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Thread: 2nd MS Co A (Tishomingo Riflemen)

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    2nd MS Co A (Tishomingo Riflemen)

    2nd Mississippi Company A.

    2nd MS Co A was formed in the April of 1861 in Corinth, Mississippi.
    The 2nd Mississippi was involved from the very start of the war. Our company will be like very few units. We will be a fast hitting fast moving unit. Will be well trained in line fight, yet it will be the last thing on the list that this unit is good at. We will be the first unit of our kind. Captain Rudate and 1 Sgt. Goad have built a new type of unit that can work in this type of warfare and still fit in the time period. We hope to find players that want a challenge, what we will be is not easy. However can be effective!!!! For The Southern Independence Brigade!

    Company History
    - Would fight along side of Jackson in 1st Manassas capturing a battery
    - Seven pines,
    - Cold harbor
    - 2nd battle of Manassas
    - South Mountain
    - Before Gettysburg 2nd MS made a name for its strength 2nd was responsible for one full battery captured and another 20 from two different companies. Yet it was their impressive charges that showed its fighting strength. They would conduct 4 charges what would sent the Union defenders to with draw from the battle.

    - Gettysburg They become Legend! In the 1st day of the battle of Gettysburg. The unit would show love for their state. In what is now called The Railroad Cut. The color guard Where all KIA or WIA, flag pierced a dozen times and the staff pole shattered. Even with the fighting be long and hard the 2nd not only saved the colors but forced the 6th Wis to surrender to them. And still capture the flag of the 149th PA

    The unit had done enough. But boy's we are From Mississippi so on the last day of the battle 2nd MS would join the charge with only 60 men. losing 56 kia 176 wia, throught out the entire battle.
    While the battle Gettysburg made us legend we would continue to fight the rest of the war.

    We are proud members of the Southern Independence Brigade:


    5th Alabama,Company A.
    26th Alabama,Company A.
    15th South Carolina,Company C.
    15th South Carolina,Company I.
    1st Virginia, Company D.


    Richmond Howitzers 1st Company,(Battery A).
    Jeff Davis Alabama Artillery,Battery A.


    Jeff Davis Legion (Mississippi) Co. A.

    2nd Mississippi Company A.
    Company Roster:

    Cpt Rudate Wilkerson
    1SGT- Goad
    1st Platoon
    2ndLt Hill
    SGT. Jayden
    PVT Thomas .G.G
    PVT Thomas Freeman
    PVT Francisco Miranda
    PVT Scot McTavish
    PVT Cole
    PVT Bobby Bro
    PVT Titus O'Connor
    PVT Brandon Curren
    PVT Shaun
    PVT Nicholas
    PVT Luke Cornell
    PVT Kittyfir
    PVT Dusty Eliuk
    2nd Platoon
    PVT Thurgood

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Welcome to the Confederacy!

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    In Maryland State Near to both Antietam and Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry et al.
    Welcome to the CSA!


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    Red face

    wish I could make it far more better looking. Tech like this not my thing. History and military yes

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    Best of luck gentlemen! See you on the field.
    To the Colors!

    Captain Lance Rawlings
    Company K, 38th North Carolina, Pender's Brigade, A.P. Hill's Division, Jackson's Corps, Army of Northern Virginia

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    Welcome to the CSA
    Captain Steven McRae, Company A, 8th Louisiana

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    Welcome and this is the one good ol' go Goad is in!

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    Congrats guys very happy you have reached 10+ guys and are officially owners of the company.

    15th Alabama Company G/H/I

    Family members:
    Schuller, August TX 8th Cavalry Battalion C
    Schuller, Charles F. TX 2nd Infantry Regiment D
    Schuller, Charles J. TX 2nd Infantry Regiment D
    Schuller, Jacob TX 2nd Infantry Regiment F
    Schuller, John TX 16th Infantry Regiment F
    Schuller, T. TX 2nd Infantry Regiment F

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    Very glad to see you boys growing so quickly! Very proud of y'all.
    Captain Martin
    15th Alabama Company G.

    In honor of:
    Sgt. Benjamin J. Martin
    15th Alabama Infantry, Company E.
    Southern Cross of Honor Recipient

    Personal Service Record
    U.S. ARMY SGT. 11B20/2B/B4/5U
    6 Years Active Duty
    x2 Combat Deployments in OEF
    1-12 INF, 2nd IBCT, 4ID

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    Thank you guys / gals very much!

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