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    Quote Originally Posted by dmurray6 View Post
    Take the battle description with a grain of salt, as there are not sited sources, but the author does discuss an urban legend about the talks of a shallow creek the day of the battle. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with it, but it does suggest further research in terms of how and when the creek was forded.
    The creek was fordable that day, it's not an urban legend. The book I mentioned has over 40 pages of valid sources many from the nps.
    Quote Originally Posted by A. P. Hill View Post
    My opinion on the "stone wall" on the confederate side.

    Given that the map only shows a short unconnected wall of maybe 20 feet, and knowing there was a stone quarry nearby, I'm going with the Georgians may have taken advantage of some of those stone to fill in a hollow or a low point on the side of the hill. Not that it was a construction that was built by the locals for any purpose, and was in existence prior to the battle, just on the fact that it's not connected to anything gives the appearance of an immediate construction. After all, what's the point of a local constructing something like this?

    Also after having examined the map a bit, (a map I have never seen in 50 years of study,) I would say that the stone barricade, (not a wall,) was constructed right about where the park service has run the access road up to the top of the hill, thus taking out the position.

    But due to the fact that the hill in game is not positioned precisely where the existing hill is, and that the hill in game does not rise 150 foot above the creek bed at the western debauch of the bridge ... it may be hard to go back and massage the topographical to place the defenses on the Confederate hill side.

    If the map can be updated then cool, otherwise, I don't think the existing topography is suitable for defensive works.
    I'll try to find the description of the wall and post it here. I can't remember if it was built by the Confederates but I'll find out and get back to you.

    Either way, we should have defensive works on the hill.


    Description of some of the defenses and positions of the two CSA regiments on the heights.

    "Filing into a defensive line overlooking the Rohrbach Bridge, the 2nd Georgia took position on the right, or south, of the bridge. Along the crest of the bluff, Colonel William Holmes deployed his men in a line for about 300 yards southward and roughly parallel to the creek. Here, the 2nd Georgia's line was shielded by patches of tall timber atop the high ground and along the wooded slope. This naturally strong defensive position was made even stronger by the soldiers' use of fence rails, logs, rocks, and 'Everything that could give protection.'

    ...Along the steep slope of the nearly 110-foot high bluff rising from the creek's edge, another 2nd Georgia company was positioned above a small rock quarry on the narrow point of land that made a natural defensive salient, looming eastward and about two-thirds of the way up the bluff immediately to the bridge's right.

    ...Meanwhile Toombs and Benning continued to deploy the 20th Georgia, under Col. Jonathan B. Cumming, about two-thirds of the way up the commanding bluff on the left. ...The heaviest concentration of 20th Georgia Rebels took defensive positions north of the stone bridge along the bluff's crest overlooking the bridge and parallel to the road running along the west bank. Here, they anchored their right on the 2nd Georgia's left. In addition, along the creek bank leading north from the bridge, Colonel Cumming spread a line of skirmishers northward to cover the west bank of the Antietam and guard against a Federal crossing that might outflank Toombs's left. Roughly ten to fifteen yards west of the Antietam, a split-rail fence ran northward and parallel to the creek, offering some protection for skirmishers north of the bridge.

    A belt of forest lined portions of the Antietam's bank north of the bridge and along sections of the slope, allowing concealment for the men of the 20th Georgia. These defenders took position behind a stone wall, running atop the bluff, and other defensive positions parallel to the creek. North of the bridge, the countryside on both sides of the Lower Bridge Road leading to Sharpsburg was cultivated and devoid of heavy brush and timber.
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    Good Luck with this rule. My Best wishes to you.

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