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Thread: 8th VA "The Bloody 8th"

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    8th VA "The Bloody 8th"

    Regimental and Company History

    "Blue Mountain Boys" Company F, 8th Virginia Infantry
    The 8th Virginia Infantry was a Confederate Infantry Regiment raised by Colonel. Eppa Hunton in Leesburg, Virginia on May 8, 1861.

    After the Battle at Gaines' Mill in June 1862, Col. Hunton referred to his men, who he felt would go against any odds seemingly without counting the cost, as 'The Bloody Eighth', a term he would use from then on.

    The 8th participated in the following:
    First Manassas
    Second Manassas
    Maryland Campaign
    Battle of Gettysburg (a part of Pickett's Charge)
    Overland Campaign
    Richmond-Petersburg Campaign
    Appomattox Campaign

    On April 6, 1865, the majority of the regiment was captured or killed at the Battle of Sayler's Creek. Those who escaped that battle were paroled 3 days later following General Lee's surrender.

    About Us
    We plan to do whatever is necessary for the cause of the Confederacy, we hold ourselves to a high standard in the community and in game. Yes its a game, but we plan to do what is historical and also practical. That is our goal, wanting to have fun, but by fighting hard and being all we can be. We want to be capable as Line Infantry but we will do other things like skirmishing/ flanking depending on the situation.

    We are one of the oldest and most well-known regiments in War of Rights. We have come a long way since our founding, starting small, but rising and becoming larger with us taking up arms with I Corps, and more recently forming Pickett's Brigade.

    We have quite the array of players among our ranks, from the rain soaked land of England, to the deadly bush of Austrailia, we also have many active/former military and several reenactors. Regardless of where your from, or your background, we strive to help you feel comfortable and welcome.

    So, if you are looking for a group that desires to see teamwork, tactics, drill, and brotherhood, then give us your consideration. Seriousness is wanted, but only required when needed.

    While we are a friendly, laid back group of guys, we do have a zero tolerance for racism of any kind. This includes nazism, anti-semitism, discrimination of race, religion, etc.

    Age of 18+ (exceptions can be made)
    Have access to Discord

    Contact Information
    Discord server, feel free to join it and tell someone you are interested

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us on Steam

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    Welcome to the CSA!

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