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Thread: ForceGhosts Signatures

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    USA Major

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    Sep 2016
    Signature Name: "Ryan Allen"
    Signature Text: 51st New York Company A "Shepard Rifles
    Signature Theme: Civil War
    Signature Type: Gritty
    Signature Images: (Crop this guy)
    Signature Background: Surprise me.

    Also, I work in Photoshop, by any chance could I borrow your template, for my company? I got 30 guys who want a signature, and I could take a lot of time off your hands. It's just for my company.

    Thanks a lot though for helping the community out here!
    Member of Timberwolf Brigade

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    CSA Brigadier General

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    Mar 2017
    Signature Name: John Grethin
    Signature Text: 81st PA Volunteer Infantry Co. A
    Signature Images: 40mc.jpg
    Signature Background: Flag.jpg

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    CSA Brigadier General

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    Jun 2017
    Republic of Florida
    Signature Name: "Captain Erwin Johannes"
    Signature Text: 2nd Florida Infantry, Company B. Ewells Division, First Brigade.
    Signature Theme: Civil War
    Signature Type: Gritty
    Signature Images: confederate_04.jpg
    Signature Background: FL Gov. Perry flag State_1861.jpg
    Last edited by Erwin; 07-10-2017 at 02:40 AM.
    Brigadier General Erwin Johannes
    Ewell's Division
    Florida Brigade, Commanding Officer
    "Any Fate but Submission."

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    Maryland near Baltimore
    Signature Name: Lieutenant John A. Burke
    Signature Text: 20th East Devonshire Regiment of Foot, Artillery Company
    Signature Theme: Generic
    Signature Type: Bright
    Signature Images: and
    Signature Background:

    Take your time. And dont worry about the old one I requested

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    Are you Still making Signatures by chance?
    Why Hello There! I See you are looking at this, Yes Continue looking you have nothing to loose but time by looking at these Words and letters. Well anyways, Enjoy!!!

    "One Well placed Bullet can Make all the Difference, Even against a Million men."~ Captain Kortan Michigan Sharpshooters Co. K

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    A few pretty nice ones! Keep up the good work.

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    I do not know if you still work on signatures, if you still have time for this. If you do I would definitely love a personalized signature.

    Signature Name: 1st Lt. Law
    Signature Text: South Carolina Zouave Volunteers
    Signature Images: that includes the characters without the text from the following picture: & the SC flag of course
    Signature Background: I have no creative ideas on this... You seem way more creative then me.


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    Nov 2019
    Arizona, USA
    Signature Name: Cpt. James Thompson
    Signature Text: 19th Federal Infantry Regiment - United States Army ("The Rock of Chickamauga")
    Signature Theme: Civil war
    Signature Type: Gloomy
    Signature Images:
    Signature Background: Old Glory (Whatever looks good to you)

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