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Thread: I would eventually like to start my own regiment, could use some advice.

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    Question I would eventually like to start my own regiment, could use some advice.

    I've been in many regiments but I've never been in charge of my own. I know most of the commands and I'm sure I could find out all of them, but is it hard to get enough people recruited? Whats a good way to attract users to join a regiment, especially a new one once all the others have been established. I would think that after a while, a lot of regiments would die out due to inactivity or wanting to try something new. The way its set up right now, you need to have a thread about your regiment and it needs to be approved by WoR. What if they die out? Do they cycle through and receive new owners? Or perhaps create another one? Unsure of the future plan here...

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    The easiest way is to get people you know, IRL or Steam friends for example, to join up. People usually aren't giddy to join companies with barely any members. When people think of playing in a company they envision themselves in a big line of people, not standing with four others. Therefore it's pretty difficult to start of a company completely by yourself.

    So my advice would be to try and get some like-minded players together beforehand, and grow from there.

    As for the owning of companies and such, if a particular company disbands due to inactivity, the name becomes available again and is up for grabs by anybody else, simple as that. Only while the company is still going will be name be reserved by them.

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    Step one would be to get a cool thread and an teamspeak server. Then you would need people to be able to join not only as enlisted but also nco and co...

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    Thanks for the help.

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