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Thread: Segmented Reloading

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    Yea +1, would love to see this.
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    i'd like to see that you have to reload your rifles your own, indeed in the correct formation offcourse, this will make the game more realistic. you can be a faster reloader then others and if your good at it you have can get a higher rate of fire, really would like to see this indeed.. but don't want more hud in the game, you just have to learn how to reload and don't forget it again

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    I like the idea, but for this to work I think it would need to be optional with the added question ''is this trying to over complicate matters''? David Dire is correct, loading a musket is not a complicated matter, and in my experience the only 'fumbles' I've ever had in battle have been with the cap. I voted yes, but that's a very personal choice as I think that this would put a lot of players off the game. So yes, but only if it's made optional.

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    72 my opinion and concept of segmented reloading.
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    that is cool and professional,,,,,
    I hope that the action of loading the ammunition can be divided into several effective pieces, so that the whole action will be more natural and less mechanical.
    Therefore, the idea of supporting the building owner +1
    can simplify the loading process and control the three sub-processes.

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