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Thread: TKing and Drill Disruptions By Union Company Members

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    Quote Originally Posted by F. L. Villarreal View Post
    and maybe yourself...

    Understand this...I do not care if it is not the real military. I do not care if it offends you. No I don't believe that WE are elite, what I do believe is that there have been companies to set themselves apart from the rest by way of holding their members accountable. If a group of people organize with the intent of portraying a historical company that fought with honor it is only appropriate that they treat that name with reverence. That is not up for debate. This is MY country's history with MY country's flag being used. The Developers have been amazing with the great respect, love, energy, and detail they have given this game and so have the moderators. Until you carry over 30+ caskets with American flags draped over them please do not tell me what I can and cannot compare.

    I'm not denying that you have served our country and we thank you a great deal for that, but I don't think it's right of you to get on Mr. Brauer about your military service, forums have rules, I should know, I break about seven each day, maybe I'm not in the highest position to talk regarding that subject, but I do firmly believe that it is this mindset that isn't good practice. Sergeant Martin said his feelings true, lets just let that be and carry on to other important issues. I don't mean to bash you at all with this, just how I feel, I respect everyone's opinions equally as everyone should! That's all

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    I'm fairly new to the community. Made my Captain's pledge just about a week ago. Coming up to speed with system. Logged onto the USA drill server 4 or 5 times now. On two separate occasions, I had a Union player come up to me and fire almost point blank... I said you've got to be kidding... just rolled my eyes. Must be outliers... I understand this cr*p happens, so I just roll with it. But would hate to have something like this happen during an event or sanctioned drill. I realize there's the potential for "Blue on Blue". It happens... But so do the Ass Hats...

    Live long and prosper.


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    I've thrown my two cents on the matter in ages ago, so I'll just repost it

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    you are commending in a topic that is a year old...
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