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Thread: Worth to check out: Hell Let Loose Kickstarter

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    Last few weeks you to pre-order the game and play in March!
    Guys want to team up together! PM me
    Looking forward to play this game with y'all!

    Greetings everyone,

    I would like to invite all that are interested to join the following battalion:

    It is very much a work in progress. But there is a philosophy we would like to attract you all with. And those are as followed:

    - A serious and organised group
    - But always friendly and helpful to players with different experience levels

    - Preferred Roles
    - A system where you have a preferred role and a secondary role: This will give us a overview who prefers a particular role. But of course depending on the battle and the people online this might be changed to the secondary role or any other role needed.

    - Fair and motivated platoon leaders - Leaders will be reviewed in a respectful manner, and always with a chance to learn and improve. the other side is they are there to teach also. Leadership is always a tricky business in any setting. Thus the sort of guy taking on this role is very important!

    - Structure - Private server - Teamspeak - Discord - Website - A lot of work needs to be done. We need everyone who likes to be apart of this. Who likes to help out

    Interested?!! Join us! be apart of a WE group.
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