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Thread: Civil War Ancestors

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    My ancestor was the Regimental Chaplain of the 19th Iowa, but he has a lot more history than that...

    Born in England in 1815, he joined the British Army and fought to put down a rebellion in Canada in 1835. He decided to stay in North America after his military service, and entered into schooling. He graduated with a theology degree, and eventually moved to Iowa. In 1864, he joined up to fight in the 19th Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and was commissioned as the Regimental Chaplain. He fought in the battle of Spanish Fort and Fort Blakely.

    From "THE HISTORY OF THE 19TH IOWA"; "I would not do my duty to the regiment, did I fail to express their sense of gratitude to our revered Chaplain, Rev J.D. Sands. His kind manners, his good example and influence, and not least his noble behaviour in the attack and seige of Spanish Fort, all entitle him to the high place he holds in our affections. He shared the danger of the very front and advance, and his manly bearing in action, and his womanly tenderness to the wounded would extort praise from the most unwilling, how much then it would gain our love"

    From his obituary; "A man of his age, ability and military experience might have easily secured the position of colonel or even higher in military rank, but he went as chaplain of the Nineteenth Regiment, Iowa Volunteer Infantry, and thus served until the close of the war. Chaplains are considered non combatants, consequently are supposed to be in a safe place during an engagement; not so with Chaplain Sands. In the time of an engagement, as members of his old regiment have told me, Chaplain Sands was always found on the firing line with musket in hand and his watchword was always ‘Come on boys.’ "

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    That's pretty awesome, thanks for sharing!

    I'm doing my MA on Confederate Chaplains, hoping to expand to include Union chaplains as well, eventually.

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    I have found and confirmed several ancestors, mostly from the Appalachians of North Carolina, inclusive of the 29th, the ill-fated and decimated 62nd, and 69th (Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders) N.C. The one that got me into the SCV was from the 29th, I have a photocopy of various historical documents proving his honorable service (i.e. did not mutiny nor was discharged dishonorably), thanks to SCV genealogists (I also found and confirmed one ancestor who served in the Revolutionary War, thanks to my family's burial site that made it easy to track him, and other ancestors, down).
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