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Thread: 6th Regiment of Cavalry "Fighting Sixth" Co. A & B (NA/EU)

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    6th Regiment of Cavalry "Fighting Sixth" Co. A & B (NA/EU)

    6th Regiment of Cavalry Battalion Co A. & B.

    About us:

    The 6th Cavalry will be a mounted rifle regiment of cavalry focused on supporting brigades and charging confederates on a daily basis. We will have several Squadrons per company specializing in different forms of mounted combat. Majority of the regiment will come from previous Napoleonic Wars players, Cheeky Persistant World shitheads, and Eternal Crusade Astartes. We will be attending events for WoR's when the times comes and we intend to field a force of cavalry between 40-80 horse on the battlefield. We will take battles seriously but not the entire war. Having fun is always important yet we will still have structure and discipline. Officers and NCO's will be chosen based on skill, and between now and game launch we will be switching leadership in and out until we find a good fit. Majority of our current leadership has held previous commands in numerous games, so we wont be short of experience.

    Civil War Regimental History

    The 6th U.S. Cavalry was organized in August 1861, where it took to the fields of the Eastern Theater as part of the Union Army of the Potomac. The regiment took part in sixteen major and minor campaigns and their related battles during the Civil War including; the 1862 Peninsula Campaign, battle of Antietam part of the Maryland Campaign, Campaign at Fredericksburg, the 1863 Second Battle of Winchester, Battle of Fairfield which were part of the Gettysburg Campaign, Chancellorsville (in Stoneman’s raid to the rear of Lee’s army), the 1864 The Wilderness, Siege of Petersburg, The Shenandoah Valley, Richmond Raid—also known as Sheridan's raid, Trevilian Station, the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House & the Battle of Cold Harbor part of the Overland Campaign and the final 1865 Appomattox Campaign.

    Battle of Fairfield

    During the Gettysburg Campaign, and overseen by larger events ongoing nearby, on 3 July 1863, Major Starr with 400 troopers dismounted his men in a field and an orchard on both sides of the road near Fairfield, Pennsylvania. Union troopers directed by their officers took up hasty defensive positions on this slight ridge. They threw back a mounted charge of the 7th Virginia Cavalry , just as Chew's Battery unlimbered and opened fire on the Federal cavalrymen. Supported by the 6th Virginia Cavalry, the 7th Virginia charged again, clearing Starr's force off the ridge and inflicting heavy losses. Jones, outnumbering the Union forces by at least 2 to 1, pursued the retreating Federals for three miles to the Fairfield Gap, but was unable to catch his quarry.

    "The fight made at Fairfield by this small regiment (6th U.S. Cavalry) against two of the crack brigades of Stuart's cavalry, which were endeavoring to get around the flank the Union army to attack the (supply) trains, was one of the most gallant in its history and no doubt helped influence the outcome the battle of Gettysburg. The efforts of these rebel brigades were frustrated and their entire strength neutralized for the day by the fierce onslaught of the small squadrons. The regiment was cut to pieces, but it fought so well that the squadrons were regarded as the advance of a large body of troops. The senior officer of those attacking CSA brigades was later adversely criticized for allowing his command to be delayed by such an inferior force. Had the regiment not made the desperate stand, the two brigades of Virginians might have caused grave injury in the Federal rear, before sufficient force could have been gathered in their front."
    Private George Crawford Platt, later Sergeant, an Irish immigrant serving in Troop H, was awarded the Medal of Honor on 12 July 1895, for his actions that day at Fairfield. His citation reads, "Seized the regimental flag upon the death of the standard bearer in a hand-to-hand fight and prevented it from falling into the hands of the enemy."
    His "commander," Lieutenant Carpenter, of Troop H, was one of only three officers of the 6th U.S. Cavalry to escape from the deadly melee at Fairfield. He was an eyewitness and documented Private Platt's "beyond the call of duty" behavior that day. Louis H. Carpenter was brevetted from lieutenant to lieutenant colonel for his actions that day and later during the Indian Wars he won the Medal of Honor.

    Officer Ranks
    Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks
    Enlisted Ranks
    1st Lieutenant
    2nd Lieutenant

    Sergeant Major
    Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
    First Sergeant
    Company Quartermaster Sergeant

    A Co. Roster
    Captain Richard Sharpe
    Sergeant Bryce Grenier
    Sergeant Ryan Grisham

    Trooper Ulysses F. Jeager
    Trooper John Stone
    Trooper James Young
    Trooper Troy Phillips
    Trooper William York
    Trooper George H. Stevens
    Trooper Charles Canedy
    Trooper George Patton
    Trooper Richard Paddock
    Trooper Mike Stevens
    Trooper Samuel Granger
    Trooper Nick Nolan

    Company Strength: 15

    B Co. Roster

    1st Lieutenant Thomas Fairfax
    Company Quartermaster Sergeant Edric Murray
    Sergeant George B. McClellan
    Sergeant John W. Savage

    Trooper Sam Starr
    Trooper John Pershing
    Trooper George platt
    Trooper Norbert
    Trooper John McMillan
    Trooper Greg Hornville
    Trooper Shadow
    Trooper William
    Trooper krieger
    Trooper Fafnir
    Trooper H. Smith
    Trooper Charles
    Trooper Michael Trenten
    Trooper Harry Stamper

    Company Strength 19

    Regimental Contact Information

    Enlistment Application for 6th Cavalry

    What is your steam name (Provide Link)?-
    What is your age?(minimum 16)-
    What is your previous regimental experience?-
    Why do you want to join the 6th Cavalry?-
    Who referred you to the 6th Cavalry?-
    What will your historical name be?-
    What country are you from?-

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    Good luck DDDDDDDDD

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    Good luck, fellow Cavalrymen!
    Your Captain calls me Onii-chan.

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    And so it begins!

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    What is your steam name (Provide Link)?-
    What is your age?(minimum 16)- 23
    What is your previous regimental experience?- 1st Royal Green Jackets Colonel(NW), British Army General(NW), 27th NC Cavalry Major (N&S), Federal army Brigadier General (N&S) + like 7-8 other groups which were all 2nd tier
    Why do you want to join the 6th Cavalry?- Cause im leading it, just doing this as an example for new cadets
    Who referred you to the 6th Cavalry?- Cavalry has been my life since i stopped being a rifleman, the only thing better than a Rifleman or a Cavalryman is a Mounted Rifleman. I enjoy shooting, but have gotten pretty good with sword and lance.
    What will your historical name be?- Richard Sharpe- cause im a lazy bastard and changed names too many times already.
    What country are you from?- UK Origionally, but living in California

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    6th Cavalry going strong atm, we have been playing Eternal Crusade for the moment, but once more developments come out we shall bring the full force of the 6th.

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    this is our progress lately we also been having bi-weekly meetings to discuss progress for War of Rights and the company.

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