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    A few days ago I came across this very well written article about the experiences of battle and how it looked from the soldiers perspective The article gives many first-hand accounts such as ''The Experience of Being Shot'', ''Agony of the Wounded '' and ''The Wallop of “Spent” Bullets'' Just to name a few in the article.

    From my point of view, this brings a new aspect to of how the battle deaths and wounded need to be portrayed in reenactments or in this case ''War of Rights ''
    Yes I know some of the stuff in the article would be hard to put in the game yet a lot of it can most certainly be placed in game time will tell. Anyway enjoy the article !!!

    The Behavior of Soldiers Wounded in Battle
    by Kevin O’Beirne

    Despite its morbid nature, people are fascinated by the topic of Civil
    War battle casualties: statistics, photographs of the slain, and soldier
    accounts of casualties and—indeed—of what it was like to be shot.
    The latter is the focus of this article, which attempts to answer the
    question, How did solders behave when they were wounded in battle?
    For better or worse, reenactments of battles are important to the
    reenacting hobby—both for participants and spectators.

    While there is strong debate in some quarters about whether “battles” should be
    presented at all (apparently due to their inherently inaccurate nature
    and tendency to promote mock heroics), they will undoubtedly remain
    a big part of reenacting for the foreseeable future. Therefore, the
    depiction of casualties is an important and delicate subject.
    This essay presents the results of historical research on wounded
    soldiers, together with recommendations on how reenactors should
    portray casualties in “battle” scenarios.

    Please Download the file below to view the rest of the article I promise you want to regret it.
    Within it the article it explains the horrors of war in with very precise detail
    this is well worth the time to read it.

    PDF File click to download the file
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