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Thread: Where to buy a good gaming headset ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyo8346 View Post
    Kingston HyperX II is regarded as one of the best gaming headsets.
    One of my son's and I both have and use the HyperX Cloud II, they've been nice thus far. Mine are approaching 2 years old, not a single problem.

    HyperX Cloud II

    The boom mic is detachable. My PS4 is attached to my PC monitor through a USB-based AV switch. So all I do is move the USB cable for my headset between my PC and PS4. When I play the PS4 (I don't do much online multiplayer on PS4) I just remove the mic from the headset real quick so its not annoying me. They also come with cloth earpieces that can be swapped out for the leather ones that are connected by default. I prefer the cloth feel so it doesn't get sweaty around my ear.
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    The Platronic Gamecon 780's are amazing.

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    I really love the Sennheiser GSP 300

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    I find the $60 range to be pretty good. $10 ones are garbage that break easily. I have an Afterglow headset with a detachable microphone. They work fine and they last a couple years. I wouldn't spend too much more than that.
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    Echoing what laggedman said, Like with everything the more you pay, the better you get. I used to cheap out on my audio Hardware (crap low quality headphones/Speakers) but it's genuinely worth investing in a decent set (even if it is the lower end like 60-80) as the sound quality and just overall build quality are way better and it genuinely does make for a better experience when playing.

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    Astro Gaming makes very good headsets, they are expensive but high quality.
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