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Thread: Aiming Animation

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    Quote Originally Posted by A. P. Hill View Post
    My supposition for this topic seeing as how the main is based on not being able to have "depth perception" or "seeing the target down range" comes from the misguided perception that individual kill counts will be tallied and that certain shooters feel that if they can't clearly "zoom in" on a target that they may miss a counter. Fortunately, it has been stated by those that matter, that this game WILL NOT (initially, or ever maybe) consider individual kill counts, but rather will be scored on how well your company as a group does. Remember, this is because individualism during play will not be wholly acceptable, and if you do go off as an individual there will be penalties, and whose to say that perhaps your individual kill counts will not tally to the overall regimental kill if you're not in group?

    At no point did I ever mention individual Kill count in any of my arguments, rather practicality and playability (which believe it or not are the building blocks for any realism based Game) which I suppose makes me one that doesn't matter.

    I get it, people like authenticity and realism, but pixel hunting and staring at a screen are neither of these. When it gets to the point where it's more difficult to do things in a Game than it is in real life in the name of 'realism' it's probably something that's been taken too far.

    I'm not asking for anything drastic (a small amount of zoom for a brief period of time to aid long range shooting) and in all honesty I think it'll be a highly requested feature once larger scale testing/the Steam release come about.

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    Nice read A.P. Hill, I knew fouling would be modeled in-game but I forgot to even think about it lol.
    Is barrel heating going to be modeled in-game? Would be an interesting feature.
    Also, we need a way to clean our rifles if we survive and there is a lull in the fighting, I don't want to be shooting out of a fouled rifle since it's practically a smoothbore when it's in a fouled state.

    I had a black-powder Winchester rifle that had been sitting in my closet for years, well one day I decided to go out and shoot it but I found that I couldn't hit a target 15ft away lol. I took it home and found out there was a huge amount of fouling in the barrel, so I cleaned it and now it's good as new. (not sure why i mentioned this but my point is we need a way to clean our rifles at least a little bit in-between fighting.
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    Good post mate, thanks for the insight and response!

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