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Thread: Welcome to the forum!

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    Hey, Just posting to say hi.

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    Hi - just joined - nice to meet ya'll rebel traitors.

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    Welcome to the both of you! Whether for the glorious Union or that other nasty place ;p, we are all here for ya! Hope you have fun!

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    In Maryland State Near to both Antietam and Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry et al.
    Yankee by birth ….. Southern by the Grace of GOD.

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    Hi all, looking forward to see you all on the battlefield and exchange some bullets!
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    Hello, long time lurker finally signed up to the forum. I must say gentlemen - really enjoying what you've done so far!

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    New member here hailing from Maryland.

    Also prior reenacting experience doing ACW and WW2.

    23rd Birney's Zouaves, 1st MD Artillery - ACW

    1st FallschirmPionier Btn, 52nd Soviet Guard, USCG Crew - WW2

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    i am fairly new but dont have not joined company is there a way to get password for these events?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adlerwar View Post
    i am fairly new but dont have not joined company is there a way to get password for these events?
    Join a company that goes to those events. If you're North American, 1st Texas plays every saturday and sunday in those locked events, if you want to join, add me on steam! [1stTX.F] Cpt. Safoo
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    Drill camps

    Drill camps. What's the secret about where the targets are or, why is it so hard to find them? For crying out loud, I just wanted to spend some free time practicing shooting and I went in three different drill camps all showing the firing range are west-ish of the camp, and I can't find any of them. Is it too much to ask that you have a firing range that doesn't take a compass,sextant and a Sherpa team to find? It shouldn't take all my stamina running around just wanting to practice shooting. I get you want immersion, but christ. Getting on my last grump, it is.

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