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Thread: Spawning loaded

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    Spawning loaded

    I dont know if this has been brought up or if its being discussed but why don't we spawn with our rifles already loaded. If us spawning is simulating us being deployed to the battlefield wouldn't we have loaded a round way back at the camp? It's fairly annoying that everytime you spawn you gotta sit around and reload and if youre losing the point you have to sacrifice having a bullet and run in with a club.
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    I see what you mean, but I personally very much like that conundrum. Do you take the few extra seconds and attach your bayonet? Or do you take even longer to load your gun once you get there. I like it, because you either get reinforcements faster, or more prepared reinforcements who fight better, but take longer to get there, but that's just my thought

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    I do too, sort of. But I wonder if it will get old. I have some strong opinions on loading and I'll do a thread on it at a later time. I would definitely like it if there was a configurable option to load or attach your bayonet as soon as you spawn.

    Respawning can be a little frustrating when it happens in numerous phases. In most games you spawn loaded and ready to go and the only other issue in moving. In WoR... you don't even automatically respawn, you have to press a button to 'deploy.' As far as I can tell... that initiates a hard count for your actual spawning in. So if you wait to hit it, you wait longer to spawn. Once you spawn you then have to load or attach your bayonet if you want to. All this results in requiring a lot more attention before you even move out from the spawn than just "Ooopp... I'm dead. I'm going downstairs to get a beer and take a leak." To get through the process faster you have to be present which is annoying.
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    Yes it slows you down but in my mind it's good. War of rights shouldn't (or at least the battle mode) be a run and gun game.

    It's slower. You march with your company down the road keep in formation or at least you try it

    It's not a accarde game where you can run everywhere without loosing your breath and the thing that you have to load your weapon first and fix your bayonet supports this realistic and slow gameplay.

    In my mind the skirmishes are to fast and not realistic enough due to the playing style of the most part of the players and that's really sad. I hope battles will be quite different. Slower and more organised units than in skirmishes.  02

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