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Thread: Barrel Cleaning for Rifles

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Emerald Archer View Post
    I'm just talking in game. I'm sure people would like to shoot more than 10 times, ya know what I mean? I will say this though, I'm sure they found ways to shoot more than 10 times considering they carried like 80 rounds apiece. And of course that number (70) could be a lot lower I was just spitballing. In all honesty though, no I shoot modern firearms a lot more, and primitive weapons more than guns (bullets are too expensive nowadays, I make and shoot my own bows, blowguns, crossbows, slings, atlatls, the works)

    80 rounds a piece? While I am not sure how accurate that is ( I know your just throwing an example out there) but I can fit about 55-60rds in my cartridge box tins. Powder fouling would indeed be a great addition to the realism of the game but unless you a entrenched in a strong defensive position I cant imagine a player firing that many rounds before he dies. What I would like to see is the fouling being bad enough that your gun will not go off and you have to re prime your rifle which can happen after only 10 rds. Anyone who is a reenactor has experienced this I'm sure.
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    Now this is where the great realism to fun ratio starts to come into effect and I'm going to have to refer to the Deluge mod for this. For Deluge, being set in the 1600s, they implemented the chance of the matchlock weapons miss firing. Now this is cool and all but during an organised battle event, where both sides, under the guidance of English civil war reenactors, use historically accurate formations like the Swedish salvo in game. A full line of 50 men all miss fired! Now this is funny and all but it was also very frustrating when the opposing line's volley dropped 13 men. For the rifles to become more and more inaccurate as you fired would be cool but it might also cause some anger for regiments who have been in the thick of of battle. They might come up against a line that has hardly fired a shot and get whipped out. The balance between realism and making an enjoyable game is a very fine line and I feel sorry for gavme devs who do have to tread that line as they make games like this. Too realistic and it might loose people for being too dull. Too unrealistic and people will flame for the lack of authenticity .
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    I think of it like this. This game is based on realistic authenticity. It should be as realistic as possible. I think that the amount of realism would contribute to ever changing gameplay and new and exciting situations every battle. I'm not sure, but I think one of the devs said that this game is coming out whether people will play it or not. Don't quote me on that. Even if a dev didn't say this, its still a good rule to go by. War of Rights is unique and one of a kind. Whether it interests 100,000 or 100, it should definitely be released. So, I don't think people should worry about it being too realistic. You will either like it or you won't.

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    Oh woe betide us should only 100 people play this game!

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