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Thread: Company Tool Artillery Batterys Platoons

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leifr View Post
    Thanks Leifr, I knew you fit the description!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow_Flyer View Post
    Thanks, again my apologies for posting in the wrong section
    No reason to apologize things happen us mods have to have something to do haha.

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    Obviously, the big deal right now is that the Company Tool is in early stages of development. Once they actually get it live, get the profile linking in place, and stabilize things I'm sure they'll go back and perhaps add further options. You have to keep in mind though that many realism games don't even have a system like this (Squad doesn't, I don't believe Holdfast does either) so while it may never be 100% perfect for organizing specific regiments and company types, it will still be better than absolutely no unit support at all (beyond naming in game).
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    I posted this a while back in another thread on how to make the company tool fit for artillery batteries. Still hope the Devs take a look at it

    Hello there!

    I recently did some more research on the historical Ranks and Responsibillites in an artillery battery.
    Since i think, they are not very well represented in the company tool at the moment, i compiled a list with more accurate available ranks and roles to be added/changed in the company tool.
    This includes the renaming of certain positions as well as the addition of important roles for the battery structure, such as the chief of the piece. Most of the information is very well presented here, with just a few minor adjustments on my side to make it fit better in the company tool/game environment.

    I marked the noncombat/mostly noncombat roles in italic, although i still think they should be added, at the very least the Orderly Sergeant instad of the Adjutant role, as well as the Battery Quartermaster Sergeant. The many very specialized private roles are not a must, but honestly i see no reason to not give us the option to give these ranks out

    Also, i hope that the Roster will be able to be adjusted to follow the proper naming/organization descriptions. That means renaming the Roster to "Battery Roster", the Company Staff Section to "Battery Staff", the Platoons to "Sections", and to furthermore add 3 Sections to sort soldiers into, since the 6 gun/3 section battery was the most common to be found, at least in the north, and for field artillery. Also, if the devs intend to add further divisions, like Sections and or Squads for Infantry, it would be cool to see the subdivision of "Piece" added to the Battery Roster.

    I hope the devs will put some time into fixing that up for us few artillerists out there :P

    Best Greetings,

    Cpt. William Hexamer aka. zerosius

    • Battery Command

    1st Lieutenant
    • Section Chief - Instead of Section Command

    2nd Lieutenant
    • Section Chief - Instead of Section Command

    1st Sergeant
    • Orderly Sergeant - Instead of Adjutant/Drill Sergeant

    Quartermaster Sergeant
    • Battery Quartermaster Sergeant

    • Chief of the Piece

    • Gunner
    • Chief of Caisson

    • Cannoneers - Instead of Gun Crew/Loader
    • Driver
    • Wagoner
    • Artificer
    • Farrier
    • Pioneer
    • Bugler
    • Drummer
    • Chaplain
    • Cook
    • Courier
    • Guidon

    Delete the Generic Officer, NCO Roles

    Cpt. William Hexamer
    Battery Commander

    Battery A, 1st New Jersey Light Artillery
    The German Volunteers

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