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Thread: Confederate National Gallery

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    Confederate Paintings Gallery

    What's that?

    I'd like to start first serious thread in this sub- forum: The National Gallery. Here you will be able to show your favourite civil war confederate paintings and discuss about paintings sent by the others. If you want to add your own image, use format added below:

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    Thomas Jackson at Cedar Mountain by Don Troiani

    "Nathan B. Forrest" by Don Troiani

    "The Diehards" by Don Troiani
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    Don Troiani makes great civil war paintings.
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    Lonestar by Don Troiani

    Heart of Texas by Mark Maritato

    The 1st Texas of Hood's Texas Brigade charges into Miller's Cornfield at Antietam, mad as hell, having been interrupted during their first breakfast in days and called to battle that morning. They slammed into men of the Iron Brigade and drove them through the cornfield. The 1st Texas reached the northern edge of the field where Anderson's Brigade of Meade's division was posted. They received fire from the several Pennsylvania regiments at their front and Campbell's Battery at their left.Though they fought like hell, they lost 186 of their 226 men in the cornfield. Their 82.2% casualty rate was one of the highest of the war.
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    Louisiana Tigers storm East Cemetery Hill. July 2, 1863

    Gettysburg by Keith Rocco

    2nd Louisiana Brigade fighting Iron Brigade at Hagerstown Pike at the Battle of Sharpsburg

    2nd Louisiana Brigade-Keith Rocco

    Band of Brothers by Don Troiani
    Jesse S. Crosby, 20th Georgia Infantry, July 15, 1861 - May 6, 1864

    Samuel T. McKenzie, 20th Georgia Infantry, July 15, 1861 - September 2, 1862

    Joseph C. McKenzie, 20th Georgia Infantry, July 15, 1861 - October 1, 1863

    Henry C. McKenzie, 3rd Georgia Infantry, June 1, 1861 - January 28, 1863

    Charles R. Beddingfield, 38th Alabama Infantry

    Samuel L. Cowart, Cobb's Legion

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    image coming soon!
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