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Thread: Wish list for Company Tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke192 View Post
    This is what we currently have:
    Looks good!
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    • Be able to link a steam profile.
    • Be able to display companies of a unit on one page, basically imagine the current company tool page but replace the platoons with the actual companies.
    • The addition of regimental grade ranks.
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    Like to add the rank of SgtMaj to the CT and any other ranks that were removed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PikeStance View Post
    Maybe a better option would be to create a website (a free one) with an attached forum and organized there. When I flew with a group in Rise of Flight, we had our own site and coordinated everything there.
    We organize through our primary gaming community on Discord, so that is what we plan to continue doing if we grow beyond 100 War of Rights users (top-down management of multiple companies).

    However I don't know if I'd call it a better option when we have this amazing company tool that can be tailored to fit the bill, rather than relying on the community to organize and provide for themselves outside of "official" channels. Great games have gone sour when they rely too heavily on the community to feed the community (looking at you, Holdfast).

    Also, some people may not have the wherewithal or the capability to organize at that scale. Why not leverage the company tool to raise up everyone rather than only letting our elite gaming communities shine. (Not a jab, as our own community can be rather elitist at times no matter how hard we try not to be.)
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    Is it possible to get the rest of the 114th PA zouaves added to the company tool. Though only Co. A was present at Antietam shortly after they formed a whole regiment. Would be nice for company A to remain independent then have companies B-K as the 114th Pennsylvania"collis Zouave" Regiment.

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    Just a wish-list item for myself (because I'm selfish). My company on the company tool was changed to 'Simpson's Battery B'. However, this is historically inaccurate and it should be along the lines of 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery Bat B (Like it used to be on the company tool before it changed) or 'Cooper’s Battery B'. I understand there is a lot going on but I thought I'd just put this here to remind ya'll.

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    Green rank insignia for Sharpshooter Companies. I know this is a nitpick, and would only benefit a small portion of the community, but it would be nice
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pendelton View Post
    Green rank insignia for Sharpshooter Companies. I know this is a nitpick, and would only benefit a small portion of the community, but it would be nice
    Same with black for Volunteer units.
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    Here I am just wishing for game integration.

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    It would be nice to have a list of players like we have a list of companies. It would help with recruiting people through the company tool.

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