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Thread: 1st Texas Infantry, Company B

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    "War means fighting, and fighting means killing."

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    Just Want to Congratulate serveral key members of Company B and their promotions . Cpl. Sullivan- has been a very active member of our community and company and is always counted on to make it to all events for this eagerness he was promoted in our growing company . Sgt Eagle- for his dutiful service in Company B as a corporal , he was promoted in our growing company for his exceptional work and dedication to his men under his command. First Sergeant Colonial- For his participation in our Company and making sure people attend events with our Regiment and Company also his part in helping form Company B what it is today. Congratulations to these Great Men of Company B

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    nice page

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    its a working progress but our forumn page is the last of our Company B priorities we focus more on game play and building team cohesion

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    Company B , had recruited 4 volunteers in a single night the other day. Our newest member just recruited another two to Company B 1st Texas good job to Pvt. Larken command will continue to watch your progress

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    Updated with current information.
    Captain of the 1st Texas Company B, "Livingston Guards."
    Regimental Titles
    Chief Diplomat
    Chief Mediater
    Chief Negotiator
    Regimental Psychic Medium
    Hedmaester of the Verginia Military Instatute (pm to attend officer courses, all CSA officers are required to attend before taking to the field)

    My great great great grandma fought alongside Ulysses S Lee in the 12th Airborne Brigatallion at the battle of Niagra Cliffs, RIP Smitty Werbenjaegermanjensen

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    Steam Name (Link to Profile): Rook
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    Alpha Access?: Yes
    Why do you wish to join?: Looking for an organized line for me and my rifle. Also, I've played with Lt. Schroder and figured I'd sign up for wherever he's fighting.
    Personal Traits?: No BS, easy going, not opposed to following orders.

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    Welcome soldier' our 98th member

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    Why do you wish to join?: (50 words minimum) Want to play the way it was meant to be played. Civil War nerd (From Vicksburg, MS, raised in BR, LA, 8 years now in Houston, Tx)
    Personal Traits?: (Ex. Introverted, aggressive, competitive etc...) Competitive, Defensive, Fun

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