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Thread: Books about the Civil War

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    I'm a purist. Shelby Foote's "The Civil War" is the most definative and entertaining account of the war I've read. It's a must read for any ACW fan. Beware though, it's quite large. Three volumes of seven-to-eight hundred pages each if my memory serves me right.

    You could just watch Ken Burn's mini-series of the same name if your not in for all the reading though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazychester1247 View Post
    I'm a purist. Shelby Foote's "The Civil War" is the most definative and entertaining account of the war I've read.
    Great narrative that should be read by anyone who like to read about the war.

    But Very very bad history books for anyone like to study the war.

    The issue is the simply facts that he don't give us his sources for what he tell us... and that make it pretty useless for any serious study of the war.

    And he do have some errors in his books, (including the myth that Bufords men had repeaters at Gettysburg...)
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    These are all really good suggestions! I might have to read a few of these.

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    Nine months to Gettysburg is a lovely and detailed book put together of the 2nd Vermont Brigade , It is the story of the men who signed up and went off to war. It's one of the best i'v yet to read and not just the story of one or two people , but of an entire brigade.

    The diary of a Tar Heel Confederate is also another amazing book of one man from the time he enlisted too the end of the war in a prison camp.

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    Probably already mentioned but all the Shaara books, both mike and Jeff. Confederates in the Attic was a cool read as well. There is a book(now out of print I think) called Cadet grey and Butternut brown. Its about all the different Confederate uniforms. I've yet to read it but have heard a lot of good things about Coffee and Hardtack. Lastly(for the artillery folk) I would suggest Cannoneers in Grey and Artillery and Ammunition of the Civil war.

    Edited to add From Manassas to Appomattox. It was written by Longstreet in the 1890s
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    Captain Little Ax, written by James Street, very good fiction and I'd say it is the Confederate version of The Red Badge of Courage.

    You can pick a copy up on Amazon here

    If any of you read it let me know what you think!
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