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Thread: 4th Texas Company A Infantry Recruitment

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    4th Texas Company A Infantry Recruitment

    The Texas Brigade, also often referred to as Hood's Brigade as it was commanded by General John Bell Hood, was an infantry brigade in the Confederate States Army that distinguished itself for its fierce tenacity and fighting ability during the American Civil War. It served in every major battle of the Army of Northern Virginia except the Battle of Chancellorsville.

    The original Texas Brigade was organized on October 22, 1861, primarily through the efforts of John Allen Wilcox, a member of the First Confederate Congress from Texas who remained as the brigade's political patron until his death in 1864. The brigade was initially and briefly under the command of Louis T. Wigfall until he took a seat in the Confederate Senate. Command was then given to John Bell Hood (hence the Texas Brigade was often known as "Hood's Brigade" or "Hood's Texas Brigade").
    For much of the war, it was assigned to Longstreet’s Corps, General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, and commanded for much of the war by Brig. Gen. Jerome B. Robertson. It initially comprised the 1st, 4th, and 5th Texas regiments, the 18th Georgia Infantry and (after the Battle of Seven Pines) Hampton's (South Carolina) Legion. After the general reorganization of Lee's army following the battle of Antietam in late 1862, the Georgians and South Carolinians were reassigned to brigades from their respective states; the 3rd Arkansas Infantry was added due to their being the only other trans-Mississippi regiment and single Arkansas regiment serving with Lee's army.

    If you want to join you must: Add me on steam, Have TeamSpeak, Have the game, and Volunteer for the Company

    Company Tool:
    Steam Profile:
    Download TeamSpeak:
    Buy and Download the Game:
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    Welcome to the Confederacy! Welcome Fellow Texans!

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    Congrats and Welcome to the CSA!

    (can we get a moderator to move this thread to the proper CSA companies section?) Thx.

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    This guy has started 3 different companies in how many days? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by F. L. Villarreal View Post
    This guy has started 3 different companies in how many days? lol
    Yes you see that sometimes. Hopping from Union to the CSA trying this and that. Must be hard to choose for some guys...... @_@ some people are in a rush " I want it all and I want it now!"

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    Id like to sign up

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    Well it will be interesting to see your competition with the german 4th Texas
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