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Thread: Is there any way to tell what company names are active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfoot View Post
    Oddly enough when I looked up Regulars it turned out that the Confederacy had Regulars. All the major commanders had both a Regular rank and a volunteer rank. So Stonewall Jackson was still a Major of artillery in the regular CSA but a General of Volunteers.

    Here is a list of the "Regular" CSA infantry(there were more cavalry ones) units raised. They don't have State designations.

    1st Confederate Infantry (1st Confederate Regiment, Georgia Volunteers)
    2nd Confederate Infantry
    3rd Confederate Infantry (Marmaduke's 18th Arkansas Infantry Regiment, and additional Tennessee units)
    4th Confederate Infantry (1st Regiment, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi Infantry)
    9th Confederate Infantry (5th Confederate Infantry; 5th Confederate Regiment, Tennessee Infantry)
    23rd Confederate Infantry (Alabama Volunteers)
    Bailey's Consolidated Regiment of Infantry
    Tucker's Confederate Regiment (also known as "1st Foreign Battalion"; "1st Foreign Legion":former Union prisoners of war)
    1st Battalion, Confederate Infantry (Forney's Regiment)
    8th Confederate Battalion (also known as "2nd Foreign Battalion"; "2nd Foreign Legion": former Union POWs)
    Brooks' Battalion, Confederate Regular Infantry (also known as "Brooks Foreign Battalion": former Union POWs)
    Haskell's Company, Infantry

    I see AP was joking... but still well done Lightfoot.
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    Is there any reason to start a 'company' through the company tool going forward? It's kind of cool but I don't see the advantage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poorlaggedman View Post
    Is there any reason to start a 'company' through the company tool going forward? It's kind of cool but I don't see the advantage.
    It's an effective way to track the quality of your recruits. Although its not 100% hard proof it gives you an idea if you person is a company jumper or has been dishonorably discharged for cause from a company. That's just my opinion.
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