Mele shut be a firce and exstrem dangerous for booth parts. Look at BF1 the bajonet animations, and counter messaures are perfect. (I do not compare the games !) But the only the script and animations.
Make the animation going from kneel to mele rapid, make the intire movement and reaction animations real time and realistic ! Hip fire at close range and stabbing from kneeling ...Then any Rambo will figure out its a very bad idea to charge alone ! Dev's use the words realismen, sure the uniforms and suroundings are realistic, but that about it, at present time in the charge/mele content.

Rambo's is only gonna be a problem, if your not able to defend yourself proper, then they will rage in the rows of kneeling and reloading soldiers.
But i still claim this . . . Officers who shoot privates for not following orders, or run's of, is the best cure, now and in the future for players morale.
And once the new recruits stand there alone, watching the Companies doing thier "fellowship" Then they will feel outside and seek the "safe" habour inside the Company, just wait and see !

I can see from the tread that some people even think that a charge, shut play a minor part of the game . . . Juding from the "Eager" to fix the bayonet animations, i recon its the same attitude inside the dev's team.
Now some will say that it was not used historical that much, maybe ! But this is a game and an experince in that kind of warfare, its not a 100% recreation where people march to a point according to history, or even do what was done that day on the battelfield. Its a game, where the battel will shift over the fields. Otherwise we just become "Bot's" renacting historical events.

Charge is a major part of the game. The charge offers a lot of morale "Glory" and binds the Companies together in a sort of "Fellowship" behind the screens, even if its still a disorganized crowd moving forward. and not a straight line with 1ste line having thier bayonets lowered, doing a real by the handbook charge. I love to see that at anytime. (Happen once in my play time, going on 100 Hours now. Compliments to Major stone 42 Pa)

I still think once the atillery and cavalry comes into game it will all change a lot. Any inf charge can be flanked by cav. Including stray of rambo's who will be an easy target for cav on the flanks. Canister shoots from the 12 Pound cannon will be able, to rip any charge apart. It will defently change the way we fight. Actually i think the Cav will be the rambo's biggest nightmare in game . . . Let's c if i am right.

In all i think the Rambo problem, is not that a big issue and it wont be ither that much at release . . . Because its a very, very strong and decitated community.