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Thread: 14th Indiana | "Gallant Fourteenth"

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    14th Indiana Co.H | "Gallant Fourteenth"

    The 14th Indiana Volunteer Regiment | Company H
    The Gallant Fourteenth
    Hoorah, for the Hoosier state!

    Formed in Terre Haute, Indiana in May of 1861 the unit served from the start to the finish of the war. The The regiment was a celebrated member of the Gibraltar Brigade and participated in battles such as Fredricksburg, Gettsyburg, and the siege of Petersburg.

    Hark there young patriot, are you hardy and ready to take up the flag for Indiana and for the Union? Are you prepared to bear the torch of the Hoosier State and bring civility and order to the rebel heathens? Then pick up an enlistment sheet and contact the commander of Company H. Your state and your country, needs you!

    The 14th Indiana strives to be a home for realism, fun, and camaraderie. Seeing as War of Rights wishes to promote a historically accurate atmosphere, we intend to stick to it the best we can. We also want to make this a fun and entertaining experience, as any video game should provide. We see the fun in being able to transport ourselves back in time to a more dangerous place in which we could never hope to truly experience. We believe in forming strong bonds between brothers in arms, ones that will last through the hail of gunfire. It is through such bonds that we can grow as a unit, and learn to fight effectively on the battlefield. Headed up by a hardened re-enactor, we hope that you too will find pride in hoisting the flag of Indiana and come to call yourself a proud Hoosier.


    English Proficiency:
    Knowledge of CW:

    Tell us about yourself:

    What can you bring to the unit?:

    Will you fight to the death for the Hoosier State?:
    Company Roster

    Cpt. John Upchurch, Company Commander

    (Contact the Company commander with your application and consider joining our discord: | Company Command Staff will be on hand to talk with you and answer any questions. This page will be regularly updated.)
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    Capt. John Upchurch, 14th Indiana Volunteer Regiment, Company H, "The Gallant Fourteenth"

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    Good Luck!

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    Good luck!

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    Good luck and Best wishes!

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    We are still actively recruiting at this time. Bring a good pair of shoes gents, we're going going to drill until we drop.
    Capt. John Upchurch, 14th Indiana Volunteer Regiment, Company H, "The Gallant Fourteenth"

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    Good Luck from the 14th Brooklyn!

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    On Sunday, December the 3rd; we will be hosting a callout for prospective members. The company commander will be present to answer any questions. There will be a basic drill course following the questions and recruitment portion of the event. This will take place in the NA Union Drill camp server. 5PM Eastern Standard Time. We hope to see you there!
    Capt. John Upchurch, 14th Indiana Volunteer Regiment, Company H, "The Gallant Fourteenth"

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