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Thread: 1st Texas Infantry, Company B

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    Company B is always seeking recruits our structure is a constant revolving wheel to keep the company well supplied in dedicated active members seeking to better themselves and the company If interested join if you want to go for a role that is already taken try for it i want to put the very best in those spots

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    Steam Name (Link to Profile): Argonaus Argonaus' Steam Profile
    Alpha Access?: Soon
    Why do you wish to join?: I'd like to join the 1st Texas Company B to experience a new setting, one in which the men are new but eager to learn.I would like to fight and train alongside men to build up that camaraderie that you can't get anywhere else. With that training I hope we can all become disciplined fighters,and I feel this company can reach that standard.
    Personal Traits?: Introvert in beginning, Tactical Mindset, Strategic
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    Application reviewed and accepted welcome and fall in ( enlist through company tool for 1st Texas Co B i sent you steam freind request)

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    Good Luck! looking forward to fighting next to your men

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    Just recently joined but I'm looking forward to joining you guys in battle!
    Rct. John M. Phillips
    1st Texas Infantry Regiment
    Company B
    "Livingston Guards"

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    Almost every Saturday and Sundays 730 PM Est on Discord

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    Steam Name (Link to Profile):
    Alpha Access?: (Yes/No/Soon) Will be Purchasing tomorrow on steam EA release date
    Why do you wish to join?: (50 words minimum): I'm interested in joining a company so that I may learn to play the game and to make new friends that I will repel the northern aggression with.
    Personal Traits?: (Ex. Introverted, aggressive, competitive etc...): I'm fairly extroverted and have an aggressive playstyle when playing games. I put around 1,000 hours into Counter Strike: Global Offensive and have also dedicated much time in other games such as; Squad, Arma 3, R6:Siege, etc. Im highly competitive and my main focus is winning the game. I work well with others and can follow a strict chain of command, admittedly I've never played a game set during the times of line battles so I may be a bit new to the game but ultimately I can learn the game quite quickly and have already seen many videos which has allowed me to somewhat understand how the game works.

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    Application for Enlistment
    Steam Name (Link to Profile):
    Timezone: EST
    Alpha Access?: Steam Early Access
    Why do you wish to join?: I want to play with serious competitive players. No scrubs.
    Personal Traits?: Competitive.

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    P.S. Your discord link doesn't work

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    Company B is always looking for more recruits. Leave a comment if interested.

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