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Thread: 8th Ohio Company B

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    8th Ohio Company B

    The 8th Ohio Company B is a historical Company for War of Rights. The 8th Ohio tries to provide a fun and exciting community whilst still upholding military and historical accuracy by the use of ranks, chain of command and providing period correct training to our members, teaching the necessary skills a soldier of the Union Army would need to survive combat during the Civil War.

    We are Trying to be historically accurate as well as having fun
    The rules are simple just follow these rules and you will be fine
    1. Listen to superiors
    2. Respect each other
    3. No hateful speak between one another

    Visit are company page to find are website and teamspeak adresses


    1st leuitenent
    2nd lieutenant
    First Seargent


    Captain - William Kenny
    1st Leuiteneant - Tyson Boult
    2nd Leuitenant - John Davis


    The Confederate attack on the Federal controlled Fort Sumter in Charleston, South Carolina on April 12th 1861 signaled the beginning of the Civil War. President Abraham Lincoln, in response to the attack, would call for 75,000 volunteers to serve a 3 month military service to put down the southern rebellion. Hundreds from northeastern Ohio quickly responded. The 8th Regiment was organized in Cleveland and by June, were moved to Camp Dennison to train and for guard duty. On June 22nd it mustered, but had not left the Buckeye State.As the war continued on many of the men who enlisted for the 3 month service, reenlisted for a 3 year service. On March 1, 1862, the 8th Ohio moved to Winchester, Virginia, located in the Shenandoah Valley. For the next two and half years, while brigaded with the 4th Ohio, the 14th Indiana and the 7th West Virginia Infantry, the brigade would serve in the Army of the Potomac and would earn the name
    the "Gibraltar Brigade". Whilst in the Shenandoah Valley, the 8th Ohio saw its first real battle in Winchester, where it attacked and defeated a portion of Stonewall Jackson's forces, but suffered almost 25% casualties.In September of 1862. the 8th Ohio would march northward during the Maryland Campaign in pursuit of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. Meeting near Sharpsburg in Maryland, the two armies would face is hardest fight in the war at Antietam Creek. In early December, after being replenished by new recruits, the 8th Ohio would see combat in the Battle of Fredericksburg, initially assigned as skirmishers. Taking shelter in a nearby cluster of buildings in the town of Fredericksburg, the 8th witnessed the bloody and futile attacks on Marye's Heights. The 8th would withdraw from the houses under heavy enemy fire after hours of firing, leading to the 8th ammunition being exhausted. After Fredericksburh, the 8th Ohio encamped in Falmouth Virginia until April of 1863. The 8th would become part of the reserves during the Chancellorsville Campaign.


    1. We accept people of all ages as long as they can understand orders and don't just mess around all the time
    2. Must have a mic
    3. Must be willing to take orders from superiors
    4. Be somewhat familiar with military terms like Left face, Right face, and about face
    5. Have Teamspeak


    Go to our website create an account join the website talk to us through that, Talk to are commander via steam, or volunteer for are unit through the company tool.

    Our website:

    Our Teamspeak
    TS Address:
    8th Ohio Co.B

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    Ohio forever!
    Mortem, Ignis et Victoria

    "When someone gives you hell because they hate what you believe in, then you give'em hell right back."-Dallas Grove

    "The Wiseman asks questions and listens, but the fool always speaks and learns nothing."

    "War never changes, but never stays the same."

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    Good luck to you!

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    Dont think the ts3 link is working mate

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