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Thread: Got lifted to the heavens then black screen after that

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    Got lifted to the heavens then black screen after that

    Hi all,
    Had a strange kind of crash where I had been in EU1 in a skirm for over half an hour, I was aiming at some Yankees and then suddenly my point of view rose up into the air to get an aerial view of the battlefield, although not the Sunken Lane in which we had been fighting. I could initially look around with the mouse but then my view froze on a patch of woodland with a small building and a fork in the road (not the Dunkers Church). Couldn't do anything after that and had to use Task Manager to quit. Tried to re-join game 3 times but it kept freezing at the load screen and if you exit the game view to task manager or similar the screen goes black. Not sure if I got shot and the animation went crazy. Couldn't find a similar crash report on the forum but I only had a quick look.

    Have I been 'chosen' or is this a known issue? Hoping for help,

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    I've had this happen before and a similar one where my screen would shoot up and stare at the sky when I would alt-look and reload
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