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Thread: How do I change my character nickname?

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    How do I change my character nickname?

    Hello all! I successfully managed to make my character, join my company and all that jazz. However - I had a name that I used when I made the profile (which became my nick) that I changed to my current Soldier name. I am trying to find a way to change my nick from the original name to my steam name. Thanks!

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    lol how do you make a character

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    For the company tool? just register

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    nvm I am dumb just figured out

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    I'm having the same problem as Blitch I'd like to know how to change my nickname after it's been created, or if it is even possible.
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    I too would be grateful for any feedback, Thank you gents! Game looks great so far!!! Job well done!

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    If you are on steam, you need to change your steam nickname (steam profile settings) to change your ingame nickname
    For now only certain pledges can play the game at the moment (captain and above for skirmishes)
    For the forum you can change some stuff on top by selecting 'my profile'.
    For changing the forum badge you need to fill in your emailadress to receive an email with instructions. (also for raising pledges ...)
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    Change my User name. Forum log-in is my email address. How too, please.

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    Is there a way to change my nickname in the WAR profile? (not the forum) Thanks

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    If you don`t want to Change your steam nickname into your WoR characters Name (from the Company tool) permanently, you can try this…
    For excample my Steam Name is Sir Action, my WoR characters name is Andrew Walsh.

    After you joined a Server (drill camp or skirmish) you have to open the console. That is the button below the Escape button on the top left Corner.
    Now type as follows (again my excample):

    "name [52ndNY][Pvt]A.Walsh" enterbutton ---> that of Course is an excample on my characters Name, you'll have to find out how your outfit want's the unit Name typed in...

    then close the console with that button below Escape (don't know the english word for this button)

    Notice: after you changed your Name, you can do a quick test by pressing the TAB button, you should see your changed nick name.
    Also be aware that sometimes (maybe always) your changed nick name will show up above you, while others press "T" ONLY after you respawned, otherwise it shows your old nickname until you respawned...
    And finally if you change the server you have to repeat the procedure of changing your name, but if you stay on the server and the maps are changing it's not necessary.

    I hope that could help
    greetings and a hearty HUZZAH

    Andrew Walsh,
    Private, 52ndNY Volunteers

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