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    I was just wondering if there would be ballistics modeling for War of Rights? I just thought it would be interesting to shout AIM low boys cut them off at the Knees and actually have it mean something.

    For those who don't know that order was often given to those carrying the 1861 springfield due to the way its sights were designed. The 1861 was sighted in at 100 yards and if you flipped up the leaf sights you could zero to 300 and 500. As you know many skirmishes and full on engagements were fought within 50 yards, and in the heat of battle many soldiers would forget to flip their leaf sights down. (Even if you weren't using the leaf sights you would still over shoot if your target was within 100 yards.)So many officers during the war shouted aim low to combat this problem, especially during close engagements and ambush type situations.

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    It has been estimated that 10,000 rounds were fired for every casualty at the Battle of First Manassas and soldiers reported being pelted by falling pine cones having been shot out of the trees by the enemies bullets. A soldier stood about a one in three chance of being hit in any given battle.

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