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Thread: 1st Ohio Calvary Company A

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    1st Ohio Calvary Company A

    History And Notable Information

    The 1st Ohio Cavalry was organized at Camp Chase in Columbus, Ohio August 17-October 30, 1861 and mustered in for a three year enlistment under the command of Colonel Owen P. Ransom.

    The regiment was attached to 1st Division, Army of the Ohio, to October 1862. (Companies F, I, K, L, and M attached to 5th Division, Army of the Ohio, May to October 1862.) Zahm's 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of the Ohio, to November 1862. (Companies F, I, K, L, and M attached to II Corps, Army of the Ohio, to November 1862.) 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Army of the Cumberland, to January 1863. 2nd Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division, Army of the Cumberland, to March 1863. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, Army of the Cumberland, to October 1864. 2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, Wilson's Cavalry Corps, Military Division of Mississippi, to February 1865. 2nd Brigade, 4th Division, Wilson's Cavalry Corps, to May 1865. 1st Brigade, 4th Division, Wilson's Cavalry Corps, and Department of Georgia, to September 1865.

    The 1st Ohio Cavalry mustered out of service on September 13, 1865.

    For Information On Battles Use This Link

    Ranks And How To Apply

    The 1st Ohio will be a very active regiment and we plan to have weekly and daily meetings I plan on having a great deal of fun while being serious at the same time.
    If you are interested in joining you need to know a few things.
    1. You must have team speak
    2. Must be at least 13 or mature
    3. Be respectful to higher ups and those equal to your rank
    If you wish to join you may volunteer on the company tool or join our team speak between 5 to 9pm est time.
    If you are going to volunteer please be active and dedicated as we are not in need of people who are not going to be those two things.

    Company Staff
    Major: Adolf Hienzman
    Sergeant: Kenneth Boig
    Sergeant: Gregson Dogger

    First Platoon~Active Duty Cavaliers
    Sergeant Jacob Himmler~Section Command
    Private Juan Taco
    Private John Smith
    Private Henry Baker
    Private Friedrich Billmaier
    Private Elizabeth~Guidon Bearer
    Private Edward Louie
    Private Brent Clark
    Private Alistair Brown~Guidon Bearer
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    Welcome! Can't wait to face you on the battlefield!
    Texas Poppin B
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    Best of luck

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    you are a regiment of where Jesus was crucified? (Calvary)

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    Nice name, is Pontius Pilate serving under your command?
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    Good luck, Captain! FOR THE UNION!!!

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    Best of Luck, Captain Hienzman!

    For the Union!

    Second Lieutenant Paul Schüttner, Commander of the 18th NY Sharpshooter Section

    Enlist now!

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    Hello my fellow Brothers of the Valley, Getting cavalry like this may be good for us, never know. I'll hit the down the pikes and flanks of line infantry for you and you take the Artillery and back flank of skirmish infantries, Deal?
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    Hello fellow cavalrymen, if you have the chance i would like to talk to your commander,
    Here is my steam:

    and here is my teamspeak:

    We trying to talk to all Union Cavalry forces fully mustered
    Captain Richard Sharpe
    6th US Cavalry Co. A

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    Can't wait for this to launch!
    Rick J. Warner
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