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Thread: 6th Virginia Company A Cavalry

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    6th Virginia Company A Cavalry

    Welcome to the 6th Virginia Company A
    We are the 6th Virginia Company A if you have any questions ask tsm1758 on steam. But for now here is just some general information about us, we are dragoons (mounted Infantry) training and events will not be mandatory. We most likely won't see much front line combat but as dragoons we may need to replace units or delay the enemy. If you don't want to do this this or cavalry isn't your thing you may not find this too interesting. For the person who has read this far in we offer a unique experience it will not be fun every second or every event. But It will be unique and interesting no matter who you are. If you have any questions add tsm1758 on steam or send Captain Anthony Mueller a telegram, our steam group 6thVirginiaCompanyA


    Captain=Anthony Mueller (tsm1758)
    1st Lieutenant=Michael Danker
    2nd Lieutenant=Empty
    1st Sergeant=Simen Fiskvik
    Sergeants=Hempy Hemperson,
    Corporals=Mylo van der Maten
    Privates=Lucas Girondi,Jewish,Anggor,Alexander Brice
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    Welcome to the Confederacy!
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    Welcome! If you ever need anything, let me know!
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