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Thread: War of Rights - Patch Notes

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    I need to hit the deck to make sense

    Now to allow players to lay prone like in real life. To take cover from arty, ambush, waiting for orders, etc.
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    To Win - Not To Fight

    I had posted years ago an idea for a map expansion. Since I know you are open minded about the DEV, being such an epic project I suppose you need to be, so let me offer a few educated suggestions. I was reading Civil War History when I was 12. My mom worked at Stanford and I had access to the original Civil War Diaries that were printed in book form. My mom check them out five at a time for two years. By the age of 14 I was giving class lectures in the 8th Grade on The Civil War. Let me give you my best ideas based upon knowing what the Diaries said.

    1) Riverboats were the deep space vehicles of the time. Control of waterways was always critical. Heavy supplies had to arrive by water. Horses could not pull the heaviest loads on dirt trails that a riverboat could deliver with ease. The Union commandeered riverboats everywhere they went due to their real value in logistics and troop movements. Consider riverways that allow riverboats to be deployed, seized, armed, loaded with cannon, horses and troops. Build (and seize) ports as you move along the water. Taking waterways from the enemy, seizing all their boats was key to starving the South, as much as destruction of railroads that are better known simply because there were more witnesses to it taking place.

    2) BULWARKS TO DEFEND PORTS: Union would build serious Earthworks when occupying Rebel turf simply because those rednecks are insane and will come at you all hours of the day and night. You must live like you intend to stay there alive. A 'bulwark' option for Officers that works on a timer to build and costs tickets, perhaps just a few. Enemy can see bulwarks partially built, can rush, destroy, seize or finish those projects in real time at Union expense - with the seized supplies. The battles evolve into contests for control of key ground and waterway access. Starving the South was a Constrictive Campaign. Combat took place only when Rebels fought back. The Union was there to takeover - not have pissing matches. The Union fought only to win - not to fight.
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    Roads, Rivers, Harbors and Boats

    And another thing, the battles have a cycle like current game, a start and a finish. When creating the Waterway map, consider episodic battles (due to the larger scale of map) that are based upon the previous battle. They are merely the next day or the next week. A Waterways Campaign could involve a dozen battles up or down the Mississippi river or along the Eastern Seaboard. The CSA never could operate a waterways campaign in the North because the Union would throw 40 ships at them at one time. The CSA had no such naval power. So Union invades, seizes your boats, railyards and harbors. The only time you can slow them down is by attacking or destroying everything. Being able to burn a port down is as important as being able to build it. Same with riverboats and arty. A destruct command would be more realistic. Leave nothing of value to the enemy when you retreat or move on. The Union will fight for Railyards, harbors, forts and roads. I've explained why.

    WINNING CONDITIONS: The goal of the CSA is to cut off (or commandeer) your heavy supplies and troop movement capability. Maintain waterways control by way of completed bulwarks and harbor facilities with at least one riverboat for each harbor. When you can maintain a dozen (stringed) harbors as indicated you win the campaign. If not, campaign is ended with a score depending on how many 'safe harbors' are in your hands. Each timed game secures your holdings or renders them seized by the enemy. It is a war for the Economy, Transport, Logistics and Control.

    GAME OPTIONS: Consider 'Best out of 3' Games. Same map next week, repeat total of three times unless one team wins twice. The one with 2 and 1 (or 2-0) is entered as Winner of that battle stage of the Waterways Campaign.
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    Loot Command....

    To be able to restock ammo during prolonged firefights. Marksmanship is becoming a favorite attrition tactic.
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    I am having an issue where if I attempt to use voice chat my game crashes, is there a fix for this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jrweis1997 View Post
    I am having an issue where if I attempt to use voice chat my game crashes, is there a fix for this?
    Please use the Error Reporter,

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    Good screenshot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Johann GŁnderson View Post
    After the secondary patch released, the smaller one. It made it so I can't even launch the game. Is it just me?

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