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Thread: Welcome to the Role-Play board!

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    Welcome to the Role-Play board!

    This board is used for role-play communication between companies or groups. Feel free to share your after action reports as well!

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    Perfect. This is exactly the kind of supporting play that I want to see; we used to (on hold for the moment) run an online RAF Squadron within IL2 that was based upon roleplay and the filing of dispatches. Looking forward to participating here with the same vigour!

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    Hope we can build up a nice role-playing community for WoR. Can't wait for the after action reports!

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    Lets keep this page clean guys, try to only post action reports or something that has to do with your company.

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    Seeing as nobody has yet to post an After Action Report (AAR) hear it will be my pleasure to be the first.

    The following is an AAR (After Action Report) covering a drill conducted by the 5th Alabama, Company A and 15th South Carolina, Company C. under the command of Capt. Peursum.

    Drill: NA CSA 2:00 PM EST

    - 5th Alabama Company A
    - 15th South Carolina Company C

    Sadly a lot of people crashed multiple times.
    After the issue resolved itself, the company was formed into column and was marched to the north end of the Drill camp.

    Once Marched into an open field the company began to work on the following formations:
    - From column to line
    - From line to skirmish formation
    - From skirmish formation back to line

    Upon the completion of 2 iterations of the training we moved on to the next item on the schedual.

    The Second part was to work on communication and conduct a scenario (can be found on the drill schedule and website).


    Two platoons where made.

    1st platoon under guidance from Goad
    2nd platoon under guidance from Cpl. Alexander

    1st Sgt Martin & Chris Veasen took on the role of the enemy force. And also to view the attack from that point of view.

    1st platoon got the order to advance from the left side of the cornfield and maintained a suppresing fire on the enemy. This made the enemy focus mainly on that immediate threat.

    After 1st platoon opened fire 2nd platoon began their movement to the objective.

    2nd platoon advanced from the right side of the cornfield.


    Review first mission:

    Went pretty good we got some good advice from 1st Sgt Martin for 2nd platoon to even make a bigger circle to flank the enemy.
    Also the order to fix Bayonettes was adjusted to before the platoon arrived on the objective to save time.

    For 1st platoon is was mainly to keep an eye on 2nd platoon so to know when they need to shift fire off the objective so as to know risk hitting their own men. Which is a key job of the NCO to keep an eye on the other platoon to know when such command is needed.

    Review second mission:

    - Same scenario -

    1st platoon guidance from DogofSpades
    2nd Platoon Cpl. Alexander

    Went very well all the advice was taken and put to action.
    Super compliment to Cpl. Alexander I walked with 2nd platoon and a very clear voice and very clear commands. Smart thinking in using those fences for cover and find your next spot for cover and kept moving forward to pressure the enemy.


    Special thanks:

    Chris for carrying the colors while marching and special thanks for your role in the scenario.
    1st Sgt. Martin of course your guidance is always helpful and a pleasure!

    And everyone that was there that crashed so many time .. for example Sgt Rudate sorry man! :-)

    Coldstream your first drill even with the crashes and not having a mic you did great and happy to have you with us.


    Focus points next drills:

    - Communication:
    Between 1st and 2nd platoon
    Review moments during drill - use the comments for improvements - try it again
    - More combat orientated drills

    Captain Peursum
    5th Alabama Co. A
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