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Thread: 47th Virginia Infantry - Company E

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    47th Virginia Infantry - Company E

    47th Virginia Volunteer Infantry - E Company

    We are an INTERNATIONAL Regiment

    Add this Steam name to enlist [47th VA] Capt. DiPietro

    Our Companies YouTube, Infantry Handbook, etc. can be found there aswell!

    The Regiment

    The 47th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment is a highly efficient Line Infantry Regiment; ready to sweep away the Federals like the sand from the shores. With shot and steel under the lead of potent officers, the Company is marching towards Glory and Victory. For more than 1 1/2 years, the 47th stood brave besides Virginia herself. Spourting both a great Atmosphere, aswell as tactical competence, Company E in particular is the perfect fit for any brave soldier.

    Regimental History

    The 47th Virginia Infantry Regiment was organized on June 11, 1861, and was accepted into service by the Confederate States of America on July 1, 1861. Originally the 47th contained ten (10) companies, A to K. However, at one time or another, the 47th had sixteen different companies in its official table of organization.

    During its existence, at least 1,414 men served in the 47th with a mean age of 24 years, with the most common ages being 18, 19 and 22 years of age. The youngest recorded members were 15 years old (Samuel C. Anderson, George W. Carter, Alvardo D. Jett and Warner S. Sisson) and the oldest George W. Lewis at 57 years old.

    Civilian occupation of the soldiers of the 47th was a cross section of the civilian activities in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Of the 443 occupations recorded, 163 were farmers, 142 were laborers, 30 were farm managers, 19 were carpenters, 12 watermen, 7 merchants and 4 teachers, as well as an assortment of other tradesmen.

    For a full description of the 47th deeds during the War of Northern Aggression, visit our website.

    Company Roster


    Captain James D. Bayley

    Second Lieutenant Ben Johnson


    First Sergeant Christopher L. Hall
    Sergeant Samuel Mundy
    Sergeant Clyde Bennet

    Enlisted Men

    First Platoon

    Fred Schoonboon
    Shawn Z. Zulu
    Benjamin Warren
    Walker B. Cad
    Christopher Casper
    John Spyder
    Richard Knott
    Jack Landmann
    Heinz Fritz
    Martin B. Runner
    Michael D. Master
    Neal Blaauw
    Peter Owid
    Joshua S. Storm
    Jake S. Beasti
    Lawrence L. Stone

    Second Platoon

    Austin Richards
    Henry Hecx
    Joshua Freed
    Mitchell Jenson
    Harry H. Heath
    Edward Kinsman
    Degnan Toohey
    Jack Dubois
    Ernst Steinhart
    Alex L. Bee
    Owen A. Bird
    Pete Delkus
    Jeff Doral
    Von Dabaros
    Henry Arathorn
    Nicholas McIntosh
    Brendon Azlow
    Edward K.

    And many more..


    To Enlist, volunteer on the company tool, and post a reply to this thread stating that you have signed.
    Company Tool link: Click here!

    Add this Steam name to enlist [47th VA] Capt. DiPietro

    Battle Honors

    Seven Days Battles - Seven Pines - Malvern Hill - Second Manassas - Harpers Ferry - Sharpsburg - Shepherdstown - Fredericksburg - Chancellorsville - Edenton Road - Gettysburg - Chester Station - Drewery’s Bluff - North Anna - Cold Harbor - Five Forks -

    To Enlist, volunteer on the company tool, and post a reply to this thread stating that you have signed. -

    Add [47th VA] Lt. Patterson on steam to sign up immediately

    A Proud Member of General A.P. Hill's Light Division.

    Respectfully, James D. Bayley, Captain, 47th Virginia Infantry
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    Welcome and good luck.

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    Welcome and good luck.
    Thank you!

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    In Maryland State Near to both Antietam and Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry et al.

    Welcome to the CSA!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys on the field.

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    Welcome to the Confederacy!
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    Glad to see you back in action, Jimmy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A. P. Hill View Post

    Welcome to the CSA!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys on the field.
    Thank you, Sah!

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    Welcome to the Confederacy!
    Thank you, Texan!

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    Glad to see you back in action, Jimmy.
    Thank you General

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    I will sign with the 47th Virginia

    Signed, Jacob L.

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