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Thread: HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 2, 1862

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    HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, August 2, 1862

    The entire front page is a print showing African-Americans: "Cutting the Canal Opposite Vicksburg". Inside prints include: "View of The City of Vicksburg, Mississippi" "The City of Huntsville, Alabama" "The Battles Before Richmond--Ayers's Artillery (Smith's Division) Keeping the Rebels in Check at White Oak Swamp" "Major-General Dix" "Brigadier-General Couch" "Capture of the Rebel Gun-Boat 'Teaser' in the James River" "Rebel Batteries at Fort Powhatan on the James River, Firing on the Union Transport 'Daniel Webster' ".
    The doublepage centerfold has 2 nice prints: "The Army of the Potomac--General McClellan Arriving On the Bank of the James River" and "Transports Landing Reinforcements & Stores at Harrison's Landing on the James River". Other prints include: "California Joe, of the Beerdan Sharp-Shooters" with a related article; " 'McClellan Is Our Man'--Favorite Song of the Army of the Potomac" " "Presentation of a Flag to the 13th Connecticut Regiment by Loyal Ladies of New Orleans".
    The back page has 3 political cartoons including: "Quartering of the Enemy" & "Scene, Fifth Avenue". Complete in 16 pages.

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    The next one would have been on August 9, 1862

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhettVito View Post
    The next one would have been on August 9, 1862
    Rhett if you are going to be doing something like this please know how to use the forum properly and make it bigger. Like this version of the Harpers Weekly

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