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Thread: Commander and Commandos?

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    Commanders How would they command?, Would it be a trust system with maybe 10 people doing what he says or a ORDER where maybe YOU would lose maybe Morale, or a Few points if you didn't follow his command. How would it work as a commander would it be similar to M&B Warband with commands following separate category's or be a thing were he would have to trust you and talk.

    Would there be multiple Commanders with maybe less and less men in each squad or regiment, Like a Commander for Everyone who should hang back, lieutenant's Closer to the field and controlling Squads, And Sergeants who are in the field controlling maybe 10 or less guys. You could add alot more Ranks and people but I'm just asking how would being a Commander,Or Lesser, work?

    What if the Commander was abusive or wasn't up to your "Standards?" could you Revolt, Maybe you need at least 5 guys to revolt because it wouldn't be very fun if one guy just kept killing your commander.

    Communication, Would you just be able to sit back at camp and talk to other guys who are on the front line, Or realism with you having to use a Fire or lamps or Waving flags? Or possibly having a special role for a messenger to run back and forth.

    Either way these aren't really Questions about the game more about What you plan even just a simple Yeah Realism Communication or Yep multiple commanders.

    And do you plan on having a talk system where the softer your voice is the closer peeps gotta be to hear you, Imagine walking in the city Hearing footsteps "Hey Im Confederate" [Lies] Turns corner...

    Prisoners Would you be able to surrender or be able to be taken prisoner I would actually surrender just to see what people do, Alot of games do include a jail or place for prisoners but alot of people just kill you or The "Prisoner" Just runs away or COMBATLOGS Why.jpg...Definitely not talking about DayZ cum on@.jpg

    Ok talking about dayz lulokl.jpg Im sorrry I found how to upload pictures I am really sorry

    I Just read your new field report so must of this was already answered this does include alot of random of me ranting with some questions though.
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    I can't really go too much into detail as there are still some huge unknown factors we'll have to overcome first. The amount of commanders will be based on how many players we'll be able to support in one map. We've thought and talked about pretty much every point you mention, but as I said, it's too early to go into details. (I'm starting to sound like a broken record, lol!) I just don't want to spill the beans on something that isn't final at all yet.

    - Trusty

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