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Thread: ♦ The German Volunteers [EU/NA] ♦

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    a new company is added
    New Legion roles and members
    New line after regular election

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    We at The German Volunteers Community wish the whole War of Rights community and the Devs a wonderful and relaxing Christmas and a happy new year.

    Col. H. Richter
    Legion Command
    Community command
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    Screenshots from the TGV Batalion Drill

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    Hinkel removed from the TGV at his own request

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    The pictures (screenshots) of the TGV battalion drills are awesome…
    A nice long battle line XD
    I'd like to see more, maybe even a video the next time the TGV is organizing a battalion drill?

    Andrew Walsh
    Private, 52ndNY Volunteers

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    Are the German Volunteers still active? Asking only because my online time has me in game during 08-16:00 EST timeframe so a lot of the NA units are difficult for me to join since they have events and player participation after that time, understandable of course due to RL job and such. But as a Retiree who has freetime during the hours others in NA work I find myself in a pickle.

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    Hey mastergunner,

    Ja die TGV ist aktiv. Und die Zeiten sollten dir wohl in die Karten spielen. Wir sind an den WE an beiden Tagen ab 20:00 Uhr CET auf den camps und skirmishes. Je nachdem wo dich dein Herz hinzieht kannst du bei unseren kompanien reinschauen.

    Wir bieten in der Union: 52nd New York und die 20th New York

    Auf der Konföderation: 18th North Carolina und 8th Alabama.
    Für die erste Kontaktaufnahme Suche am besten die jeweiligen Steam Gruppen und bewirb dich dort. Ansonsten schreib mich gerne an, wir finden schon ein Plätzchen für dich!

    Beste Grüße,

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    That is a promising feeling to know that the EU players are taking this game so serious and , apparently from everything I read via here and DM’s, still play this understanding it’s a game and the purpose is to have fun with it also. Really looking forward to my future days off work now

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    Hi guys,
    I'd be interested in joing a European possibly Germany based unit. Any vacant spots with you guys?

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