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Thread: Brockenborough's Battery [Baltimore's 2nd Maryland light Artillery]

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    This can use some more exposure. Huzzah!

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    Uhmmm why is there a Brockenbrough's Battery B / C / etc.?? In the company tool? There was only 1 Brockenbrough's Battery

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    Main page edited! Still do not understand why there is a Brockenbrough's Battery B / C etc in the company tool. Maybe to give more folk a chance to start the same battery? Love to have more NA-based folk with me, there must be some people interested in a Maryland Battery?!

    Commanding Officer at Sharpsburg: Capt. J. B. Brockenbrough

    Battlefield: West Woods & Dunker Church | Against: Gorman's Brigades and parts of Hookers Division

    2 Blakely's
    1 10-pdr. Parrott
    1 12-pdr. howitzer was of iron rather than the usual bronze, and was unique at the battle.

    During Antietam

    Antietam: On the 15th Jackson placed the battery among the guns on Loudoun Heights, from where it participated in the reduction of Harper's Ferry. Immediately after the surrender of the garriosn, the battery force marched back across the Potomac and north to Sharpsburg. They arrived along the Antietam on the evening of the 16th and were aligned along several hills on Lee's left flank to protect both his flank and the fords to the army's rear.

    On the morning of the 17th the artillery on Lee's left engaged Federal batteries for nearly two hours. Federal infantry threatened the position near mid-morning but was met by Jackson's infantry. The infantry battle soon shifted further south toward the Dunkard Church and again the artillery found itself with little support. Federal infantry massed in front of the artillery and soon advance.

    Brockenborough, temporarily in command of his battery and five others, 24 guns in all, orders his men "Do not pull a lanyard until you get the command." He waited until the Federal line was nearly on top of his guns, then all 24 opened with double canister. Three times the Federals charged, and three times they were repulsed. W.W. Goldsborough writes "The ground was literally covered - nay; piled - with the slain and amimed of the enemy."

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