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Thread: Reloading - An active mechanic?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insurance Salesman View Post
    An idea that I had to help make the long reloading times for (rifled) muskets and artillery more interesting was to incorporate some sort of active reload system, like what might be found in Gears of War or the more obscure Darkest of Days. In case you've never played a game with such a mechanic, a quick explanation would be that during a reload, the reload button can be pressed again during a certain period of time within that reload to cancel it early and thus save time - though in exchange, attempting to do so when not within that time period will cause the quick reload to fail and the process to overall take even longer. In the example below, the green area of the circle represents the quick-reload area while the thinner circle represents the normal reload time - and the time where a quick reload will fail.

    Attachment 4871

    So, why incorporate this concept into War of Rights?

    a) It is realistic (to the best of my knowledge). As soldiers grow more familiar with their weapon, it makes sense that they would be able to reload it faster and therefore be capable of putting down more shots downrange. In fact, I recall that drills would often be held solely dedicated to reloading, to make sure that members of a regiment would be able to fire at a speed suitable for combat - shouldn't the same be reflected in-game?

    b) It's more interesting, and creates a higher skill ceiling. Frankly, while reloading members of a regiment have little to do beyond survey the battlefield and wait for their reload to be done - an active reload gives them something to do and master during those many periods where they don't have a shot to put downrange. Plus it may even distract them a little, like what happened historically.

    So, how do I believe this concept should work in War of Rights?

    I believe that it could work on one of two ways. The first would be to do it exactly the way these example games do - have one overall reload period, which can be cut off by a skillful active reload. If the devs didn't want to make the reload system too involved, this could definitely be a way to go to balance ease-of-play while still having something to do while reloading.

    On the other hand, the reload could also be split into several parts based on various steps - for example, putting the musket ball into the rifle could be one step, while taking out the ramrod and pushing it in could be the next - therefore reflecting the multi-step process more accurately. Maybe it'd be a bit much for every reload, but it would definitely give a chance for skilled reloaders to make a difference in their own performance.

    So, what do guys think? Should the game have active reload, and if so what type should it use?
    Honestly, I don't like this idea. It is a very thoughtful one and I would agree on it if I didn't know any better but I do know better, unfortunately. You seem to have forgotten that the devs have added in a fowling mechanic to all guns, making harder to reload each time you shoot. And you only got faster by constant drilling, not by shooting a couple shots on a battlefield. In the end, it's a good idea for other games but it's counter productive here.
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