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Thread: Customizable Uniforms for your Company

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    Customizable Uniforms for your Company

    This is with a caveat; if adopted/feasible it can only work once player-made Companies are a feature IN-GAME. Whether that be the Company Tool linked to the game or some other feature.

    This discussion started on the Company Tool Wishlist;

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDewitt View Post
    Customize/select the uniform of our company. I know originally that was at a regiment level, but this game will unlikely see combat involving regiment numbers anyway. Might as well give the defacto clans of the game, the companies, a way to differentiate themselves on the battlefield.
    Quote Originally Posted by Leifr View Post
    Each regiment already appears different in-game as accorded to historical research.
    Quote Originally Posted by JohnDewitt View Post
    I take it that eventually the companies from the company tool can be formed in-game as well? It would be neat if a company could select its own uniform then. I know its not historically correct 100% but we're not reenacting here anyway. If we were reenacting than we'd also have to enforce the outcome of every round in every game (e.g. Antietam being a win for the CSA every time). Plus, if a Company wants to reenact the proper uniform they could still do that.

    Just my 2c. on making the game more interactive versus static reenacting.
    Quote Originally Posted by A. P. Hill View Post
    There were standards for uniforms set by both side. The uniforms you see already in game meet those standards.

    I doubt there will be any changes, as the developers are going for historical accuracy. Customizing anything, especially to the extent of uniforms go, is going to be too much trouble for the team.

    Likely your wish/dream/whatever, will not materialize. Sorry.
    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    Pledge reward uniforms will be usable whenever you wish (they remain faction locked though). Meaning you won't have to play a certain skirmish area featuring that particular unit in order to use your reward.

    While not historical accurate we've chosen this to maximise the value of the backer uniforms.

    In regards to player customization - yes that is something we'd like to feature. It will be quite restricted in order to live not steer too far off from the historical accuracy of the game (think more like face, hair/facial hair options than actual uniform options).

    - Trusty
    I'd like to pick up where we left by stating that on the front page of the game, in the "About the Game" section there is this:

    Uniforms and bodily features will all be customizable for other players to see as you march and fight in the lines of battle according to the tactics of the period.
    When I said customization of uniforms I never meant being able to put whatever dress and funny hat together as you please and paint them a jolly color. But certainly being able to choose from a selection of contemporary uniforms, perhaps with an added option for matching a uniform with head wear and an optional additional embellishment (such as lace or a sleeve decoration of a certain color) would not be unfeasible.

    It would, in my mind, be an excellent mixture between authentic and being forthcoming to the public playing the game.

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    All I want is to be able to change the physical appearence, and set your ranks (so if you spawn as an officer or an NCO you will be the correct rank)
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    Ah, I believe I understand you now John Dewitt.
    I'm inclined to agree that it would be nice to select pieces of contemporary uniform within each regiment, and that this must always be bound by historical limitation. That is to say, if a regiment (and therefore company) had an inclination towards using a jacket from a certain depot, we are able then to select from this range of jackets. Obviously some regiments will have a greater degree of choice than others.

    I do believe however that being able to choose facial features (and hats?) are the first priority.
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    Good idea.
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