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July 10th - Update 158 Released!

- Released the next skirmish area of South Mountain: Anderson's Counterattack.

With but a few hours of daylight left the 9th and 89th New York along with Clark's Battery take up a defensive position on the northern side of Fox's Gap, defended by Garland's, now broken, Brigade earlier in the day. CSA Gen. G.B. Anderson, arriving with badly needed reinforcements to the remnants of the Confederate force, targets Clark's Battery and the two New York regiments for his counterattack.

Attachment 11119 Attachment 11120 Attachment 11121 Attachment 11122 Attachment 11123

- Fixed a couple of spawn related crashes.
- Fixed a bug where the flag bearer would be unable to respawn after having died.
- Fixed a bug where a player would sometimes spawn with no nametag and slowly just drift in a set direction out of the map.
- Fixed players appearing at their corpse for a single frame when respawning.
- Fixed the UI partly locking up if the player presses Tab while typing in the chat.
- Added several exclusion areas to Harpers Ferry, fixing players sometimes spawning inside the town houses there.
- Added an animation for when players pick up the flag from the ground.
- Various minor character material and uniform updates.
- Added stacked wheat bundles to the whatfields of Fox's Gap, South Mountain.
- Updated the farmer wagon model and texture.
There seem to be a lot of cannons in the screenshots. Is this a hint at future attractions?