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Thread: 18th North Carolina Infantry, Company A "The German Volunteers"

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    "A cool wind whistles over the rolling hills of Maryland, bringing cold temperatures and the first frost." "The Union, as well as the Army of Northern Virginia move into their winter quarters and rest their weapons during the frosty season." Both parties are celebrating Christmas even fraternizing, for a short time it looks like there has never been a war ...

    Our company is also moving into its winter quarters in northern Virginia and uses the peaceful time for a break to recuperate and review the year. "

    We are going into the winter break

    From 17.12.2017 to 12.01.2018 we will let all official company activities rest and dedicate ourselves to the contemplative time of the year. Of course, skirmishes can still be played in the group, but without an official character. For questions or suggestions I am of course available

    All NCO's of the company and I wish you happy and relaxing holidays and a happy new year.

    With friendly greetings
    Captain Walter, Leopold, Lothar von Winkler
    Captain Walter, Leopold, Lothar von-Winkler

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    Verzeihen gute Feiertage die Brüder !

    Cpt. P . Cleburne
    COS of 18th LA
    1st Brigade
    Stonewall Jackson's Second Corps

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    Steam Link: Morgan Tayler
    Ingame historical name (preferably german): John D. Imboden
    Age: 53
    Timezone (if required): Europa
    Do you have Teamspeak?: Seit heute
    Previous Regiment Experience in other games: Keine, bin ein Total War Spieler
    Did you read the rules and accept them?: Aber ja!

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    We are back from the winter break

    After a few weeks of rest, we returned to the game and delivered an exciting fight to the Union last Friday. At this point I would like to thank the 6th Alabama H. who arrived in time on the battlefield to support the outnumbered Confederates.

    Also I would like to welcome our newest members in the company who have signed up between the years.

    10#Private - optional 2.png Private Ernest Ortman
    10#Private - optional 2.png Private Michael Philipps
    10#Private - optional 2.png Private John Richter
    10#Private - optional 2.png Private Morgan Tayler

    Welcome to the company boys.

    Last but not least, a few screenshots from our first event after the winter break last Friday.

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    Glad to help you fellas out, good to see you are back in business!
    Major Timo
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