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Thread: Some other Rank Icons...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrumThumpinMonkey View Post
    Anyone have rank pictures that work for icons in Discord?
    These work if I'm not mistaken...

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    Well, if they do, i cant seem to figure out how...

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    Anyone know how to get around the "no two server groups of the same name" error in teamspeak? i.e. setting two colonel ranks (one for arty and one for infantry)

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    Do one as "Colonel Artillery" and the other as "Colonel Infantry" don't think you can have symbols in the syntax with TS unfortunately. IE: () - [] etc

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    do it with 3 server groups:

    1st: "Colonel" activate "show name in tree" no icon
    2nd: "Colonel_inf" or whatever. dont show a name and set an icon
    3rd: "Colonel_arti" or whatever. dont show a name and set an icon

    colonel of infantry gets group 1 and 2
    colonel of arti gets group 1 and 3  02

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