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Thread: Gettysburg Ghosts?

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    I wouldn't call commercial TV a good source of credible information.

    Also, the videos in the OP are suspiciously low quality. Not to mention the first one could literally be 15 seconds of film stretched to a few minutes worth, perfect for adding CGI.

    My theory for "Gettysburg Ghosts" is someone saw a Reenactor going out to piss on a tree, and thought it was the "real thing."
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    that scared me

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    I dont want to comment the videos of the OP, but i had the chance to visit some battlefields and one cant deny this specific feeling you have in such areas....not necessarily in pitch black darkness, personally i have never encountered such "ghosts" but if i would, i would never react that cool
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    I, along with my family, saw this exact same phenomenon in 2005 when I visited Gettysburg. Looked like a column of plastic bags floating by at the foot of Little Round Top. Still can't explain it and it's the only "paranormal" experience I've had.

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