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Thread: Rifle Range Target Distances and Sights

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfoot View Post
    I've mainly noticed it with other people flying across the landscape like apparitions. A few were moving and loading their guns at the same time. But these are more bugs or synch issues that may be as likely caused by the players computer as the game.

    However, movement rate can't be estimated very accurately as a measurement of distance without knowing what the developer's used in their programs. Being a professional programmer I know how its done. The animation doesn't control movement. The aviator is moved according to parameters within the software. The people creating the animations try to make the animations come as close as possible to match the speed of movement but it isn't synchronized. Campfire does a much better job than what I have observed in other games but I don't know whether you can turn it into a so many yards per minute number to use to turn time of movement into distance. If the developers decide to publish the factors they are using it will be possible but this is Alpha, it probably will change.

    Your first statement nailed it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfoot View Post
    However, movement rate can't be estimated very accurately as a measurement of distance without knowing what the developer's used in their programs.
    I understand what you're saying. But when you break things down into the most logical and simplest terms, programatically, the final result should be to tie scale and movement together into something that resembles a life-like scaled environment. For example, if everything in the environment doesn't tie to the same scale, things will look unnatural. If environment entites are smaller, walking might make you appear to be running, while environment entities being too large would make you look like you're crawling. One would have to imagine that once scale of all objects are tied together and based on the same measurements, that movement in the environment would inherently result in accurate movement distances, as long as you know the measurement increments used in the programming.

    Regardless of how the mechanics work, once the system is established to represent life-like scale, then movement distances have to be measureable. All we're looking to do is to find a way to judge that measurement to establish a shooting distance. I don't care if we measure in feet, meters, yards, or the length of your finger. As long as everything in the environment is tied to that same measurement, we can establish distance.

    I'm familiar with the Unity Engine, and how you move the camera (aviator) view and then tie animations to it. Like making a racing game, you tie the car model around the aviator. So I understand the message you're trying to describe about the aviator not controlling movement, more accurately movement distance.
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    Still using the animation isn't going to work. Without knowing what the developers took into consideration in making their decision of how fast the aviator will move for Quick and Double time, you can't use it to estimate distance. Parade ground speed for these are quite fast. However, the developer probably went with a slower speed to take into account trying to move through uneven fields and woods.

    A better estimate would be to find something in the game we know the length of and use it to measure distance or speed of movement for reference.

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