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Thread: Civil War Ancestors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leifr View Post
    Are you a Mellot by any chance Kyle?
    Either that or a serious Mellott-family stalker. :P

    - Trusty

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leifr View Post
    Are you a Mellot by any chance Kyle?
    Nope not at all

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    On my mother's side, my 3x Great uncle, Philo Johnson, was in the 11th Vermont Infantry, which later became the 1st Vermont Heavy Artillery, but then was sent off to fight as infantry. He fought in battles at Cold Harbor, Cedar Creek, Fisher's Hill, Opequon/3rd Winchester, and Petersburg, to name a few.
    Oddly, on my father's side, my 3x Great-grandfather, David Jewell, and 2 of his brothers joined the 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, which had originally been the 18th Maine Infantry. They were also sent off to fight at infantry when the Overland Campaign kicked off. One of the brothers was wounded in their first fight at Spotsylvania. The next was their ill-fated charge at Petersburg in June of 1864. Massive casualties included David and his older brother. David was hit 3 times: ankle, shoulder and bowels. He amazingly lived into the next century, thankfully for me! His brother was hit in the head and died 2 years later. David recovered pretty quickly, all things considered. He returned to be promoted to sergeant and was apparently present at Lee's surrender in April 1865.
    Descendant of David Jewell - 1st Maine Heavy Artillery, Philo Johnson - 11th Vermont/1st VTHA

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    I just found out this weekend that a decendant of mine ran north from bondage in VA and joined a Mass. U.S. Army Colored Troop unit. I had aways wondered if my ancestors were freed men or slaves and if they ever fought for their freedom and now I know. It's been a struggle to trace my lineage for obvious reasons so finding this out is special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rbsmith7 View Post
    That's pretty awesome, RR. What is your veteran's name? If you don't have Fold3 access, I can probably retrieve some of his records.
    My wife corrected me (don't they always?) and he was never in a Mass unit. His name was Daniel Towns (or Townes) and should have been in the 61st U.S. Colored Inf or the 2nd Tenn Vols. (African Decent). Thanks rbsmith.
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    My Confederate Ancestors:

    Privates Benjamin and James West 26th Virginia Company E. (James KIA Petersburg 1864)

    Private Samuel Williams 12th North Carolina Company I.
    (Also had service in the 1st North Carolina Infantry Regiment Company I during The Mexican War as a Sgt. Major.)

    Jeremiah Brown 15th North Carolina Company A.

    John T Brown

    Enlisted on July 15th 1862 at Wake County, NC as a Private.

    On the same day he mustered into Company "A" 15th North Carolina Infantry Regiment.

    On December 13th 1862 he was wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia in the chest.

    On Christmas 1862 he died of his wound at the hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

    John West 26th Virginia Company E.

    William B. Lassiter
    Residence Northampton County NC; 26 years old.

    Enlisted on 7/6/1861 at Northampton County, NC as a Private.

    On 7/6/1861 he mustered into "H" Co. NC 2nd Cavalry

    He was discharged on 2/18/1864

    Private Charles West 26th Virginia Company F.

    Sargeant Jesse Lassiter 32nd North Carolina Company D.(POW Point Lookout and Elmira. Captured Spotslavania CH. 1864)

    Private Everret Lassiter 32nd North Carolina Company D. (POW Point Lookout and Elmira Captured Spotslavania CH. 1864) .)

    Private William West 26th Virginia Company E.

    Private Lewis West 26th Virginia Company F.

    Private Joshua B Brown 32nd North Carolina Company D.

    Private James M. Butler 40th Georgia Infantry Regiment Company A.

    Private Edwin Williams 7th North Carolina Infantry Regiment Company F.

    (Confederate Roll of Honor for Battle of Chancellorsville, VA)

    He was listed as:
    * POW 6/30/1862 Frayser's Farm, VA
    * Confined 7/2/1862 Fort Columbus, NY (Estimated day)
    * Exchanged 8/5/1862 Aiken's Landing, VA
    * Wounded 7/2/1863 Gettysburg, PA (Estimated day)
    * Paroled 5/12/1865 Charlotte, NC

    I need help finding out who Samuel's mother and father were if any one can help me.

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    Edward Hemwood, 21st NY Cavalry is a great great great great grandfather or grand-uncle of mine. There is some debate in the family which he is. Here is a photocopy of his discharge papers on June 20th, 1865.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Found a few ancestors, from two branches of my family on my dad's side. My paternal lineage is uncertain, I do know that we have some that served, going to get assistance from the Sons of Confederate Veterans on that one since there is a gap between my great grandfather and what could be my great great grandfather. On my dad's paternal maternal side I do know of two direct ancestors that served. Thomas' Legion (69th), a regiment comprised of men from the Appalachians (including the Cherokee).

    None on my maternal side since that side comes from Korea.
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    The SCV genealogy guys are great. They should be able to help you out. I have two . John Calvin Stark who served with the 4 KY Cav ( CSA) and was captured and sent to Rock Island as a POW . I grew up in the area and wound up doing reserve time at the same location. .

    The ancestor that got my into the SCV though was Daniel David Crockett Sisk. Pvt in Fristoe’s Missouri Cavalry company C. Got a picture of him later in life. 3CBE9272-C80E-457E-9F61-59424A85ADD5.jpg

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    It's a little hazy in my family tree. I had family on both sides of the mason-dixon line but apparently in the South they were mostly too young or too old.

    In the North I had one in a Wisconsin Cavalry regiment that fought in the West and another who served with the 7th Wisconsin Infantry until he died of disease early November 1862 in a hospital in New York. I have no idea of he served at 2nd Bull Run or Antietam but I sort of doubt it.

    I should probably look up his records some day.
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