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Thread: 69th New York Infantry Regiment 'Fighting Sixty-Ninth' - Company H

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    69th New York Infantry Regiment 'Fighting Sixty-Ninth' - Company H

    Company History

    Motto: Gentle When Stroked; Fierce when Provoked

    The 69th Infantry Regiment is an infantry regiment of the United States Army. It is from New York City, part of the New York Army National Guard. It is known as the "Fighting Sixty-Ninth", a name said to have been given by Robert E. Lee during the Civil War. An Irish heritage unit, as the citation from poet Joyce Kilmer illustrates, this unit is also nicknamed the "Fighting Irish", immortalized in Joyce Kilmer's poem When the 69th Comes Home. Between 1917 and 1992 it was also designated as the 165th Infantry Regiment. It is headquartered at the 69th Regiment Armory in Manhattan.

    The regiment currently consists of a single light infantry battalion (1st Battalion, 69th Infantry Regiment) and is part of the 27th Infantry Brigade of the 42nd Infantry Division. Its history dates back to 1849, when it was created as the 9th Regiment New York State Militia, and A Company, 1/69 can trace roots back to the American Revolution. The regiment has seen combat in five wars: the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Iraq War and the Afghanistan War. It has also participated in 23 campaigns, so many that the staffs of its regimental colors are authorized to be one foot longer than normal to accommodate them all.


    Manassass, VA 1861

    Yorktown, VA 1862
    Antietam, MD 1862
    Fredericksburg, VA 1862
    Chancellorsville, VA 1863
    Gettysburg, PA 1863
    Petersburg, VA 1864
    Appomattox, VA 1865

    Want to Enlist?

    If you're interested in joining us, simply fill in the google form linked in below. You must choose an RP name that we can associate with yourself. Once accepted in you will be sent a invite to the company steam group and added to the roster below. All new members start as recruits but dont worry that will change once the company see's some action!

    We are a Semi-Realism Company! We are trying to keep true to ranks, Amount of NCOs/COs per amount of Enlisted and also formations. We wont however be following the more in depth parts of realism.




    First Lieutenant

    Second Lieutenant


    First Sergeant







    Company Commanders Steam:
    Cpt. Ryan O'Donoghue

    Company Second in Commands Steam:
    2ndLt. Joseph Gibson

    Company H

    Commissioned Officers
    - Captain Ryan O'Donoghue
    - 2nd Lieutenant Joseph Gibson
    Non-Commissioned Officers
    - Corporal Billy Guarnere

    Enlisted men
    - Volunteer Seamus Murphy
    - Volunteer Conall Domnall
    - Volunteer John Lennox
    - Volunteer Rick Brastly
    - Volunteer Thomas Ranger
    - Volunteer Robert Brown
    - Volunteer Callum Tully
    - Volunteer Jackson McClain
    - Volunteer Finnegan O'Connor
    - Volunteer James Birch
    - Volunteer Atticus Finch
    - Volunteer Thomas McMahon
    - Volunteer Reggie Lymington

    Company strength: 16
    - Officers - 2
    - NCOs - 0
    - Enlisted men - 10
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    Welcome. The 69th is getting bigger and bigger

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    Welcome! Best of luck to the Regiment!

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    I'd appreciate it if the correct credits were given for your roster format.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bravescot View Post
    I'd appreciate it if the correct credits were given for your roster format.
    Sorry i just told him to copy my thread xD

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    New York regiment number 69 is one of the most popular ones on the forum, I wonder why

    Anyway, best of luck!

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