves.
    - Added LODs to all rifles, greatly reducing the amount of polygons in the scene, possibly improving your FPS depending on which graphics card you have.
    - Kneeled reloading with a long rifle is now more complete – it still needs a polish pass and new sounds.
    - Removed the "14" headattachment in 1st person while playing as the 14th Brooklyn.
    - Fixed the UI on the shooting range displaying inverted hitmarkers.
    - Fixed the boundaries on the Drill Camp not working, no more parachuting.
    - When clicking Respawn on the Drill Camp, the spawn selection UI will now instantly appear instead of having you die and then showing you the loosing morale screen.
    - Character wounded sounds are now correctly muffled whenever a player dies.
    - Shadows on weapons have now been enabled, though it may be slightly buggy in some casse.
    - Minor character updates.
    - Music will now be playing while the ingame menu is open.

    February 13th - Update 96 Released!

    - Added 15th skirmish area to Antietam: Cooke’s Countercharge - After several hours with no reinforcements, Union General Greene is forced to withdraw from his salient in the West Woods. Confederate Colonel Cooke orders a countercharge towards Mumma Farm in response to the fleeing Federals.

    Cooke's Countercharge_1.jpgCooke's Countercharge_2.jpgCooke's Countercharge_3.jpg

    - Added 16th skirmish area to Antietam: Roulette Lane - The 3rd Arkansas and 27th North Carolina under Colonel Cooke find themselves on the flank of the Federals now in possession of the Sunken Road. The 1st Delaware and 14th Indiana are tasked with holding the rebels back at Roulette Lane.

    Roulette Lane.jpg

    - Fixed issues with aiming after sprinting.
    - The skirmish area info screen can now be toggled on and off by pressing F2.
    - Fixed a small camera snap when stopping to freelook.
    - Removed variuous character objects being visible in 1st person, mostly when freelooking.
    - Fixed a few crashes when joining a server.
    - Updated the 42nd Pennsylvania.
    - Tweaked the look of the trees, making light more visibly scatter through them at a distance.
    - Slightly improved server and client performance.
    - The skirmish area info screen now displays the overview map of the active skirmish area.
    - North Carolina sack coat added to some of the characters of the North Carolina regiments.
    - Fixed a few visual issues with the hardee hat and hair border line.
    - LOD updates for character attachments.

    February 5th - Update 95 Released!

    - Replaced several regiments on the skirmish areas with the newly created ones in order to properly represent the units that fought at the particular skirmish areas.
    - Improved the morale loss scaling algortihm depending on the amount of players on the server, resulting in skirmish areas lasting longer and allowing for more kills.
    - In Formation and Skirmishing now also improves stamina regeneration. In Formation gives an improvement of 50% where as Skirmishing gives an improvement of 25%.
    - Reduced headbobbing by 50%.
    - Added a victory jingle for the winning faction as the skirmish round ends.
    - The victory screen will now display how many players died In Formation, Skirmishing and Out of Line, instead of random numbers of Killed, Wounded and Missing.
    - Enabled character shadows if the shadow setting is set to Very High.
    - The regiment selection UI no longer resets itself while the player is selecting a regiment/class after the victory screen has been shown.
    - Activating the text chat while the worcam is active, no longer makes T and Tab unresponsive.
    - Added new music to the Main Menu.
    - Added 32 new regiments:


    4th Alabama

    8th Alabama

    8th Florida

    1st Georgia

    18th Georgia

    20th Georgia

    6th Louisiana

    14th North Carolina

    2nd South Carolina

    3rd South Carolina

    17th South Carolina

    Holcombe Legion

    Palmetto Sharpshooters

    4th Texas

    5th Texas

    1st Virginia Cavalry

    13th Virginia

    30th Virginia


    1st Delaware

    14th Indiana

    7th Maine

    2nd Maryland

    15th Massachusetts

    7th Michigan

    20th New York

    51st New York

    28th Pennsylvania

    32nd Pennsylvania

    72nd Pennsylvania

    4th Rhode Island

    10th United States

    2nd Wisconsin

    January 31st - Update 94 Released!

    - Added 14th skirmish area to Antietam: Skirmish at East Woods. During the late afternoon of September 16th, General Hooker, by request of General McClellan took his corps across Antietam creek at the upper bridge in order to locate the rebel flank. At 1800 hours the 42nd PA and 3rd PA reserves were sent out in a skirmish formation to probe the East Woods for rebels. The skirmish that followed when Hood’s Texans engaged them lasted until dark at 2100 and would cause a few hundred casualties (among them the 42nd PA Colonel). While not often talked about, the evening skirmish before the battle early next morning was an important event as it alerted Lee as to the direction of the Union attack the next day and he would thus shift his army strength to counter Hooker in the morning at Hagerstown Turnpike and Miller’s Cornfield.

    frame000001.jpg frame000002 (2).jpg

    - Major rework of the Bloody Lane skirmish area to better reflect the area during the battle.
    - Most likely greatly optimized the smoke when theres 100 or more players on a server, greatly improving the FPS.
    - Improved the headbobbing algorithm resulting in smoother camera movements between movement speed transitions. The camera going crazy if you are standing idle while exhausted and getting shelled by the artillery should also no longer be a problem.
    - Material pass on most weapons.
    - Added zoauve specific hairstyles.
    - Fixed up hair issues under certain light conditions.
    - Replaced 12th SC on several skirmish areas. Expect major changes in available regiments soon.
    - Fixed the UI target on the shooting range of the Drill Camp.
    - Fixed your current regiment not being shown when pressing T.
    - Improved the third person revolver aim animations while kneeled.
    - Corpses will no longer have weapons that cant be picked up.

    January 26th - Update 93 Released!

    - Most likely fixed the sound stutter bug that occured on the 150 player stress test event.
    - Most likely fixed the bug where the voice chat stops working for all players.
    - Made the gunsmoke scatter more when a large formation fires, to reduce the tube look as it drifts with the wind.
    - Slightly increased the performance of the server and the clients.
    - Made the battle ambience on Antietam play inside the forests again.
    - Other players will now play sounds as they walk/run through water.
    - Made the Springfield M1842 more accurate when firing the round ball.

    January 20th - Update 92 Released!

    - Increased server player cap from 100-150. NOTE: This is very much a test meant to push our systems to their limits. Do not expect a stable and issue free experience. We may very well roll this back in the next update depending on the results we're getting.
    - Tweaked the wounded sounds. They now don't always trigger and their volume has been decreased as well.
    - Updated Burnside Bridge skirmish area vegetation to better match its real world counterpart in 1862.
    - Added a few UI fixes such as fixing the swapped factions on the tab screen.
    - Improved the performance of the smoke.
    - Added footstep sounds to the officer movement animations.
    - Switched to a new algorithm bending the trees and other vegetation objects in the wind.
    - Temporarily disabled the doors as we suspect they may be negatively affecting the performance of the server.
    - Reduced the likelyhood of players firing their rifle up in the air - If you dont see the enemy directly aim at you, there is very little chance that their bullet would actually hit you if they were to fire.

    January 17th - Update 91 Released!

    - Added first version of wounded sounds as well as melee attacking sounds to the game. The sounds include lots of different nasty ones when dying as well as some spoken words. This, initial, version of the wounded sounds include rebel spoken lines. The system will be expanded upon with several voice actors as well as more refined events for specific actions as the game develops.
    - Minor performance improvements on the server.
    - Fixed a bug where some players on occation could get a terrible FPS where their FPS normally would be fairly good.
    - Added limbers to all artillery batteries on Antietam.
    - Added Quicktime animation variations.

    January 10th - Update 90 Released!

    - Increased the amount of players on a server from 90 to 100.
    - Added 13th skirmish area: Nicodemus Hill. In this skirmish area, the Confederates are to defend Jackson's artillery positioned on Nicodemus Hill from the Union attacking from the direction of Miller farm. During the actual battle, Stuart had placed his horse artillery on the commanding viewpoint offered by Nicodemus Hill on the night prior to the main battle, and the commanding view allowed Washington’s, Chew’s, and Pelham’s batteries to offer devastating fire down the Union lines. It was by the sheer weight of numbers that Hooker’s I Corps was able to break the Confederate left, despite the fire from the hill which he ignored in favor of pushing to Dunkard Church. In this alternate scenario, we present the possibilities of what would have happened had Hooker diverted some of his attention to the lightly defended hill and attempted to silence Stuart’s horse artillery shortly after the fighting in the Miller cornfields.

    Nicodemus_Hill.jpg Nicodemus_Hill_1.jpg Nicodemus_Hill_2.jpg

    - Did a balance pass on the starting morale amount across most skirmish areas - specifically tweaked values where the Union has more advanced weaponry than the Confederates.
    - Increased the time it takes to capture the point on skirmish areas where the capture zone is very large, such as on Hookers Push and Millers Cornfield.
    - Tweaked the formation system so if you kneel while having the In Formation buff, you will then get the Skirmishing buff instead. This is done to provide an alternative to kneeling. Without this change - a bit of a slower reload while kneeling is in works as well, there is little incentive to stand up and fight when you can half your hitbox size by kneeling without much of a tradeoff in doing so.
    - The fence line at the Piper Farm capture area took some artillery hits and was severely damaged.
    - Major overhaul of the UI which should have reduced the amount of crashes related to the UI. Expect a few UI behavior bugs with this update.
    - Added WIP skirmish area information screen when spawning the first time on each new skirmishing round.
    - The correct death screen is now showing when the player gets killed while having the Skirmishing buff.
    - Improved the tab screen to display what your purpose is on the current skirmish area, Attack, Defend. It now displays the amount of players on each team along with a hopefully working scrolling feature.
    - While using the newly introduced worcam, when right clicking, the flags now appear much faster.
    - Added new Double Quick and Sprint animations with a revolver and with a sword.
    - Fixed a bug where if Dynamic Depth of Field got disabled, there would always be a bit of DOF in the background.
    - Removed the timer from the Ready stance which would force the player into Shoulder Arms if the player had been moving for more than 3 seconds. Now players can walk at the Ready indefinately although at a slower speed than when in shoulder arms.
    - Fixed an animation glitch in first person. When turning 180 degrees while sprinting, the character would put the rifle back to Shoulder Arms and then grab it again when the player gained speed.
    - Reduced the risk of bullets appearing to bounce off of fences. From our internal testing, it has only been a visual glitch. Bullets have always passed through the fence in the direction the projectile was fired.
    - The Dynamic Depth of Field effect will now activate very slowly and dissapear instantly if the player looks into the distance, this should get rid of the screen sometimes seeming to blur randomly for no reason.
    - Made the worcam able to better detect wether its inside of the skirmish area or not.
    - Added some extra effects to the desturated background when for example the spawn screen is showing.
    - Made the Historical Camera work again which allows you to take historical screenshots by pressing ""Print Sreen"" twice.
    - Fixed 2 rare crashes when joining a server (Other crashes when joining a server still remain).
    - Added a temporary fix for the 20th Maine / Union solders, spawning at the confederate side.
    - Made players lag less in the distance.

    December 29th - Update 89 Released!

    - Released the WoR-Cam for creating cinematic videos. To use it, press F9 once spawned. The focus of the camera is to provide a cinnematic tool more so than a spectating one. Because of this, the camera has a relatively high amount of inertia to counter sudden jarring mouse movements.

    Control the camera movement by your WASD keys and its direction by your mouse.

    Pan the camera left, right, up and down by holding the middle mouse button and move the mouse.

    Holding the left mouse button will change the camera field of view, effectively working as a zoom function.

    The right mouse button will spawn a faction flag at the location of each player to help locating them.

    Left control lowers the height of the camera and spacebar increases it.

    Scrolling up or down on the mousewheel will change the speed of the camera while holding shift will increase the camera speed for as long as it is pressed.

    - Made the Dynamic Depth of Field focus correctly when standing close to trees as well as made it react slightly faster to changes.
    - Hit sounds now correctly trigger again.
    - Placed 3 inch ordnance cannons throughout the battlefield. All positions and numbers of pieces are historically accurate. While not functioning yet, the cannons provide nice battlefield props which will be expanded upon with more assets as they are being completed.


    - Updates to character hair materials.

    December 25th - Hotfix

    - Fixed the camera issue when kneeling.

    December 23rd - Update 88 Released!

    - Increased the maximum amount of players on the servers from 80 to 90.
    - Made the capture zone reset when a new skirmish area starts.
    - Improved the Double Quick animations.
    - Fixed a crash related to the terrain.
    - Increased CSA morale on Hookers Push.
    - Updated the hair and eyes of the characters.

    December 17th - Update 87 Released!

    - Made the Drill Camp available again.
    - Limited the amount of Privates in 1st US Sharpshooters and 42nd Pennsylvania to 11.
    - Hooker's Push skirmish capture area size increased.
    - Added a dll file that would prevent the game from starting for some players if the file was not present on their computer.
    - A few potential crash fixes.
    - Fixed an animation glitch in 1P where the rifle would quickly jump in front of the camera when transitioning between Double Quick and Sprint
    - Adjusted the position of the rifle on screen while in Melee Mode with a bayonet attached.
    - Fixed an animation glitch in 3P while moving without a weapon.
    - Fixed the characters sometimes getting black eyes.

    December 15th - Update 86 CRYENGINE 5.4 Upgrade Released!

    - Introducing the 12th skirmish area of Antietam: Piper Farm. This skirmish area is inspired by the 7th Maine’s push past the bodies at the Bloody Lane, the Piper Cornfield and the apple orchard towards the farm buildings themselves, which had acted as headquarters for the Confederate Wing commander General Longstreet. At 1300 hours, whereas most of the fighting was taking place elsewhere on the battlefield, the brigade commander of the 7th Maine, Colonel Irwin, ordered the 7th alone to move forward against four Confederate brigades. The day after Antietam Irwin would be relieved of command while Major Hyde, the one which lead the attack, would be awarded the medal of honor in the 1890’s for his actions where an otherwise doomed regiment got out alive having lost 50 casualties of its 200-man regiment against the four confederate brigades defending Piper Farm.
    - Updated double quick animations (with several slight variations) when carrying a rifle.
    - Updated revolver aim, fire & moving while aiming animations.
    - Updated moving with a sword while in melee mode.
    - Trees and bushes have had an art pass with updated models, textures and billboards.
    - All uniforms have had a specular material pass which will result in clearer colors, a dark union blue uniform is now more consistently dark blue for instance.
    - Heavily reduced distance blur and used new anti-aliasing settings introduced in CRYENGINE 5.4. This change will drastically increase the overall sharpness of the game.
    - Several updates to the freelook system now means you’re able to use it to much greater effect while, for instance, reloading. No more odd angles!
    - Reduced the amount of time needed to go from at the ready to aiming by 0.5 seconds, resulting in faster aiming.
    - Fixed facial hair LOD’s using the wrong material.
    - Added several beech tree forested areas on the drill camp map.
    - Updates to several ground textures.
    - Added quartermaster wagon to the drill camps and a few other places.
    - Updated environment probe and time of day settings slightly.
    - Due to a newly introduced engine bug, we have had to replace the ghosting effect when low on stamina or suppressed with some other screen effects.
    - Increased the defending team’s starting morale slightly on most skirmish areas.
    - Removed “fort bush” from the Pry Ford skirmish capture area and heavily increased the defending team’s starting morale.
    - Recompiled the shader library. Expect to run into some compiling shaders the first one or two updates after the deployment until the library is back to its former self.
    - Fixed a crash related to a memory leak when viewing the player roster (TAB).
    - Fixed a ton of potential crashes.
    - Fixed the collision model on one of the broken fences that made it very difficult for players to get through.
    - Improved the performance of the collision meshes on the trees.
    - The servers are now able to startup much faster after a new update has been deployed.
    - Whenever the servers auto restart or a new update has been deployed, the time of day now automatically gets set to 6 in the morning.
    - Fixed a bug with the Union cavalry troops where if they had the sword equipped in melee mode and then switched back to the Sharps Carbine, they would be unable to get out of melee mode and fire their weapon.
    - Friendly fire is now enabled for melee attacks.
    - Improved revolver animations in first person.

    Known issues

    - The game will often not shut down as it should (this results in the game being at the "running" state on steam even though it's nowhere to be found. To fix this, open up the task manager and locate the game process running under the "details" tab.
    - While leaving a server works it is currently not possible to join another server before you've restarted the game. Joining another server will result in being stuck in a loading screen.- Drill camps are currently not available. They will be so in the near future.
    - Ambience audio areas are buggy - expect odd results every now and again.
    - Several camera animations need work after the engine upgrade.
    - Several decals throughout the game are buggy and will look off to you.
    - Character eyes & hair shaders are at times buggy resulting in some bad visuals.

    November 7th - Update 85 Released!

    - Added an additional skirmishing buff. It requires 3 players within 12 meters of each other in order to activate. The morale cost of the various buff states has changed slightly. If you die while In Formation, the morale cost is 20%, if you die while Skirmishing, the morale cost is 60%, if you die while Out of Line, the morale cost is 100%.The other effects of the skirmish buff are generally the same as the In Formation buff, they are just not as strong as strong. You can't have both types of buff at the same time. The In Formation buff takes priority if your formation allows for it. We are still to add the correct death screen when killed while skirmishing, right now it just displays the normal In Formation death screen.
    - Changed the way the ticket costs are calculated upon a death when theres below 20 players on a server resulting in matches lasting longer.
    - Minor updates to the Drill Camp.
    - Updates to the Mumma Farm scene of Antietam.

    November 4th - Update 84 Released!

    - Players will now be sliding less if moving very slowly.
    - The sun flare now deactivates as the sun sets, fixing the moon having a flare.
    - The time of day automatically gets set to 6 o clock in the morning as the servers do their daily restart or as an update has just been deployed.
    - Attempting to adjust sights on the Sharps Rifle or Sharps Carbine no longer causes aiming to not work.
    - Reduced CSA starting morale by 20% on the new Pry Grist Mill skirmish area.
    - Small fixes on the Pry Grist Mill skirmish area.
    - Replaced the old rocks on the Drill Camp with the newly added 3D scanned rocks.

    November 2nd - Update 83 Released!

    - Added Pry Grist Mill skirmish area. This area located on the northern part of the battlefield will have players battle it out across Little Antietam.


    - Improved server performance.
    - Improved player interpolation. Players will no longer jitter back and forth when trying to stop or stand still.
    - As each skirmish area starts. The artillery will now randomly pick between 4 strength states. Heavy, Medium, Low or none. This should make the artillery feel different on each skirmish area.
    - Morale for the attacking team has been increased by 20% and 30% for the defending team. The morale ratio for the defending team is now back to what it was before the formation buff system was introduced.
    - The clouds will no longer dissapear by setting the ingame "Smoke" setting to low. Clouds are now controlled by the "Shading" settings.
    - Updated the grass, making it look much more varied and natural while at the same time improving its performance.
    - The grass now casts shadows, resulting in a more contrasty look.
    - Fixed an issue with the Free Look system where the camera would suddenly appear in odd places.
    - Minor tweaks to freelook.
    - Added a 4 second delay before the formation buff deactivates, if you are no longer in a formation.
    - Fixed a few client crashes.
    - Added a particle effect when a bullet hits water.
    - Updated some of the visuals on the Drill Camp to correspond with their look on Antietam.

    October 28th - Update 82 Released!

    - Experimental feature to reduce CPU load on both clients and servers by delaying the update of distant players by X amount of frames based on their distance to the client.
    - Fixed a bug that caused the reload animation to be hidden if the player started reloading while sprinting.
    - Replaced the last old rocks on Antietam and some of them on the drill camp map.
    - Reduced artillery barrage shell amount by 20%.
    - Increased Miller's Cornfield skirmish area capture area size in an effort to bring a wider range of possible outcomes and tactics to the area.
    - Tweaks to the time of day settings around noon.
    - Updated melee movement animations for bayonetted weapons.
    - Fixed a server crash.

    October 23rd - Update 81 Released!

    - EXPERIMENTAL. The new player limit is 80 players. This new player count is highly experimental and lots of client crashes or server crashes may occur.
    - Increased server performance slightly.
    - Fixed some animation glitches.
    - Possible fix for dead bodies frozen in Shoulder Arms.
    - Added an impulse to players when they get hit, slightly pushing them in the direction the bullet was flying.
    - Fixed faction selection screen not disabling a locked faction, allowing you to select CSA but presenting you with Union regiments.
    - Increased the starting morale amount for both the defending and the attacking team by 30%.
    - Decreased point capture speed by 50%, giving defenders more time form up in a last effort to retake it instead of rushing in one at a time while being Out of Line.

    October 22nd - New experimental update released!

    - The new player limit is 80 players. The ingame server browser still displays that each server is capped at 64 players though that is false as you will eventually see it write 78/64. This new player count is highly experimental and lots of client crashes or server crashes may occur.
    - Increased server performance slightly.
    - Fixed some animation glitches.
    - Possible fix for dead bodies frozen Shoulder Arms.
    - Added an impulse to players when they get hit, slightly pushing them in the direction the bullet was flying.
    - Fixed faction selection screen not disabling a locked faction, allowing you to select CSA but presenting you with Union regiments.

    October 21st - Update 80 Released!

    - Dying while out of line now costs 4 times as much morale as dying while in formation.
    - Rebalanced all morale counts to reflect the new formation buff morale effects. Defending teams have had their starting morale count decreased by 75% while attacking teams have had their starting morale count decreased by 65% due to the fact that it is quite a bit easier to maintain a formation when being relatively stationary while defending. Players should expect the current balance changes to be very rough as such dramatic changes such as these will require play testing in order to fine tune.
    - Added death screens to show whether or not you were killed while being in formation or out of line.
    - Fixed aiming animation issue while being in melee mode with a bayonet attached.
    - Fixed animation loop issue of aiming while being in an emote stance.
    - Possible launch issue introduced in update 79 fixed.
    - Reorganized game files to allow for smaller download sizes of updates in the future.
    - Updates to 3D voice code.
    - Server code optimizations.
    - Added "Joining server" UI message.

    October 17th - Update 79 Released!

    - Formation buff bug fixes. should be reliably kicking in when intended now.
    - Switching active weapon, saber, carbine, pistol, as 4th PA Cavalry should now work more reliably.
    - Small server performance optimization introduced.
    - Reduced game size.
    - Initial fix for joining a full server - would previously give the user a black screen. It now returns the user to the server browser. A more elegant solution with proper UI messages will be added soon.
    - If the join server fails the main menu will be loaded instead of trapping the player in a black screen.

    October 14th - Update 78 Released!

    - Added 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry (dismounted). The 4th PA was used as dismounted skirmishers in support for other regular infantry regiments in the center (and some in the northern part) of Antietam during the battle. The 4th PA was quite heavily engaged throughout the day, losing its commander Colonel Childs to a cannonball during the fighting.
    - Added new skirmish area Pry Ford: This skirmish area represents one of the most north-eastern parts of the battlefield. Between Union commander McClellan's headquaters at P. Pry House and the S. Pry farm and grist mill at Little Antietam lies Pry Ford. The skirmish area itself offers a very open playing field with plenty of possibility of massing fire by lines.
    - Added M1859 Sharps carbine.
    - Added M1860 US Light Cavalry Saber
    - An icon in the lower right corner of the screen now pops up, indicating whether or not you have the formation buff (In Formation / Out of Line).
    - Fixed various bugs with the formation buff not enabling while in formation.
    - Banning should now be more persistent between server restarts until the ban is revoked.
    - Made capturing of the capture zone scale on the amount of players on the server. With a scarcely populated server, a max of 3 players can capture the zone at the same time. On a full server, 12 players can capture the zone at the same time, but the capture effect of each player is reduced, so get your men in that zone and capture it!
    - Added WIP improved melee movement animations.
    - Slightly increased player proxy to avoid some of the clipping issues presented in the last patch.

    4th_PA_1.jpg Pry_Ford.jpg

    October 6th - Update 77 Released!

    - Added first version of the formation buff system. This system (to be expanded upon in the future) is part of our ongoing efforts at making tight group play a viable strategy and, hopefully, eventually the norm in-game. In order for the formation buff to kick in - players will have to gather in a tight group or formation. The specific numbers of players required to activate the formation buff and the area covered by the formation buff will be tweaked upon during the next several updates. We will also soon display on the UI if you're "Out of Line" or "In Formation" to give you better feedback. If the formation buff is active you will recover faster from the effects of incoming artillery and gunshots. You will also get affected less by said effects. In the near future morale cost when dying will also be heavily reduced when being under the effect of the formation buff.
    - Added first version of our dynamic player speed system. This system is being built with the goal of easing general formation movements. Its initial version will check for player positions a few meters in front of you. If a player is detected, your speed (at quicktime or double quick) will be sped up slightly until you've cought up with the person in front of you. The system will also lower your speed if you're getting far too close to the person. In the future, we'll experiment with the possibility of tracking players to your sides in an effort to help with line movements also.
    - Reduced player collision area size, meaning tighter formations will be possible.
    - Added initial banning system. While not complete, we now have the option of banning offenders on our servers.
    - Aiming in melee animation transitions fixed.
    - Animation transition going from at the ready to charging improved.

    October 2nd - Update 76 Released!

    - Further tweaks to remote player interpolation, resulting in a smoother experience while playing on a stressed server.
    - Aiming will now cancel most transition animations, allowing the player to aim slightly faster when for example exiting the reload animation.
    - Other players should no longer grab their rifle repeatedly while at the double quick or sprinting.
    - Extended the loading screen all the way to the point when the player is able to select a faction as well as made the music play throughout the loading screen as well.
    - Fixed a bug causing the left hand to sometimes twitch in random directions when walking.
    - Fixed the officer sometimes pulling the revolver down while moving.
    - Fixed a slow blend bug while viewing an officer starting to walk with the sword.
    - Added descriptions for all playable regiments in the regimental/class selection menu.
    - Added fourth War of Rights track "1862" to the main menu.
    - Added the latest patch notes to the main menu.

    September 29th - Update 75 (released)

    - Made other players transition more naturally from idle to sprint.
    - If the player is sprinting while doing a sharp turn, causing the player to lose speed, it will no longer look like the player is sprinting in slowmotion.
    - Officer draw line by pressing Q has been reenabled.
    - Made the text chat activate and deactivate a little more reliably.
    - Updated strafing animations.
    - Tweaked server interpolation settings resulting in a more smooth experience during heavy server load instances.

    September 28th - Update 74 (released)

    Attachment 7411

    - The morale cost of each player death now depends on the amounts of players on the server. If the server is scarcely populated, you no longer have to kill roughly 200 enemy players in order to win the game by enemy team morale loss. For example, if the server has 64 players, the morale cost of a death is 100%, if the server has 32 players, the morale cost is 200% and so on.
    - Camera effects will now only trigger if you were actually hit by a minieball or a melee attack on the server. Previously they would sometimes trigger if you actually werent hit, and sometimes they wouldnt trigger, even though you got hit.
    - Reduced the blackness effect when getting stabbed by a bayonet.
    - Added a special WIP sound when yourself and other players gets shot in the head.
    - Blood pools from dead players will first spawn when the dead body is lying still, causing blood pools to always spawn underneath dead players.
    - Decal pass on the buildings of Antietam.
    - Added more destroyed sections of cornfield on various skirmish areas.
    - Updated the Slouch hats, giving them a more worn / out of shape look.
    - Improved the LODs for the equipment.
    - Fixed a crash immediately after pressing Join Game in the server browser.
    - Reduced the amount of force applied to a killed player in melee, reducing the amount the bodies are being pushed back.

    Known Issues

    - Pressing Q as an officer to draw a line is currently disabled until the crash fix is implemented.

    September 20th - Update 73 (released)

    - Added first version of a directional based melee system. When attacking you will always hit the center of where ever your screen is pointed at, making it possible to aim your hits.
    - Changed bayonet & sword stabs required to kill someone from 1 to 2 in order to bring the non vital areas being hit into the damage equation. It is the plan to replace this with a hitbox damage system that will determine whether the player requires 1 or 2 hits to take down (for instance torso, head = 1 hit to kill, legs, arms = 2 hits to kill) and thus bring in a higher amount of player skill to melee as well as a higher degree of uncertainty as to the outcome of the fight.
    - Added screen effects when the player gets hit by the bayonet or hit by a rifle swing. Additional sounds for the effects will be added in a future update.
    - When the player gets hit by a rifle swing, the amount of available stamina gets somewhat capped. When stabbed by the bayonet, the amount of available stamina gets severely limited.
    - While in melee mode with a bayonet attached, if the player starts aiming and left clicks just before being fully aimed, the player will no longer unintentionally thrust with the bayonet.
    - The player can now only move at the quicktime speed while thrusting the bayonet or swinging the rifle.
    - When reload or fix/unfix bayonet is cancelled, the player can immediately start moving, without having to wait for the soldier to shoulder arms.
    - The soldier no longer pulls the rifle up to the chest when double quicking in melee mode. While in melee mode with a bayonet attached, the bayonet is always pointing forwards.
    - Added a new sprint animation for the officer when wielding the sword, when not in melee mode.
    - Fixed an animation glitch when reloading a long arm rifle while kneeled, the rifle would spin 360 degrees. The fix will soon be applied to short arms as well.
    - Added footstep sounds when double quicking with a sword.
    - Possible fix for a potential crash when joining a server.
    - All screen effects and stamina related sounds now resets when respawning or a new skirmish area starts.

    Known issues

    - It is still not possible to melee attack through the gaps in a fence.

    September 17th - Update 72 (released)

    - Added a new spawn system eliminating the long lasting issue with spawning inside eachother and thus getting stuck.
    - Minor updates to Sherrick & Otto farm area.

    September 14th - Update 71 (released)

    - Added the 9th skirmish area: Sherrick & Otto Farms. This skirmish area features both Otto & Sherrick farms with the point of contention in between them. While no combat took place at the farms, they did have a centric role during the battle as they were located right between the lines of the two armies (in close proximity to Lower/Rohrback/Burnside Bridge). This resulted in them being looted (their civilian occupants having fled before the battle) by soldiers of both sides as well as eventually being used as hospitals after the battle as well as having many bodies buried on their grounds.


    Sherrick farm in-game and 4 days after the battle.


    Otto farm in-game


    Otto farm


    - Fixed the weapon bone spinning when starting and stopping strafing.
    - Made the blood from dead players a little brighter.
    - Tweaked the smoke column from the burning Mumma Farm.
    - Updated the look of the chat menu.
    - Updated the look of the player status in the lower right corner.
    - Added a new splash screen when starting War of Rights.
    - Added new player submitted images for the Main Menu background.
    - Fixed camp, bayonet and shooting range icons not working on the Drill Camp.

    September 10th - Update 70 (released)

    - Added an icon above the Form Line order given by the officer.
    - Increased the lifetime of the Form Line from 7 seconds to 20 seconds.
    - Fixed a crash on server join.
    - Further tweaked the Time of Day, making the lighting more natural.
    - Made the screen shake slightly when players close to you get killed.
    - Attacking in melee mode consumes a little bit of stamina. If your attack also hits another player you will consume additional stamina.
    - Fixed a bug where the capture circle didnt automatically pop up if the point was being captured.
    - Fixed a bug where the compass didnt spin if the compass automatically popped up.
    - Fixed an animation glitch with the charge with bayonet animation.
    - Added the new rocks to the forest of the Drill Camp.

    September 4th - Update 69 (released)

    - Faction selection now correctly disables a faction if the faction is full.
    - Added inertia to the compass rotation.
    - Readded the cock hammer sound when entering Ready.
    - Fixed glitchy aiming while in doublequick with a bayonet fixed.
    - Fixed muzzleloader reload sound playing on the sharps rifle while doing kneeled reloading.
    - Added a bit of grass to the new destroyed parts of Millers Cornfield.
    - Fixed a reload issue with Revolvers and Rifles which caused the player to not being able to directly aim and fire after having reloaded.
    - Fixed a bug which caused the player to exit Ready if moving left, right or backwards while at the DoubleQuick. Now the player only immediately exits ready if moving forward at the DoubleQuick or Charging.
    - Fixed known audio issue from patch 68 where gunshot sounds didn't echo in the environment.

    September 2nd - Update 68 (released)

    - Added new skirmish area: Miller's Cornfield: An hour after the early morning actions of General Hooker and his division near the Miller farmstead, the damaged cornfield was subjected to a new infusion of blood to its soil, this time from the men of Hood's Confederate division. While at first successful in their attempt to take the cornfield back, a withering fire from several sides mean that terrible casualties are wrought.


    - Added destroyed cornstalks for Millers Cornfield.
    - Removed a bit of the fence at the CSA side of Burnside Bridge.
    - When pressing A or D, instead of having the character walking to the left or to the right, the character will now walk sideways in the desired direction (Though they do still have a few issues with the rifle twitching for a splitsecond, which will be fixed soon). This greatly reduces animation twitching. After strafing for 3 seconds, the character will twist their whole body and walk left or right to make strafing for longer periods look more natural.
    - Added better WIP movement animations while at the Ready.
    - Minieballs being fired were too large, their size have been reduced to better fit the size of the muzzle they were fired from. This is purely a visual change and doesnt affect hit mechanics.
    - Readded bullet trails.
    - Made the artillery explosion particle effects seem more violent to better fit with the new shell fragment whizz sounds.
    - Reduced various crashes when joining a server (though some still persist).
    - Fixed a bug which caused the ambience sounds to play at 10% the volume they were supposed to play at.
    - Tweaked the level lighting during the night, morning and evening hours.

    Known issues

    - Gunshot sounds have been reset to how they previously sounded.
    - Work in progress strafing & ready movement animations - expect rifle glitches.

    August 22nd - Update 67 (released)

    - Fixed invisible players.
    - Fixed a potential server crash.
    - Time left as well as the new morale system, will automatically show up if either is critically low.
    - The capture circle will now automatically pop up as soon as the attacking team is in the process of capturing the area.
    - Added partial cover to the Union spawn point at Hagerstown Turnpike.
    - Made the night and morning a lot more foggy and awesome.
    - Further increased the amount of fog in Millers Cornfield.

    Known issues
    - Dynamic Depth of Field currently not working.

    August 19th - Update 66 (released)

    - New skirmish area introduced: East Woods. This skirmish area is part of Confederate General Hood’s counterattack into Miller’s Cornfield and the East Woods in the early morning hours of the battle.The push would push the advancing Union forces back through East Woods & Miller’s Cornfield before stagnating due to heavy losses by the flanks. This skirmish area marks the first time the Union is on the defensive.



    - Introduced regimental & class limitations. Two regiments per side per skirmish area will now be available with limited class slots: 1 officer, 2 NCO’s & 1 flag bearer available per regiment. This system will eventually include rank selection & weapon limitations in a regiment based on a percentage (50% P53 Enfields & 50% Springfield 1861’s for instance).
    - Introduction of morale states: combat ready, engaged, taking losses and breaking to replace tickets. This change masks the exact status of the two teams and lays the foundation of several morale-centric mechanics to be implemented in the future.


    - Added morning fog in Miller’s Cornfield & East Woods.
    - Tweaks to smoke - less bright against the sun.
    - Tweaks to time of day.
    - Several LOD updates to characters.
    - Increased CSA morale by 25 at bloody lane.
    - Added more loading screenshots.
    - Added the correct overview maps of the current active skirmish area in the deploy menu screen.
    - Added preliminary casualty reports in the victory/defeat screen.
    - Added numbers next to the regiments, indicating the amount of players in each regiment.
    - Added several new ground textures (such as muddy patches in the drill camps).
    - Updated most of the rocks (they were in dire need of an overhaul).
    - Increased the speed of the animation of thrusting the bayonet & entering melee mode with no bayonet attached to make it feel more natural. Delay between melee attacks is unchanged.
    - Added movement animations while aiming with a rifle.
    - Added revolver aim idle animation.
    - Fixed an animation issue where other players would drop their rifle to their knees when moving while being at the ready.
    -Tweaks to artillery shrapnel whizzes to make them feel more “3D” (the sensation of chunks of metal flying past your head).
    - Gunshots resonate more in the environment.
    - Added first person & third person fire sounds.

    Known issues

    - Ambient sounds don’t work as intended.
    - Character models sometimes fail to render.

    July 25th - Update 65 (released)

    - Renamed 9th Lousiana Zouaves to just 9th Lousiana which is the regiment they are.
    - Tweaked the sky during the sunrise/sunset.
    - Fixed a bug from yesterdays patch which sometimes caused players to spawn at the wrong skirmish area.

    July 24th - Update 64 (released)

    Sixth skirmish area: Hagerstown Turnpike The next skirmish area up for release is the continuation of the 5th skirmish area to be released, Union General Hooker’s push down through the cornfield in the morning hours of September, 17th, starting the Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg. Upon leaving Miller’s Cornfield, the Union regiments 2nd United States Sharpshooters, and the 6th & 2nd Wisconsin attacked the Confederates (Starke & Taliaferro Brigades, of Jackson’s Division) consisting of Louisiana & Virginia regiments, who were defending the Hagerstown Turnpike, a road running next to the cornfield. Its fenced in sides and the road itself functioned as a clear line between Jackson’s forces located in the West Woods and Hooker’s just south of the cornfield.

    The Hagerstown Turnpike skirmish area is an open battle area, fit for line battles. It’s a small area compared to some of our bigger areas and thus should ensure carnage and action from the start of the match until the end. The skirmish area will also mark the last time the Union is to be on the offensive for a while - we look forward to be seeing how well our Union players are at defending in the next skirmish areas to be released!


    - Added 9th Louisiana Zouave unit
    - Made the Union and Confederacy be on the same side on the compass and on the tab view.
    - Made the camera shake in more directions from artillery shell impacts
    - Cloud shadows are more accurate
    - Readjusted the colors and shading of most assets, resulting in a more natural look
    - Made the night time lighting slightly brighter so it's a bit easier to play if its daylight at your location.

    July 5th - Update 63 (released)

    - Added shrapnel whizz sound to artillery explosions.
    - Further tweaking to the Ambient Occlusion settings.
    - The character is now taking a smaller step when walking backwards while aiming.
    - Added a new tab menu which lists who's an what team as well as time left and tickets. The list can be scrolled with the mouse wheel.
    - Furnished Roulette & Rohrback farm houses

    June 20th - Update 62 (released)

    - Heavily reduced microstutter of other players on populated servers.
    - Extra tweaks to the Ambient Occlusion.
    - Reduced various animation glitches while other players were moving.
    - Slightly increased the speed at which a capture zone can be captured.

    June 19th - Update 61 (released)

    - Released the 5th skirmish area of Antietam: Hooker's Push. In the early morning hours of September 17, Union General Joseph Hooker pushed southwards with his 1 Corps, starting from the edge of North Woods, past the R. Miller Farm and through the Miller Cornfield only to be engaged south of it by defending Confederate General Ewell's Division at about 7 AM. This marked the beginning of the Battle of Antietam and it is the first skirmish area of a number of areas focused on the northern fighting of the battle (Hagerstown turnpike fighting and Miller's cornfield & East Woods CSA countercharges to be featured in several other skirmish areas).

    frame000004.jpg frame000006.jpg frame000009.jpg frame000010.jpg

    - Fixed a crash bug related to the capture area.
    - Added new aim animation while moving.
    - Improved the look of the Ambient Occlusion / Shadows.
    - Added the first batch of interior props to some of the buildings, it is still very much a work in progress.
    - Added a new type of very young trees, making the forests slightly more dense.
    - Improved the hair models.

    June 9th - Update 60 (released)

    - The camera should no longer suddenly snap 90 degrees upwards after having finished a melee attack or certain other actions.
    - Made the sword salute not clip through various hats.
    - Made the sword move a bit a in first person while saluting, allowing you to see more parts of the sword.
    - Enter Ready / Exit Ready, can be cancelled halfway through the animation by tapping the right mouse button again.
    - Improvements to the facial hair.
    - Reduced the distance at which the sound for bullet impacts travels.

    June 6th - Update 59 (released)

    - Added Fix/Unfix bayonet animations while kneeled.
    - Adjusted the way the artillery explosion sounds, change over distance.
    - Reduced the volume of the reload sounds from other players.
    - Made the blood pools look better in the shadows.
    - Added feedback sounds when stabbing players with the bayonet.
    - Fixed not being able to respawn on the Drill Camps.

    June 4th - Update 58 (released)

    - Drill Camp servers back up and running!

    June 3rd - Update 57 (released)

    - Updated reload sounds for muzzle loaders.
    - Updated explosion sounds.
    - Updated breathing sounds.
    - Various character material tweaks.
    - Various weapon material tweaks.
    - Fixed invisible CSA NCO bug.
    - Fixed a bug causing a high amount of screen blur whenever the Dynamic Depth of Field setting had been set to off.
    - Small tweaks to West Woods Skirmish area, Antietam.

    June 2nd - Update 56 (released)
    - Released 4th Skirmish area of Antietam: West Woods inspired by General Sedgwicks 1st Division push into the West Woods at 0930 hours.

    - Major overhaul of specular values resulting in a much more consistent visual look.
    - Fixed kneeled reload animation.
    - Overhauled a number of facial hair styles (rest to be completed later).
    - Reduced CSA tickets from 175-150 on Burnside Bridge skirmish area.
    - When you stop crouching, the character will now be at the Ready.
    - You can now walk for 2 seconds at the ready instead of the previous 1 second.
    - Aiming from Right Shoulder Shift will no longer result in the character playing the Enter Ready animation twice.

    May 31st - Update 55 (released)

    - Added time left and ticket information to the deployment screen.
    - The server browser now displays the maximum amount of players on each server.
    - Added auto kick functionality for team killing.
    - Improved the performance of the grass.
    - Tweaks to the hair and eyes of characters.
    - Reduced the amount of bloom making the rendered image seem sharper.
    - Tweaked the look of the clouds, and changed the overall lighting of the level resulting in a more natural look.
    - Fixed various animation glitches while aiming and cocking a revolver while kneeled.
    - Overhauled Kepis.

    May 25th - Update 54 (released)

    - The blood can now spawn on top of objects, such as burnside bridge.
    - Introduced a small delay between each melee attack so a single soldier cant stab an entire line of soldiers in the back in only a few seconds. Now you have to put a lot more effort into timing your attack properly, reducing the previous spamfest of melee combat.
    - When fixing/unfixing bayonet, the camera now looks slightly down towards the bayonet shieth.
    - Fix/Unfix bayonet can now be cancelled by hitting B again, as long as the bayonet hasnt been taken off/attached to the rifle.
    - The camera should be a lot more stable when using Free Look while reloading.
    - Most animations, except for kneel, reload, fix bayonet, will now automatically be cancelled whenever you enter Melee Mode or start aiming with the rifle.
    - Improved the recently added Officer salute with a sword.
    - Various other improvements to how animations are triggered.
    - The Colt M1847 Walker revolver have had its sound replaced with a much more beefy variant.
    - CSA tickets on Burnside Bridge increased from 125 to 175.
    - CSA tickets on Dunker Church increased from 125 to 150.
    - The Dynamic DOF system have in some causes bbeen overblurring the screen. This have occured if players have generally been looking slightly down in the ground while moving around, causing Dynamic DOF to focus on that particular point in the ground. This should no longer be an issue.
    - The restricted area for USA on Bloody Lane have been tweaked to no longer allow USA to come at the Confederates from behind, through the cornfield.

    May 23rd - Update 53 (released)

    - Possible fix for all players being dropped/crashing as a skirmish round ends.
    - Tweaks and improvements to the shading of flags.
    - Moved the confederate spawnpoints into the woods behind the capture zone on Burnside Bridge.
    - Fixed aiming bug if you started moving half a second after you had started aiming.
    - Improved Sub Surface Scattering on the faces of characters.
    - Made the battle shirt of union players whiter (less grey), to make it more obvious that this player is not a confederate.
    - Removed NCO insignias from a few Private player models.

    May 22th - Update 52 (released)

    - Experimental adjustment to the confederate playable area on the Burnside Bridge skirmish area.
    - Revolver aiming bug fixed.
    - Tweaks to ambient occlusion.
    - Minor updates to UI.
    - Added wip animation of officer salute with sword.

    May 19th - Update 51 (released)

    - Fixed regular server crashes.
    - If you are stunned by the artillery or a lot of gunfire, the volume of the voice chat will be slightly reduced.
    - If you get headshot and presented with a black screen. You will instantly be unable to hear the voice chat.
    - If you get gutshot, the voice chat will slowly reduce in volume.
    - Gunshots and bullet whizzes affects the desaturation of the screen as well as tinnitus, by 50% less.
    - The confederates have had their tickets reduced.
    - When joining a game in progress, the ticket count would display incorrectly (It would say your team had 250 tickets left, while it actually only had 149).
    - Capturing the objective is double as fast as before.
    - Corpses are easier on the performance while still having the same amount of them.
    - Aiming from Melee Mode and then stopping to aim will no longer put you into Ready, but rather back to Melee Mode.
    - Quick Time or Double Quick is no longer constantly displayed in the UI.
    - The text chat is easier to use while the objective is being captured.
    - Possible fix on the victory screen, showing the proper winner for all players.
    - The reload animation in first person should no longer glitch, causing you to be able to rotate the character with the mouse.
    - Fixed a server crash related to bayonets being fixed/unfixed.
    - Fixed aiming with the revolver while reloading.
    - Bayonet thrust sound, no longer players globally (it sounded a bit like men marching).
    - Fixed branch color clipping on the Shell Jacket.
    - Human skin color tones tweaked slightly.

    May 18th - Update 50 (released)

    - Skirmishes released:

    March 26th - Update 49 (released)

    - Added LeMat revolver to CSA officers (press 2 to change to buckshot (no animation for this yet)).
    - Updated officer frock coats.
    - Updated sack coats.
    - Character material adjustments.
    - Updated global illumination & screen space directional occlusion settings.
    - Altered glass material settings in order to avoid players shooting glass crashing the server.

    March 18th - Update 48 (released)

    - Characters produce sounds when hit by bullets and when vaulting over fences, you can currently only hear yourself doing it.
    - Readded breathing sounds when low on stamina. Still work in progress.
    - Fixed wierd revolver animation while moving.
    - Firing buck and ball ammunition, only affects the screen effects and tinitus as 1 shot, previously it counted as 4 shots.
    - There is a greater chance now that if the game does crash, it wont kill your entire computer, forcing you to reboot.
    - Forum moderators can now also kick players on official WoR servers as well as change the time of day.

    March 15th - Update 47 (released)

    - Readded blood effects and sounds when players gets hit.
    - Tweaked the lighting a bit, making it look slightly more natural with less blue fog.
    - Fixed an issue with 1st Texas.

    March 11th - Update 46 (released)

    - Reloading while moving no longer causes an animation glitch.
    - 1st Texas have been re-added.
    - Fixed an issue where 114th Pennsylvania were spawning with the Sharps Rifle.
    - Fixed an issue where 1st North Carolina were spawning as 2nd Mississippi.
    - When aiming continuously for a long time, the character will struggle to aim by the weight of the weapon.
    - The amount of noise needed for tinnitus to kick in has been increased.
    - The voice chat may be more reliable in this build.
    - Inscreased rifle repositioning time following a discharge.

    Video showcasing the weight of the weapon pulling the sights off target when aiming for long periods of time without compensating for the pull using the mouse.

    March 9th - Update 45 (released)

    - This build contains some changes which is supposed to greatly reduce crashes when joining a server.
    - Flags will no longer reset their animation and appear static.
    - Improved salute, enter kneel and kneel aim animations.
    - Other players can now see in which direction you are looking when you are in Melee Mode without bayonet, kneel idle, inplace rest and parade rest.
    - Introduced flinching when bullets pass by & when being close to weapons discharging.
    - New sound when swinging the rifle.
    - Temporarily removed telegraph wires and bayonet drill sandbags from the drill camp.
    - Updated officer frock coats.
    - This build also contains some currently disabled features for the upcoming Skirmish release.

    February 13th - Update 44 (released)

    - Fixed the fully automatic Springfield M1861

    February 11th - Update 43 (released)

    - Improved the reload animation of the Sharps Rifle.
    - The muzzle velocities of weapons is now based on historical figures.
    - The Springfield M1842 now has a Buck and Ball ammunition option (Can be toggled by pressing 2, it will be active after the next reload).
    - The bullet that is fired out of the weapons which you may get a glimpse of if you are fired upon, now actually looks like the type of ammo the weapon is firing. So a Springfield M1861 fires a miniéball, a revolver fires a pistolball, a Whitworth fires a hexagonal bullet and a Springfield M1842, loaded with Buck and Ball, fires multiple balls.
    - Fixed an issue where officers couldnt select their revolver.
    - Added updated frock coats for Privates and NCO's - Officers to follow.

    Known issues
    - The shooting range doesnt display the Buck and Ball shot, properly

    February 6th - Update 42 (released)

    - Optimized character models which should result in a significant performance increase with many characters on the screen.
    - Fixed an issue where rifles could sometimes, not be reloaded.

    February 3rd - Update 41 (released)

    - First person reload while kneeled has been improved.
    - Starting to aim immediately after a reload, now looks better.
    - Starting to aim when entering/exiting melee mode looks better.
    - Added ready stance idle animation.
    - It is now possible to move around at the Ready stance. But if you do it for more than 1 second at a time, the character will automatically enter Shoulder Arms.
    - When aiming while moving, the rifle will sway a little extra make it more difficult to aim.
    - Added arms & weapon animations while freelooking.
    - Vegetation has recieved a major improvement in terms of performance and you should see a raise between 2-10 fps depending on your hardware configuration, the direction you look and where you are.

    February 1st - Update 40 (released)

    - Fixed a glitch in the new melee mode with no bayonet attached where the player might hold the weapon behind his head.
    - The kneel reload animations have been improved.
    - New leg/feet animations for movement in meleemode.
    - Added extra dirty trouser variants.
    - Fixed an issue where the character might attempt to attach the wrong bayonet type onto the rifle.
    - Written chat messages can now contain 196 characters instead of the previous 128 characters.
    - Fixed a rare crash when starting to aim with the weapon.
    - Possible fix for an issue where the fps could sometimes drop to about 20% of what you usually would get.

    Known issues
    - Joining a server may cause the game to crash. There is a good chance that if you try joining it enough times, you will eventually get in. We are currently working on a fix.

    January 29th - Update 39 (released)

    - Reduced the crashes when joining a server
    - The bayonet now gets fixed properly for other players
    - Fixed an issue where the weapon would sit incorrectly in the hand

    January 28th - Update 38 (released)

    - Upgraded to CRYENGINE 5.3 which should result in a more stable game. Full CRYENGINE 5.3 patchnotes at:
    - Updated revolvers: Colt 1847 Walker, 1849 Pocket, 1851 Navy & 1860 Army models and textures.
    - Introduced a gameplay options tab containing FOV slider, mouse sensitivity & dynamic depth of field option.
    - Updated the background of the menu with screenshots of the technical alpha (if you want a chance of having your screenshot featured in a future update, please make sure to submit your greatest screenshots over at: ) as well as added two additional tracks to randomly be played.
    - Began updating uniforms using a newly acquired cloth creation tool as well as adding a dirt layer on the various pieces of uniforms as they get updated (in an effort to get a more ragged/dirty looking rebel army). First updated uniform pieces are the shell jackets.


    - Added dirty variants of trousers.
    - Reverted drill camp map back to late summer edition.
    - Added new bullet impact decals on wood surface types.
    - Sound updates to soldier equipment when moving.
    - Added alternative melee stance. When no bayonet is attached the soildier will use his weapon as a club while in melee mode (Placeholder sounds).
    - Added new charge/sprint animations for normal mode & melee mode.
    - Dynamic depth of field adapts faster now when changing focus (if still not agreeable to you, it can be disabled in the gameplay options menu section).
    - Cloud movement made more realistic. Now, clouds will form and dissolve over time - this effect is most noticeable if you create a sped-up timelapse.
    - Blurry terrain texture error fixed.

    Known issues
    - Expect new and exciting bugs as this update includes an engine upgrade. In order to report bugs, please visit: . If you experience crashing we urge you to utilize our online error reporting tool at:
    - Global illumination might bug out from time to time, causing shadowy squares/sections of the map that ought not to be in the shadow.
    - Touch bending in use by certain vegetation objects (such as cornstalks) is currently not working.
    - Terrain occlusion culling is currently not working as intended. It is leaving big, unrendered patches of the terrain when you move the camera at a fast rate.

    December 15th - Update 37 (released)

    - Drill Camp Winter Edition released!:

    December 13th - Update 36 (released)

    - Voice chat works again
    - Improved the transitions between all animations and emotes

    December 12th - Update 35 (released)

    - Replaced the soldier icon with text that pops up each time you activate an action. Press T to temporarily activate the overview. An example of it can be seen above. It should also be much more reliable than the previous icon.
    - Sometimes, players may have entered a state where they kept changing animations every frame which were very costly on the fps. This should no longer happen.
    - When the player switched to the Inspector Camera or respawned and the camera faded to black, it would sometimes be the case that the camera wouldnt fade back in again. This is fixed.
    - The backpacks for both sides have recieved some updates to their LODs.

    December 10th - Update 34 (released)

    - The shaders you've sent in over the last few days are included in this build so new players dont have to compile those shaders, causing their game to freeze while they are being compiled.
    - Sometimes characters would be changing animations all the time causing the game to lag. Most of those cases have been removed, improving performance.
    - If you dropped a loaded weapon and picked it up again, you wouldnt be able to aim it right away. Now you can aim it immediately after it's been picked up.
    - Fixed an issue where picking up a weapon with a bayonet attached would cause the weapon model to dissapear from your hands.
    - Attacking in melee mode works again.

    December 8th - Update 33 (released)

    With this build, we've started compiling our own shaders for the game which in the near future will greatly reduce stuttering. With this build it may already be running more smoothly for some of you. For others it may run worse. You should also expect loading times to be a little longer with this build. But the more people we get to try the game with this build, the better the next build will be. This should make it so that if somebody spawns as a flag bearer or any other class, the game shouldnt stutter for x amount of seconds at all and in general improve the game experience.

    - Freelook camera moves in a more realistic way in first person
    - New playable units, 5th Virginia and 8th Ohio
    - Extra variations to characters
    - The camera will no longer tilt while turning when just moving at the Quicktime speed
    - Reduced headbobbing a little while moving
    - Muzzleloaders can now be dropped on the ground by pressing J and will make the player change to a new unarmed animation set (muzzleloaders can be picked up again by pressing F)
    - Both the servers and the clients should have improved performance when there's 30+ players on at the same time

    November 28th - Update 32 (released)

    - Dynamic Depth of Field no longer affects the camera when using the Inspection Mode.
    - Dynamic Depth of Field will now only focus on other players if you are aiming at them.
    - There may be less lag on the server with player numbers above 32.

    November 25th - Update 31 (released)

    - Camera will tilt slightly when turning the character while moving.
    - When using the Inspection Mode, your character will no longer seem to be turning around for other players when moving the camera.
    - Sometimes after using Inspection Mode, the character would enter an A pose in first person. This no longer happens.
    - If you dry fire the weapon. The hammer will now strike the nipple instead of just doing nothing (the sound effect is very much a placeholder though).
    - The ingame menu now more closely resembles the main menu.
    - The dynamic depth of field is now a little more forgiving and will only start focusing on objects if they are really close to you.
    - Your surroundings gets blurred when reloading a rifle.
    - We've added a focus blur effect when aiming your weapon.
    - The players now has some acceleration to them when starting to move. if you start running or charging, you wont just instantly hit top speed. If you start turning while moving, you will lose speed depending on how much you are turning.
    - Added battleshirts on characters.
    - Added an extra medium sized tree variant.

    Known issues
    - The serverbrowser while ingame doesnt work

    November 16th - Update 30 (released)

    - Muzzleloaders on the ground can now be picked up by Privates by pressing F.
    - All weapons except for revolvers will be spawned unloaded, so in order to fire, you have to first load your weapon.
    - Grass have been tweaked.
    - Tweaks to eyes and hair.
    - Voice chat gets muted more quickly, but still have a total radius of 50 meters.
    - You can no longer use Free Look if the 3rd person camera is active.
    - The Time of Day near sunset and sunrise have been tweaked.
    - A link for the new Error Reporter has been added in the root of the War of Rights installation folder.

    November 12th - Update 29 (released)

    - Fixed a number of animations errors (more reliable kneel reloads & cleaner view when charging in melee mode)
    - Gave all officers their swords back
    - Smoothed out head movement when freelooking
    - Updates to weapon physics (in preparation for Skirmishes)

    November 7th - Update 28 (released)

    - Made the smoke a little bit more blue to better represent real gun smoke.
    - The gun smoke of the Remington revolver was being fired in the wrong direction.
    - Fixed a bug where you could get into the ready stance while moving.
    - The voice chat volume should adjust a little bit more realistically to distance.
    - Fixed various potential crash bugs.

    November 6th - Update 27 (released)

    - Added updated P53 Enfield Rifle model
    - Tweaks to envrionment sound levels
    - Character head & hand material tweaks
    - Tweaked falloff distance of voice chat

    November 5th - Update 26 (released)

    - Voice chat travel distance increased from 20 to 50 meters.
    - Weapon smoke spawns more reliably.

    November 4th - Update 25 (released)

    - Starting to aim just as the character is stopping to aim, will no longer trigger the enter ready pose multiple times.
    - When other players starts aiming from shoulder arms, they will now correctly cock the hammer before aiming.
    - First version of new Stamina System, including screen effects and stamina affects the aimsway.
    - You can now see where other players are free looking.
    - Updates to hair materials.
    - Reloading while kneeled with a short rifle, works better.
    - Improved shader for clouds.
    - The smoke from gunshots should work more reliably and be more visible.

    Known issues
    - Head animations are currently stuttering when free looking.

    October 31st - Update 24 (released)

    - Added inspection mode, an orbiting camera around the character of the player (press F4 to engage).
    - Minor animation fixes.
    - Minor material tweaks.
    - Level tweaks.
    - Fixed 3D voice chat.
    - Added precahced shaders, eliminating most of the load issues for new users.

    Known issues
    - Inspection mode will not currently show weapon attachments such as bayonets or ramrods.
    - Some ambient sounds are missing in inspection mode.

    October 28th - Update 23 (released)

    - Fixed some officers are currently missing their sidearms
    - Fixed firing a revolver will currently kick in blurred vision. Change to a rifle user and reload said rifle to fix the issue.
    - Fixed serialization issues with the triggers of depth of field while reloading (reloading can cause the vision of other players to be blurred).
    - Fixed minor character gear LOD issue
    - Weapon particles are no longer affected strangely by the time of day (no more black smoke)
    - Minor character material tweaks
    - Restructured gamefiles allowing for much smaller sized updates going forward (no more having to redownload most of the game data each time there is an update)

    Known issues
    - Weapon particles are not currently being spawned entirely and thus will appear thinner than they did before the CE5 upgrade

    October 27th - Update 22 (released)

    - Fixed cajun-dance bug
    - Added dynamic depth of field (can be disabled in options at a later date)
    - Fixed kneel reload of long muzzleloaders (short & sharps are yet to be fixed)
    - Footstep sounds & decals of other players now trigger correctly
    - Slight adjustments to the time of day
    - Small level tweaks
    - Added LOD's for new equipment

    Known issues
    - Some officers are currently missing their sidearms
    - Firing a revolver will currently kick in blurred vision. Change to a rifle user and reload said rifle to fix the issue.
    - Serialization issues with the triggers of depth of field while reloading (reloading can cause the vision of other players to be blurred).

    October 24th - Update 21 (released)

    - Fixed 3D voice broadcasting across servers
    - Bayonet now properly attaches to the Whitworth Rifle
    - Officers have gotten their revolvers back
    - Old-timey camera (print screen) is working correctly again
    - Fixed broken textures on structures
    - F2 button to cycle spawnpoints is now disabled

    October 22nd - Update 20 -CRYENGINE V Upgrade (released)


    • Upgraded to CRYENGINE V – for more in-depth information about its features, visit:
    • Using free look in windowed mode no longer activates the cursor
    • Starting to aim while stopping to sprint, no longer makes the character repeat entering the ready stance
    • The server browser now displays the amount of players on each server
    • Improved the 24 hour time of day cycle
    • New cloud system
    • Improved the cloth physics on the flags for better performance (experimental)
    • Flag poles on the Drill Camp have better cloth simulation
    • Nametags will now display the entire name
    • Longer procedural vegetation draw distance
      Various map updates

      • Footstep sounds on gravel
      • Bullet impact sounds on water, wood, thin metal, thick metal, vegetation and glass

      New Regiments

      • 1st United States Sharpshooters
      • 42nd Pennsylvania
      • 12th South Carolina
      • 14th Brooklyn
      • 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters
      • 9th New York
      • 1st Virginia Battallion

      New Weapons

      • Colt M1847 Walker
      • Colt M1849 Pocket
      • Colt M1851 Navy (New Model)
      • Colt M1860 Army
      • Whitworth rifle
      • Sharps M1859 new model percussion rifle

      New Animations

      • Salute
      • Order Arms
      • Parade Rest
      • In place Rest
      • Sharps rifle reload

      Known issues

      • Clouds can flicker
      • Sections of the ground sometimes loses its texture
      • Quitting the server will cause the game to crash
      • Server browser might be unreliable (not showing servers, to fix, restart game)
      • Touch bending is currently not working (vegetation doesn't react to players)
      • Expect a lot of new and interesting bugs introduced in this update as most systems have been affected by the engine upgrade
      • Sharps rifle occlusion culling issue
      • Old timey photographs currently not working
      • Stutter a few seconds after joining the server (at the spawn screen) due to global illumination kicking in
      • Broken textures for some of the camp equipment filler assets (due to equipment upgrades)
      • Global illumination not kicking correctly in for Sycamore tree variants

    August 7th - Update 19 (released)

    - Fixed a bug where it was possible to queue the Ready stance multiple times, having the character enter and exit, enter and exit.

    August 5th - Update 18 (released)

    - Distance shadows have been improved at virtually no performance cost.
    - Most of your reported issues with the animations and pressing certain keys during various animations have been fixed.
    - The Ready behavior has been improved.
    ---- If you start reloading from Shoulder Arms, the character will return to Shoulder Arms when finished.
    ---- If you start reloading from Ready, the character will return to Ready when finished.
    ---- If you start reloading from Shoulder Arms and you click the right mouse button during the reload, the character will then return to Ready when finished.
    ---- If you start reloading from Ready and you click the right mouse button during the reload, the character will then return to Shoulder Arms when finished.
    -------- In short, you can toggle on/off the Ready stance during the reload.

    August 4th - Update 17 (released)

    - New Ready stance (toggle on and off by clicking the right mouse button, hold to aim)
    - Better aim transitions from crouch and melee mode
    ---- For all rifles except for the Springfield M1861, aiming may be a little bit funky. Fixed in the next update.
    - Additional forage cap wearing styles
    - Mcdowell Cap
    - Improved footstep sounds
    - Experimental wind sound while charging
    - Additional level details near buildings

    July 31th - Update 16 (released)

    - Tweaks to the time of day cycle.
    - Fixed blue brogans on roads.
    - Added footstep sounds in water.
    - Character fixes & additions (new hair, fixes to LOD's (clipping, vertex normal), LOD's for hats).
    - Minor map collision fixes.
    - Upped the amount of smaller hills in the terrain.
    - Added easter egg.

    July 29th - Update 15 (released)

    - The loading screen is now displaying properly when joining the CSA server.
    - The sword swing sound has been adjusted.
    - The distance rifle sound has been improved.
    - The options menu is more reliable (vsync still doesnt work, most likely fixed in next build).
    - Starting the game in fullscreen should work properly.
    - You can now escape kneel by moving in any direction.
    - Voice chat should be more stable

    July 27th - Update 14 (released)

    - Some improvements to the characters.
    - When soldiers equiped with the Mississippi rifle fixes their bayonet. During the animation, they will now use the sword bayonet.
    - Depending on various circumstances, the framerate may have improved from everything between 1-10 fps.
    - A full time of day cycle now lasts 4 hours and the speed can be changed on the fly as we please.
    - The USA or CSA loading screen should now be displayed correctly, depending on which server you join.
    - The stance icon is more reliable.
    - Grass inside some of the buildings have been removed.

    July 25th - Update 13 (released)

    - Improved 24 hours time of day cycle
    - Improved solar flare
    - Mississippi rifle now has correct reload and fix bayonet animations
    - Fixed melee mode animation glitch
    - Stance icon is more reliable
    - Other animation improvements
    - More character variations
    - More facial hair
    - Improved select regiment UI screen
    - Improved options menu (more settings)
    - Select regiment and class screen now dissapears after respawn
    - More stable voice chat
    - Better performance on some settings
    - Imporved grass
    - Improved wheatfield
    - Added authentic camera feature (press "print screen")
    - Changed the look of the key bindings screen (F1)
    - Changed the movement behavior a bit. Now the only way to get out of DoubleQuick is to Press C again. Previously, if you started walking backwards, you would return to quicktime

    June 25th - Update 12 (released)

    - Fixed a few bugs the last patch introduced
    ------> Doors in buildings can be opened again
    ------> Push to talk deactivates when you release the button. In the last version, it remained active for good.
    ------> The Fix Bayonet animation now works properly

    June 24th - Update 11 (released)

    - It's now possible to rebind the keys. Only available from the main menu and the solution is very much a work in progress
    - While on the server, players can now respawn and select a new regiment and class
    - Graphics options as well as key bindings are now remembered when restarting the game.
    ------> There are currently some issues with the user interface if you start the game in full screen
    ------------> To temporarily fix it. Hit alt+enter twice. It will make the game windowed, and then it will make the game full screen again, where the buttons in the user interface will then be working.
    - Minor tweaks & fixes

    June 14th - Update 10 (released)

    - Readded Lorenz M1854 rifle
    - Minor tweaks & fixes
    - 3D voice is now affected by the head rotation when freelooking

    June 10th - Update 9 (released)

    - Some performance issues fixed
    - Added sway on the Springfield M1842

    June 9th - Update 8 (released)

    - Added first release of updated freelook system (several animation bugs present, expect odd results!)
    - Added Springfield M1855 rifle
    - Added Springfield M1842 musket
    - Added M1858 Remington revolver
    - Added distorted air trails after bullets
    - Added 1st Minnesota Regiment
    - Various animation system tweaks
    - Temporarily removed Lorenz M1854 rifle
    - Added some updated hairstyles & facial hairstyles

    June 5th - Update 7 (released)

    - Added vaulting (placeholder animations) - press spacebar to vault over fences.

    June 4th - Update 6 (released)

    - Readded the Lorenz Rifle to the 6th WI
    - Kneel reloading is more refined
    - Fixed some sound bugs
    - Fixed a crash bug in the Ingame Voicechat
    - Fixed some collision bugs in various buildings.
    - Other minor fixes

    June 3rd - Update 5

    - Updated Springfield M1861
    - Breathing sound while running
    - New hands and faces on characters
    - Other miscellaneous character fixes
    - Introduced kneel reload animation
    - Fixed 1st person view bugs while kneeling
    - Updated smoke (greatly reduced performance requirements)
    - Other minor fixes

    - Added an error log uploader! Please check the HOW TO here:

    May 30th - Update 4

    - The hammer is now seated properly when fired
    - Cartridge no longer clips through the barrel
    - A new cap gets put onto the rifle during reload now
    - Some uniform adjustments
    - Some animation tweaks (fix bayonet and reload tweaked in third person)
    - Added NCO swords to NCOs
    - Right shoulder shift in first person now looks correct while using free look
    - Red glow in certain areas is gone
    - New sounds added (like revolver sounds)
    - Other minor fixes

    May 28th - Update 3

    - Added WIP fouling system for rifles
    - NCO's and Officers have sword and revolver now
    - Flagbearer animation fixed
    - fixed some movement control things
    - Added a new young face to all Private 1/NCO 1/Officer 1 (Middle and Old faces will be added in the next update)
    - Push to talk now works on both N and Caps Lock
    - Other minor things, to get a more stable version

    May 26th - Update 2

    - Fixed ingame voice communication
    - colt does no damage now, to avoid kills
    - Removed already attached Swordbayonet from the 114th PA. You can fix/unfix the sword bayonet now. Still no new animation for it - Mississippi reload missing as well.
    - a few changes to the first person aim animation
    - middle target at the shooting range at the rear works now
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    WOOOO! Details about minor fixes! Now this makes me happy!
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    It is amazing how fast the devs have been fixing these issues!!

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    Update 4 released!

    - 31 May.

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    And they keep fixing.

    Thank you so much. You guys are awesome!
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    Next update really needs:

    Ability to reload at Range (like the Revolver)

    Class selection screen (like not having to rejoin the server every time you want to do this)

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    Update #5 released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hinkel View Post
    June 3rd - Update 5 (released)
    - Added an error log uploader! Please check the HOW TO here:
    Need more information

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    After the secondary patch released, the smaller one. It made it so I can't even launch the game. Is it just me?

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